Who is the greater hypocrite: Mehdi Hasan or the British left?

5 October 2013

10:32 AM

5 October 2013

10:32 AM

As displays of duplicity go, Mehdi Hasan’s performance on the BBC discussion show Question Time seemed hard to beat. Hasan delighted leftists by hounding the Daily Mail. Who really “hated Britain”? he asked. Not Ed Miliband’s father, as the Mail had claimed, but the “immigrant-bashing, women-hating, Muslim-smearing, NHS-undermining, gay-baiting Daily Mail.”

How the audience clapped and cheered. How they loved the sight of a principled left-wing journalist taking on the “Daily Hate” without fear of the consequences. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, the Mail showed within a day that Hasan’s outrage was phoney: a piece of cynical crowd-pleasing by a manipulative hack. He had sent Paul Dacre a begging letter asking for work. Although he was on the left, Hasan said, he admired the paper’s

“passion, rigour, boldness and, of course, news values. I believe the Mail has a vitally important role to play in the national debate, and I admire your relentless focus on the need for integrity and morality in public life, and your outspoken defence of faith, and Christian culture, in the face of attacks from militant atheists and secularists.”

The Mail attracts writers, who ought to oppose it, because it pays them top rates on one condition only: they say exactly what the editor wants them to say. You can get at least £1,000 for a morning’s work, and Dacre will fill your pockets even if he decides not to use your piece. Writers will bark like a performing seal for money as easy as that. My colleague Polly Toynbee once revealed that Geoffrey Wheatcroft, an author she regarded as a friend, produced a “stinking” attack on her at the Mail’s behest. He then “had the nerve to write me a cringing [private] letter claiming his copy had been doctored and, anyway, he had a lot of little Wheatcrofts to keep in shoe leather”.

Wheatcroft was being too modest. If you obey orders at the Mail, you can keep them in Louboutins.

But leftists should pause before denouncing Hasan as a charlatan and a sell-out. They are the purer hypocrites and greater fools. Hasan is from the Islamist religious right. He disputes how closely he has pushed up against the extremes – ever the politician, he says that old clips of him denouncing non-Muslims as “cattle” have been “taken out of context”. But he was being sincere when he told Dacre he was

“attracted by the Mail’s social conservatism on issues like marriage, the family, abortion and teenage pregnancies”.


Of course he was attracted. He is a religious reactionary. I have no doubt either that if Dacre had offered him work, he would have taken it and the opprobrium that would have followed, not only for the money but for the love as well.

If Dacre had had any sense, he would have hired Hasan for strategic reasons. He should have known that social conservatism would be a far stronger force if white rightists could overcome their dislike of immigrants and unite all conservative forces in a common front against liberalism.

As things stand, the world remains upside down. The left rather than the right defends reactionary religion, as long as the reactionaries do not have a white skin. You should never tire of pointing out that they are complicit in an enormous betrayal of progressive principles. Women, gays, secularists, liberals and socialists from ethnic minorities ought to be able to turn to British liberals and leftists for support against the patriarchal men, who seek to control them. Rather than fraternal greetings, they find indifference and hostility. The mainstream of liberal-left opinion in the universities, media, civil service, and Labour and Liberal Democrat parties has convinced itself that it is culturally imperialist to demand that members of minorities should enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of us.

This is why there has not been one prosecution for female genital mutilation. This is why, when 15-year-old white schoolgirl runs off to France with a teacher, the story leads the news, but when the parents of a Pakistani girl pull their daughter from class and force her to marry an old man —that is, when they organise her abduction and rape— liberal society stays silent. I should not need to add that multiculturalists who deny rights to people on the grounds of their ethnicity are every bit as racist as the white supremacists they profess to oppose.

To understand how deep the rot has set consider the story of Deepika Thathaal, better known as Deeyah, “the Muslim Madonna”. She ought to have been in the news this week, but I doubt you have ever heard of her.

Deeyah was brought up in Norway and launched herself as a beautiful and talented pop star. Old Muslim men thought that “their” women should not sing and dance. They persecuted her and her family, and drove her out of the country. Never mind, thought Deeyah, I’ll come to liberal Britain, where surely I will find a welcome. Exactly the same thing happened. Men threatened to cut or kill her if she did not stop performing, and their intimidation drove her underground yet again

As I said in a profile of Deeyah I wrote last year

I am not being fanciful if I imagine that had her tormentors been Norwegian neo-Nazis or the BNP, Deeyah would have become an anti-racist heroine: a Muslim Stephen Lawrence. Artists would make her struggle against prejudice their struggle. Politicians would invite her to Westminster and the European Parliament. The BBC would see to it that she was never off air. Liberal society would embrace her and define itself by its response to prejudice and violence.

