Dave doesn’t care to be reminded of ‘the Buller’

5 November 2013

12:05 PM

5 November 2013

12:05 PM

TV pranksters Don’t Panic accosted the prime minister, and presented him with a ‘Bullingdon Year Book’. Watch how he reacts… a flash of gauche temper reminiscent of his predecessor.

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  • RaymondDance

    Sorry, despite repeated viewings I can’t see any flash of temper. Did you upload the wrong clip?

  • Terence Hale

    To-day at the Prime ministers question time he disappointed many observers and Britain. In a question over the unlawful activities of the security services, the usual “no comment” on what most European news media are discussing. The security services purpose and function is important be must remain within the law and the law of others. This is not the case as we have seen in Germany. Mr. Cameron opening a “Pandora’s Box” of distrust under friends is detrimental and may be answerable to international law.

  • salieri

    Triple tripe, Mr. Steerpike: repeated viewing of this clip shows no temper, no gaucheness and none of his predecessor’s brutish sociopathy. On the contrary, Cameron merely laughs off a silly prank which could have rattled him seriously but didn’t. This obsession with Bullingdon is as juvenile as the Club itself – just more malicious.

  • Lady Magdalene

    It was reported some time ago that Cameron wanted this photograph suppressed.
    Shame it’s all over the internet.

  • David Lindsay

    Consider what would happen if a group of boys on a council estate, the same age as Oxford undergraduates, formed themselves into an organisation – complete with a name, a uniform, officers and a membership list – specifically for the purpose of becoming drunk and disorderly before committing criminal damage and even assault.

    They would rightly be sent to prison. Whereas the Bullingdon Boys go on to become, simultaneously, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Mayor of London.

    Living in rural England, as I have done most of my life and which is a very different matter from merely owning great swathes of it while living in Knightsbridge or Notting Hill, I suspect that the publicans of Oxfordshire are not without connections in the local constabulary and magistracy.

    One of those publicans should simply tell the Bullingdon Club to stick the money that they offered him at the end of one of their “events”, because he would be seeing them in court. How would it look for Cameron, Osborne and Johnson if the Bully Boys were to be locked up for just long enough to have themselves sent down?

    Oh, for the arrests to occur, to be duly tipped off to the local media, and thence to be duly tipped off to the national media.

    • JonBW

      Having seen the Bullingdon in action in the 80s, it is frankly absurd to suggest that they deliberately sough to commit ‘criminal damage and even assault’; their behaviour was at worst drunken loutishness; I have seen much, much worse from any number of Football, Cricket and Rugby teams.

      And the Left committed just as many youthful indiscretions albeit of a different kind.

      To pretend that Dave was a member of some kind of Upper Class equivalent of a Football Firm or the Hell’s Angels is great fun and useful politically.

      However, it isn’t true.

      • tomdaylight

        Not just youthful indiscretions. Labour recently readmitted Lord Watson into their party, after he was jailed for setting fire to hotel curtains. At the age of 56.

    • Blazenka Hudson-trograncic

      You forgot Dimbleby.

      • David Lindsay

        I try and work his Bullingdon affiliation into at least one tweet during each edition of Question Time.

        • Wessex Man

          Oh dear Dave I was wondering where you had gone off to then up you pop spouting absolute rubbish, Cameron and I say this as someone who can’t stand him handled this boorish little man perfectly. Rather better than John Prescott handled the halfwit who threw an egg at him.

          You live in the rural countryside do you? so do I have done for most of my life, did you never play for your village cricket side against other villages, I remember a full scale riot after my brother hit a spectator from the other side smack in the face with the ball travelling at a rate of knots. I also remember visiting him at home after a village hall Disco descended into chaos after the trouble making two families from one of the larger villages invited themselves and put several lads into A & E.

          None of them were Bullington Boys you pompous socialist avtivist you!

    • P_S_W

      I thought what people did and said at an early age shouldn’t be held against them? Was’t that the conclusion reached over both Ralph Milliband and Gloria Del Pierro?

      • David Lindsay

        At this age, Ralph Miliband was fighting in the Royal Navy against Hitler.

        • Tom Tom

          Hitler wasnot in the Kriegsmarine and never went to sea. Nevertheless it was First Lord of the Admiralty that got Miliband into the Belgian section of the Royal Navy . Best to start at the top when applying……..

  • sarahsmith232

    ok my eye sight might not the best but where? either I blinked and missed it or there was nothing that took place

  • Don Logan

    Bit lame..

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Where on earth were Cameron’s Close Protection Officers? Asleep on the job apparently. Try pulling that stunt on most other World Leaders and Life would become instantly more unpleasant…

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      DC, World Leader! Going a little Brownian on us are you?

      • Faceless Bureaucrat

        Valid point…

  • tjamesjones

    really? I was looking forward to a bit of a clash, but Dave just ignores him?