Dave spices up the ‘Curry Oscars’

26 November 2013

6:19 PM

26 November 2013

6:19 PM

You know how it is, you pop out for curry and a pint, and you end up pledging to soften Britain’s immigration rules live in front of a global TV audience of millions. Speaking at the packed British Curry Awards in Battersea on Monday night, David Cameron told a thousand restaurateurs:

‘Like any industry this one faces its own specific challenges and I know that there have been questions on immigration and getting chefs with the necessary experience. So let me promise you this, we will work through this together. We’ll continue to help you get the skilled Asian chefs you need.’

Interpreting this concrete pledge, the agency wires reported this as a policy announcement, though it had been toned down by the time the curry was served. With a £3.1billion turnover, it’s easy to see why young Dave was so keen to heap on the praise for ‘the best of Britain’:

‘It used to be that selling curry to South Asia was a bit like selling ice to the eskimoes. Well no longer. More than 200 after years after the first curry house opened up in this country, British made curry is now heading the other way: to Mumbai, to Kolkata, to Delhi.’


Downing Street were out in force at the event and Mr S hears the skills of newly appointed Press Secretary Graeme Wilson were relied on to ensure the entourage were all sporting proper bow ties. Always useful to have a former tabloid hack on hand for this sort of thing.

Mr S was most confused though by Andrew Neil popping up in a video message during the ceremony, especially one billed as ‘The Secretary of State for Justice’. Did I miss something? The actual Justice Secretary Chris Grayling was also on hand to present an award, but the less said about his comedy turn on stage the better.

Trust me on this one.

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  • lalit kumar

    David Cameron tell about the real spices…….

    you can visit <""

  • Cyril Sneer

    Howabout we add some more cheapo KFC salmonella chicken halal junk food shops because Birmingham simply hasn’t got enough of them. People in Pakistan must be obese if all they eat is that rubbish.

    Oh how enriched I feel… not.

  • Dhimmitude Ishere

    Interesting that Cameron referred to “South Asia” in his speech as many “Indian restaurants” are actually owned and operated by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Friends and acquaintances of Indian heritage are affronted by what is essentially misrepresentation and pained that the lack of cleanliness and culinary subtlety that is often the norm is taken as representative of their own standards.

  • chris_xxxx

    Another Cameron U-turn. He’s like a weathervane, constantly changing direction to suit his audience.

    Vote UKIP.

  • Stan Mould

    Interesting. Blair turned Labour into Conservatives and Cameron is turning Conservatives into Labour … Each of them to try to catch more votes.

  • swatnan

    Indian Restaurants are not the same as they were 30 years ago. The taste is so bland suited for the undiscerniing Western palate. Thats why I rarely go into one. I went into a ‘Masala’ joint last year out of necessity, and the chicken/lamb curry could have been straight out of a convenience curry packet from Sainsburys. Awful. I went again to another last week and the same bland taste served up. They all taste the same. I’ve been cooking my own curries for 20 years now. Best to cook your own.

    • Cyril Sneer

      It doesn’t matter where you go, it all tastes the same.

      My chinese ex used to make the same comment about chinese food in this country – the chinese don’t eat it and it’s nothing like their food. I’ve tried authentic cantonese food and I was sick several times in my mouth.

      We don’t need any more foreign food outlets, we need less immigrants.

  • Eddie

    Did Cameron also celebrate the diversity of all those muliculti multi-coloured multi-gendered staff working at Indian restaurants?
    Oh no, wait, he couldn’t – because they are all men and almost all of a Bangladeshi background.
    The curry industry is racist and sexist in its recruitment policies. But that never gets mentioned in the desperate quest to attract the ethnic vote.
    Next up; Cameron attends a Sharia trial which decides to stone abused women to death, and then engages in a spot of African drumming whilst some vibrant African immigrants perform an exorcism ceremony on a 5 year old at a vibrant and diverse London Mutu church…

  • Graeme S

    Its a sad situation today , there are more Indian waiters than there are miners in Britain . We import 1000,s of super unskilled young kids who go immediately to work for uncles and fathers from the sub -continent which increases numbers inperpatuity

  • Nick

    When Cameron makes these thick as f–k statements you just can’t help but see what a thick t–t he is.
    There is no need to resort to bringing people in from abroad to make a curry.In fact,I make very good curries of various types.
    But of course,I don’t count as I’m white,I work,I pay my bills,don’t break the law and I know a t–t when I see one.

  • Keith D

    Are you sure Dave isn’t a mole for UKIP?

    How else can we explain his bizarre behaviour?

  • Daniel Maris

    I am only commenting in the hope this gets some more publicity because for me it is one of the worst developments I have heard. I still can’t believe our PM is saying that there is no one in the UK who can produce good curries and we must import people from abroad!!! That is so outrageous in so many ways.

    • crosscop

      And each “chef” who arrives here will of course later bring in a wife ( or wives)and as many dependents as he can. Oh, and they’ll need to bring in more halal butchers and slaughtermen to supply the restaurants, too. Can’t have kuffar contaminating the meat, can we, Dave?

  • Daniel Maris

    That is effing outrageous!!! The idea that only Asian chefs can produce good curry is appalling. If Poles and Bulgars can produce American burgers, UK citizens (it’s not as though we have a shortage of UK citizens with curry as part of their home cuisine) can produce curries.

    I didn’t have much respect left for David Cameleon but this, a minor matter I accept has proven to be the final straw that broke the cameleon’s back.

    • Redvers Cunningham

      Spot on. These restaurants should be training home grown chefs not importing cheap foreign labour. One does not need to be from the sub-continent to be able to cook a curry.

      • Alexandrovich

        He really doesn’t care anymore, does he. Still, I suppose you need a brass neck to support that jelloid face.

        • Daniel Maris

          True – Mr Playdo Chops has finally admitted he is completely malleable.

    • William Haworth

      If this industry can organise an awards event, why can it not organise a training college to produce the staff they need from here? Of is there some other motive behind bringing in more and more people from ‘home’?

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “Curry Oscars”
    Don`t tell me Edwina`s got in on the act.

  • crosscop

    What was that story in the Bible where a man sold his birth-right for a mess of potage?

    • TRAV1S

      Yes, I believe it was a bowl of dal.

      • Daniel Maris

        It was the free poppadom that really swung the deal for him.