The men who persecuted Deeyah in Norway and Britain were every bit as prejudiced and violent as neo-Nazis, but as it happens, they rallied under the banner of radical Islam rather than the swastika. A tiny difference, you might think. A mere trifle. But that tiny difference made all the difference in the world. No one came to Deeyah’s defence. Not liberal-left or compassionate conservative politicians. Not the BBC or liberal press. Not Amnesty International or the “concerned” artists who take up so many leftish causes. No one cared. To defend an Asian woman from unprovoked attacks by Asian men was to their warped minds a racist or Islamophobic act. Unprotected and unnoticed, Deeyah slunk off to live in an anonymous suburb of Atlanta, and begin the long task of pulling herself together.

I am delighted to say that she did pull herself together. She gave up performing and became a feminist filmmaker. The first result of her change of career was Banaz, a documentary about Banaz Mahmod, the daughter of Kurdish parents, who lived in South London until her family organised her murder for running away from an arranged marriage. Last week her film won the 2013 Emmy for Best International Current Affairs Documentary. Deeyah was shocked but I was not surprised when Britain still refused to recognise her. With the honourable exception of my Observer colleague Tracy McVeigh, who never runs with the pack, the old indifference still stands. Neither right nor left wants to know. As for the centre, Emmy or no Emmy, no one from the BBC has ever interviewed her apart from the host of a World Service show. Even the supposed feminists on Women’s Hour have steered clear.

When set against the double standards of the liberal mainstream, the perfidies of Mehdi Hasan are trivial. We ought to talk about the hypocrisies at the heart of British society rather than another chancer looking to plump his bank account. For shamefully transparent reasons, however, we are more comfortable denouncing the Mail instead.

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  • voidist

    off course i ts well known…Hasan is the Pakistani Ayatollah in suit and tie…taqqiya ?

    • DellerboyNZ

      The Hasan diatribe about Jews etc was freely available on Youtube but seems to have been ‘disappeared’ by way of invoking copyright.

  • Nick

    Excellent article which gives me hope that one day the loonie lefts power will collapse one day in the UK and sanity will return to the corridors of power.

    Columnists like Nick Cohen give me hope.And I also hope that his articles will be read by the so called great and the good and one day they will open their eyes and do something positive about the loonie left and radical islam.

  • rackyb

    Mehdi Hasan is one of the excellent journalists available today….. Therefore, there nothing surprise in some cynics get jealous over him.,., Like little kids throwing stones toward a fruitful tree in order to bite a piece of its fruit.

    • Louise_Cyphre

      Great satire man.

  • Julieann Carter

    Wow! A hugely powerful article. I’ve never heard of this woman before.
    The climate was not created by social Conservatism, it’s that those in a position to make a noise and be heard – were/are/have been, cowards.
    Denounced and sneered at for almost 2 decades by the cultural relativist tyrants who forced people out of public sector jobs like head teacher Ray Honeyford, terrorised a nation, including the British Conservative Party who convinced themselves they had to modernise.
    The ‘anti-racist’ pretenders proliferated into hundreds of organisations, including promoting street thuggery & intimidation in the forms of UAF & Hope Not Hate. Stupid Cameron even being a signatory to one, if not both!
    I weep for this tragic girls ‘politically necessary’ suffering. I am relieved by her (hopefully), pending good fortune & freedom for the future.
    Are we allowed to weep openly now, for the not so good fortunes for Kris Donald & Daniel, not even permitted to be publicly recognised for the racist, barbaric deaths that they were?

  • RevnantDream

    Here here!!!

  • Caomhin Baldy Heid K-MacaGhobh

    Militant atheists? WTF? I beg to differ…When the religions of the world stop killing those of no religion…Then the Atheist population can sit back & relax! Until that time however, the Atheists must protect themselves in the only way they can…By bashing the fundies of the Abrahamic religions, who for centuries have murdered their way through history! Islam IS a threat to every right thinking free person on the planet, christianity is still an ugly blight on human kind!

  • reggie66

    What a great article. Very impressed.

