Murdoch son-in-law ‘clarifies’ that the PM did come to his party after all

5 November 2013

9:42 AM

5 November 2013

9:42 AM

You know how it is. You’ve had a heavy night, everyone has left your party and empty bottles are all that remains. Then those pesky diary journalists start calling.

Elizabeth Murdoch’s husband Matthew Freud has ‘clarified’ that Cameron and Osborne were actually at his birthday party on Saturday, as described by Mr Steerpike yesterday. Initially, Mr Freud said that the PM had not attended.

I can sympathise; I always forget when the Prime Minister and his Chancellor pop round for a knees-up.

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  • alabenn

    Who gives a flying eff, about this or any other party any one goes to, is this a mag called Hello.

    • facwit

      I think the author does as he appears to be down voting anyone pointing out that obvious fact.

  • Aaron D Highside

    Demand a wage reduction, Mr Steerpike , and don’t take ‘No’ for an answer, because you’re worth it.

  • Nick

    Oh for the want of a well aimed,small sized meteorite.

  • Mike Williams

    This is a non-story as far as the politicians are concerned. It reveals more about the world of PR. Hugely rich and influential PR guru tells press that Cameron was not at his party and does so in a sneering and patronising way. He then has to retract his comment – as it wasn’t true. I now see why these guys get paid the big bucks.

  • The Red Bladder

    I think this story needs a bit more ‘meat’. Did they eat all their jelly and trifle? Did they play all the games? Did they open their party bags before they left? If a bean feast is going to be reported we need details not just the bare bones.

  • facwit

    Does this matter to anyone other than the journalist reporting it?

  • fathomwest

    Man goes to friend’s party as he is desperate for support from Daddy in Law Rupert. It also gives him another chance to get further instructions from Bliar.
    I think this is a story that will pick up, especially during a certain trial. Goodness knows what a certain woman will be saying.

    • neotelemachus

      Ballocks. Non-story and wishful thinking by the left. Alistair Campbell was there also.

    • rtj1211

      Look, any sane politician would be asking daughter of Daddy in Law what the odds are firstly of the old man popping his clogs before 2015 and secondly, what the odds are that he anoints her as his successor. After all he thought his mother was God’s Boss, so the concept of a Matriach ruling the clan in the 21st century can’t be a non-starter, can it??

  • neotelemachus

    Man attends friend’s birthday party. Media in uproar. Reader thinks non-story and types comment because, like author, he has nothing better to do.