Cameron and Osborne supping with Murdoch – again

4 November 2013

5:16 PM

4 November 2013

5:16 PM

It was PR guru Matthew Freud’s 50th birthday on Saturday: he and his wife, Elisabeth Murdoch, hosted a fairly lavish party. But would Westminster’s finest attend?

Guests were struck to see the Prime Minister and the Chancellor both in attendance, evidently quite happy to rejoin the social set that they have both kept clear of in recent years. Tony and Cherie Blair were also tripping the light fantastic. It was, after all, a Noah’s Ark theme and they came in twos: PM and Osborne, Blairs, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Perhaps the Chancellor is so confident that his pre-Budget report will be a festival of good news that he feels he can start partying again.


After some initial confusion, Downing Street confirmed that Cameron attended the bash. But before Labour gets too excited about this, it’s rumoured that Alastair Campbell played the bagpipes and Bono was on hand to give a private performance including (I can’t live) With or Without You. Which certainly seems to sum up the PM’s relationship with the Murdoch clan.

UPDATE: It would seem that Matthew Freud originally told the Telegraph that Cameron dodged the party, according to Mandrake’s side of the story at least.

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  • rtj1211

    What’s wrong with going to someone’s birthday bash??

    If you’re not allowed to get riotously pissed at someone’s 50th it’s a poor show, First Lord of the Treasury or Second.

    Can’t understand why Dave fancied Rebekah more than Liz to be honest…no contest!

  • chris_xxxx

    So glad I didn’t get invited. They wouldn’t have liked my dinner conversation.

  • Don Logan

    Bono AND George Osborne….top evening.

  • Steve Lloyd

    LibLabCon, past and present. A corrupt, homogenous, hypocritical cult.

  • WestPopeye

    It’s true, we are all in it together, them in their pot and we in ours, but simmering on the same hearth.

  • neotelemachus

    I was invited but did not go – can’t stand Bono.

    • starfish

      sanctimonious hypocrite
      Bono, that is ;o)

      • Andy

        And he can’t sing.

    • Fergus Pickering

      I did go, disguised as a stag.

      • sir_graphus

        I was dressed as a small and vulnerable antelope. It was you, then, who took advantage of me, you swine.

        • Fergus Pickering

          Not at all I am a caring metrostag. There were many stags there. It was a stag party after all.