  • Joanne

    I’ve only seen Mehdi Hassan on the Internet a few times. I can’t really take him. But I’ve seen enough to notice a pattern. He typically makes feeble points and feeble jokes, but has a strong don’t-get-in-my-way delivery that works itself up into a crescendo. And the audience is swept up with him, especially if they more or less are sympathetic to him in the first place.

    A depressing sight. He has this method and it works every time. Or so it seems.

    Oh well, as an American I can at least take some comfort in the fact that we don’t have a monopoly on politically gullible people.

  • Coleridge1

    Nick Cohen is spot on. I too despise the Mail. But to hear the Islamist fanatic Hassan who can be seen on YouTube describe non-Muslims as “living like animals” to watch him address audiences in the racist apartheid state of Pakistan referring to Kaffirs and to note his support of Hamas who at Article 7 of their Charter call for all Jews everywhere to be killed – makes me want to vomit.


      I don’t hate the Mail- such is the moral high ground of the unthinking ‘useful idiots for Islam’. It is certainly a questionable publication but would you rather have the Guardian?
      Hasan must be made accountable- I have not heard anyone quote him a koranic verse or 2 and challenge him to explain.

  • Fak_Zakaix

    Mehdi Hasan is Ralph Miliband in his youth. A foreigner who pretends to be integrated but is not. All immigrants are outer left wing (internationalists) and inner right wing (nationalists, but of their nation, ethnicity). Call it hypocrisy if you like.

  • Pinky Floyd

    Cohen – i see there’s an opening for EDL leader you cry baby

  • Ripple

    Nick, do you have to be such a tedious Lefty? As if The Huffington Post or The Guardian will let anyone — even the poor unpaid principled commenters — say anything but what they approve.

    Keep drinking the funny gas.

  • Stephen52

    Poor, poor Mehdi, now even the most useless leftie useful fool has seen his true colours

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Extending the principle of “toleration for and of the intolerant” to Islamo-Nazis like Hasan should surprise no one. I wouldn’t mind so much if only he wasn’t such a half-wit. But I suppose it’s because he has so much in common with the liberal fundamentalists who run our lives that multi-cultural tokens like him get beatified in this way…

  • Stuck-Record

    The Mail may very well pay journalists to write bile-filled, unthinking articles, but the difference is The Guardian writers will do the same for free.


      Well said- wish I’d thought of that!

  • Mark Dean Brown

    “Women, gays, secularists, liberals and socialists from ethnic minorities ought to be able to turn to British liberals and leftists for support against the patriarchal men, who seek to control them. Rather than fraternal greetings, they find indifference and hostility. The mainstream of liberal-left opinion in the universities, media, civil service, and Labour and Liberal Democrat parties has convinced itself that it is culturally imperialist to demand that members of minorities should enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of us.” Sir, thank you for your article. You have succinctly summarized why I as a gay, Jewish man of 21 consider myself a Conservative.

  • bwims

    Very good article. Although I disagree with Nick Cohen’s left-wing politics, I admire his integrity, rarely seen since the old guard, e.g. Tony Benn, have left the scene.

    The disgusting anti-white racism of the modern Marxists disgusts, repels and appalls me. These fanatics even work towards the “soft genocide” of the British people to satisfy its class hatred.

  • Graham Ferguson

    If you want a recent example of Hasan’s hypocrisy, you should read his “article” on the puffington host when he “wrestles” with his “problem” with homosexuality and ends up in a half-way house that is fooling, well not even himself.


    He is a fifth columnist….take him out and give him summary justice….. it will come to this in the end….just make sure you get in first……

  • Paul Hanes

    Comparing the Mails poor behaviour with someones confidential job application is such bollocks. Criticising a teenager who escaped the Nazis then at first opportunity defended this country by getting on a destroyer which went in on d day when the mail was meeting with the Nazis is inexcusable. Just becaause Medi Hassan is a good enough writer to put more bollocks in his job application does not make him a hypocrote. Spectator… Subscription cancelled

    • OraEtLabora

      * Mail’s
      * someone’s
      * D-Day
      * because
      * hypocrite

      Paul Hanes: ‘Spectator… Subscription cancelled
      I can’t help but think that a solid lefty such as yourself is an unlikely subscriber to the Spectator: ,

      Are there many Spectator subscribers who are also supporters of Occupy Wall Street, Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity, and consider ‘inspirational’ people such as Lindsey German, a once prominent member of the Socialist Workers Party and Respect and former editor of Socialist Review?

