Political philosophy, Harry-style

1 November 2013

2:34 PM

1 November 2013

2:34 PM

Boy-band super-hero Harry Styles proclaimed on Twitter earlier today: ‘All social change comes from the passion of individuals.’ His shrieking fans were enthused by this insight. Some even asked if they could quote him in their exams. How sweet.

Mr S is pleased to see little Harry channelling American anthropologist Margaret Mead. She is alleged to have said (although I can’t discover where and when she said it), ‘Never ever depend on governments or institutions to solve any major problems. All social change comes from the passion of individuals.’ Clever lady, that.

But what could all this philosophising from Styles, a self-confessed Labour supporter, mean? Mr S has a theory. One Direction have been writing songs recently with Gary Barlow. Perhaps some of his famous Tory sympathies have rubbed off?

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  • Carter Birch

    “All social change comes from the passion of individuals.” sounds very inspirational. 🙂

  • FrankS

    That hair style on a person called Harry Styles? You’ve got to larf!

  • Fergus Pickering

    The quote is all right but Margaret Mead was an idiot. See Raymond Tallis, who isn’t. ‘New Age garbage’ was her legacy.

  • TheLiberalArms

    Can we have serious articles like what the Conservatives will do about fuel poverty?

  • David

    I like the quote but I doubt the boy actually knows what it means

  • Fergus Pickering

    Cripes Margaret Mead and Harry Styles so it must be true. I love ‘a self-confessed Labour supporter’. It sounds like horrid habit that might make you blind. Give it up,Hrry. Youare a natural Tory. Look at all that bonking.

  • george

    Unattractive, ignorant, presumptuous, and with something up his nose, as well. Good grief.

  • MrDDavies

    Aha, so that’s where Russell Brand gets his deep philosophical insights from.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Are they a couple? Harry also needs a haircut and in the fullness of time he will doubtless grow a beard. Perhaps they are both secret muslims.

  • Amber

    I actually think it had something to do with animal rights. Right after that tweet he retweeted about watching “The Cove”, he is also currently in Japan right now which I personally think it was quite the risk to tweet about that documentary WHILST in Japan, and especially considering a lot of the Japanese officials wouldn’t be happy that he is tweeting about it, but good on him I think. Regardless of opinions of his music, it’s hard to deny that he has a massive following and just as much influence, so well done that he is using said influence to educate his followers. I can gaunte you at least 100 girls have gone and watched that documentary because he mentioned it.

    • Amber


    • GUBU

      …whilst I can guarantee you that at least 100,000 others prefer focusing their attention on his artfully coiffured curls and tight trousers.

      • Amber

        Very true. I never tried to argue otherwise. But regardless, his tweet has probably still directed a portion of girls (no matter how big or small) to watch an informative documentary and ultimately educate themselves on animal rights involving quite a corrupt industry running in Japan that they otherwise never would have spared a second look at. Even if we are looking at a 100 vs 100 thousand statistic, 100 girls still now know more about this issue, and I struggle to see how that’s a bad thing.

        • GUBU

          Your faith in Mr Styles’ consciousness-raising power is touching, but I fear ultimately misplaced.

          He has also posted a photograph of himself holding a bowl of sausages. Will this cause thousands of teenage girls to develop a deep and abiding interest in pork products?

          • Amber

            You honestly doubt out of his 17 000 000 strong following not one girl went and searched what “The Cove” is on say Google? I don’t believe anything magnificent will come from it, in fact I don’t think anything will come from it, but I do believe that people watching and informing themselves on issues is important regardless of who lead them there. My prediction could be incredibly misguided and maybe only 3 people from the 17 million go on to watch the documentary, but that is still 3 more people who will second guess going to and putting money toward aquatic theme parks in which Dolphins are taken from their natural habitats and subject to abuse and again I fail to see how people being educated on these injustices is a bad thing.

            No of course not. I could be wrong, but it does however appear to be promotional work for their next video, so no teenage girls won’t flock to buy pork products but they definitely will be flocking to watch the next video I’m guessing. Probably all 17 million of them.

  • jack

    Nancy Dell’Olio, Grayson Perry, Harry Styles… did I stumble onto the Hello website by accident?