      But as you are angered by the Mail’s treatment of Ralph Miliband, it must be a different Paul Hanes who put this clip on youtube, entitled ‘Thatcher Party Trafalgar Square – Ding Dong!’:

      Paul Hanes: ‘on d day when the mail was meeting with the Nazis
      Can you substantiate that the Daily Mail was meeting with Nazis on June 6, 1944? Otherwise, I fear you have just committed a libel.

  • global city

    There is never a word from Stephen Fry about the appalling anti Gay laws in the Middle East and yet he screams his objections to the Russians! One Arab country today has brought in a blood test to test for gayness. If they find any they will be refused admission to the country. I imagine the World Cup in the same area will be a gay free zone as well as a bleeding heart liberal complaints free zone too!

    • Simon

      Almost makes you want to emigrate there….almost.

  • justejudexultionis

    We have to acknowledge that in relation to the vast majority of issues our Judeo-Christian western society remains far superior morally and intellectually to most other societies, a superiority which is most easily to be seen when compared to that vile religion of hatred and superstition known as Islam.

  • maz

    bit of a pointless article.

    • abdulabdul

      bit of a pointless comment.

  • comrade

    Communism …. revolution …created the world we live in what would the world be like
    without that great upheaval

    • Ad Pikett

      Knock Knock!!! Is Stal in?

  • comrade

    Presstitutes abound everyone if the price is right

    only the lower classes go to prison

  • Ad Pikett

    I am getting very tired of the misuse of “left” and “right”. Hasan is not from the “Islamist religious right”, he is, at best, a social democrat who happens to believe in one established fairy-ghost-thing instead of another. The real debate should be framed as individualists vs collectivists. That is, sensible critical thinking people against bossy meddling statist bigots.

    • global city

      No, it must be framed correctly. There are those who are happy for people to build their lives in any way that they wish, while there is another who feel the need to force everyone else in the world to conform to the singularity that they have latched onto.

      In a market based society you can organise in any way that you wish, in collectivist societies everyone is forced to conform to what ever mad idea those who control the collective decide.

      That is why they always fail.

      • Ad Pikett

        Erm yes, I agree, that’s what I just said.

        • global city

          I apologise for misreading your post!

          • Ad Pikett

            Don’t worry about it! In future just take the default position that I’m right. It makes it a lot easier.

            • global city

              LoL! Fair enough, will do.
              I’ve been suffering the after effects of a terrible abscess the last few weeks, so my powers of concentration are not at their best!

  • Tim Holmes

    Here’s Amnesty “not mentioning” the issue of forced marriage:

    When I find a link demonstrating that they control the media, are “at the heart of British society”, and are responsible for the blanket coverage of that schoolteacher eloping with his pupil, I’ll get back to you.

    • Petra Thompson

      You will also find Amnesty fails to mention that since 1990, the muslim states have rejected the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and espouse the Cairo Declaration (which puts sharia laws above universal rights).

      You’d think that in the intervening 23 years, Amnesty might have discussed this. Just once. But not even once. They ignore it, because those fascists mostly have slightly darker skin than the average european.

  • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

    Hasan may be a hypocrite, many people are, his real danger is that he is a demagogue who seems to steamroller his way thru’ public appearences.

    If the opinion formers in the UK dont determindly expose the socio/political.religious aspects of Islam we can only expect things to get worse.
    Silence will not buy stability.

    Foreign policy in the middle east will be constrained.
    Society will fracture along religious grounds. It seems to me a resurgence of fundamental Christianity is inevitable. I mean in the UK.
    The Hindus remain remarkably quiet…for how long ?.
    The Jews…who knows ?

    I suspect those who are most affected by Muslim immigration , ie those whites who live closest and send their children to schools where whites are a minority may well become extremely violent.
    They have little to lose in a global economic system.

    What a potential catastrophe has been inflicted on the UK which was was never that fair but after WW2 was reasonably stable…until mass immigration.

    What poor people will put up with may be judged by reading about social conditions after WW1.
    I suspect current and future generations will be less compliant.

  • willshome

    As a “leftist”, I have no problem condemning bigotry or violence, whatever skin colour it comes wrapped in. As an atheist, I have no wish to rank one form of unbelief over any other (as Richard Dawkins points out, the religious are unbelievers in only one religion less than he is). That said, I do believe in tolerance and cultural sensitivity. How to reconcile the paradoxes within all that is the challenge of our age for all of us alike. Britain has a pretty decent track record in constructing a pragmatic liberty that lets everyone, however eccentric, follow their own path as long as they don’t harm or interfere with the freedoms of others. It will need all of us working together on this. The Left has not been exemplary on this; neither has the Right.

    • justejudexultionis

      Yes, but now you are faced with the presence of a belligerent, and frequently murderous, religion of conquest within your midst: how do you propose to ‘reason’ and construct ‘pragmatic liberty’ whilst dealing with the representatives of an ideology whose very core does not accept the notion of intellectual freedom or a pluralistic society?

  • grereasacxcf

    number of times nick cohen mentioned this woman when she was living in Britain and launching her musical career (in the mis-2000s): zero. not once.

    In a piece on the ‘hypocrisy’ of others for failing to write about her!

    and as for the ‘supposed feminism’ of woman’s hour – given that you only ever write about Deeyah in order to bash other people for not doing so, and have never written about her without mentioning her ‘beautiful’ looks, I think that the people at WH are on far more solid ground than you in terms of Feminist credentials.

    If the ‘liberal left’ were as hypocritical as you claim, you wouldn’t always use the same examples to criticise them with (this is now thew THIRD time you’ve used Deeyah as an example of the lef’ts hypocrisy).

  • Lutz Barz

    the Left has lost it. [I flirted with the anti-vietnam war moratorium]. What we need is an injection of reality and this may be enhanced bio-chemically with molecular infusions of dead brain matter and revive the comatose and catatonic.

  • Paul J

    Yes, Mehdi Hassan is a hypocrite, every one is hypocrite, including Cohen. Proving someone’s a hypocrite is one of the easiest things in the world.

    I like this article, and I like the way he regularly lays into the liberal (quasi) left for it’s appeasement of extremist Islam.

    However… Nick Cohen doesn’t seem in the least bit bothered by the biggest struggle against evil, jihadi, exterminatory Islam going on today. Read his articles on Syria, you wouldn’t believe they’re written by the same guy.
    Apparently, al qeada are fine, as long as they’re fighting the enemies of you know who…

    • justejudexultionis

      Maybe we should just stand back and let both sides get on with it in Syria?

  • Daniel Maris

    Why don’t you watch ITV Exposure on Wednesday for some “crude” views expressed by Imams rather than those who oppose Sharia. They found more than a third of UK Mosques are prepared to defy our laws and marry underage girls against their will.

    • Guest

      Well acquainted with these views. Would wish to be more civilised myself.

    • NinePillocksInARoom

      So you are arguing that because extreme far-right imams behave in a certain way, it is acceptable for us to do likewise? That’s a bit of an odd line of argument …

  • Daniel Maris

    ITV exposure of what’s going on in UK mosques – the sort that are lauded by Cameron and Warsi.

  • djkm

    Pretty sure the general public aren’t to blame for not knowing about this things on the basis that they probably don’t spend their entire lives trawling the internet for stories that aren’t covered in the mainstream press. There is just a touch of the, ‘you can’t say anything these days, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ in the latter half of this piece.

  • jorge espinha

    what can we do to help?

  • Stan moorcroft

    ‘We ought to talk about the hypocrisies at the heart of British society rather than another chancer looking to plump his bank account. For shamefully transparent reasons, however, we are more comfortable denouncing the Mail instead.’

    Of course as someone who protested outside the Mail today, you can always do both.

    • djkm

      Ah, the Mail protest. Like the physical embodiment of one of those online petitions. Doubtless if and when Dacre actually apologises, because of the pressure brought upon him by Harmsworth, those at the protest will take this as some kind of validation of their actions.

      Still, sounds like it was a fun day out for all!

      • Stan moorcroft

        Ah, the smug ‘wisdom’ of the lofty armchair pundit who never do anything other than post cynical asides, like this one at those who do.
        Must have taken you a good hour to construct your straw man,

        ‘Dacre actually apologises, because of the pressure brought upon him by Harmsworth, those at the protest will take this as some kind of validation of their actions.’

        Of course shouting slogans outside Rothermere House isn’t going to bother Dacre. Still sometimes it is important to make a point, though I doubt you’ll get that. By all means stay in your armchair in your carpet slippers, but don’t fool yourself into believing that your idleness is somehow a sign of moral superiority.

        • djkm

          It was hardly the stop the war protest. I’m not crying because i had more important things to be doing such as watching Columbo, than bothering to go tell a terrified security guard in an otherwise empty building that his paymasters are a bit sociopathic.

          OK, what do you expect to come out of it?

  • Mo Khan

    Mehdi Hassan was brilliant on question time. I applaud his views and his oratory skills.

    • Daniel Maris

      I bet you do. I bet you are cross about the ITV Exposure programme though. 🙂

  • Fraziel

    I have been pointing out the staggering hypocrisy of the left when it comes to extremist Islam for some time to anyone who will listen and i regularly comment on it on the New statesman. For my troubles i have been threatened with violence and been called a pa*do, racist,nazi, fascist,murderer,r*pist , as well as lots more,and had pretty much the same said about my parents. Those very same sanctimonious pious hypocrites that are so outraged about the Daily mail have no problem abusing and threatening anyone who would disagree with them or point out their hypocrisy. Brilliant article and i agree with every word.

  • francis

    As an Englishman, I no longer consider myself to be British. I am English and will never again class myself as British. British these days means anyone living in the UK except the English.

    English Independence please.

  • abdulabdul

    “…they rallied under the banner of radical Islam rather than the swastika. A tiny difference, you might think…” A tiny difference of about six million Jews.

    • stag

      You really want to do the sums about which ideology has been responsible for more deaths?

      The only reason ‘radical’ Muslims have not exterminated every Jew in Israel is that they can’t. Given the chance, they would; of that no reasonable person can doubt.

      During World War II, we all know whose side the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was on.

      • abdulabdul

        The grand wizard of who?

        • Daniel Maris

          Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Don’t pretend you don’t understand or know his history. He was actually urging Hitler and co to destroy European Jewry (not that they needed much persuasion). I guess you could call it synergy.

          • abdulabdul

            I guess if he was some sort of wizard he must have used his magic powers to persuade Hitler and co. Are there any witches in this story? I like stories with witches..

  • NinePillocksInARoom

    I have thought about it, and wonder this.

    The West has by and large picked fights against the right enemies: fascism, communism and Islamism. It’s dispiriting when this fight is not consistent (e.g. our support for Pinochet). However it actually isn’t dispiriting when fascists, communists and Islamists within the UK team up with each other. On the contrary, it reminds us of the justice of our own opposition to all three.

    Nick Cohen is right to point out these links, but I wonder why he is so shocked by them. Different forms of evil feed off each other. Why is that such a surprise?

  • Vincent Thomas

    You live in a strange world. Every ‘left wing’ person I know is vehemently against forced marriage and the oppression of women wherever it is. Perhaps, as it seems, you lump all the people you don’t like into one monstrous ‘left/liberal/establishment’ invention. In fact ‘left’, ‘liberal’ and ‘establishment’ are all very different things with very little overlap.

    For your information the audience on #bbcqt cheered because what Mehdi Hasan said, had to be said – not because Mehdi Hasan said it

    • NinePillocksInARoom

      You may have a point, but when you hear stories of Islamists turning up at the door of people who speak against things like forced marriage, and then polite opinion protects *the Islamist and not the free speaker* then you really have to worry. The veracity of these stories is for others to defend – they have been reported in the Spectator in the past, and I don’t see any reason to believe that they were made up.

      • Vincent Thomas

        You can be against intimidation, forced marriage etc without being against Islam.

        But I think what’s going on here is that some people don’t like what MH said on #bbcqt so they attack him. It’s such a blatant attempt to change the subject and shoot the messenger.

        It would look less like a crude tactic if any of these comments if they started with: “Mehdi Hasan had a point on #bbcqt but I don’t agree with…”

        • Daniel Maris

          How? Islam sanctifies marriage of children from 9 upwards.

          See ITV’s Exposure on Wednesday for the reality.

  • mervynhyde

    People in the audience were clapping and cheering about what Mehdi Hassan said, it was obvious to anyone except the writer of this article that people are not used to hearing; what they themselves know is happening in this country today.

    What he expressed is something the media as a whole have been trying to suppress, but thanks to the internet the genie is out of the bottle and people have found out for themselves just how corrupt the media is.

    Articles like this can spin stories to suit their own agenda, what they forget is that every day someone gets bullied at work and threatened with the loss of a job because there is someone who will do that job cheaper, will not forget that, and the longer time goes on the more ingrained these experiences become.

    In short people have seen what has been happening over the last 40 years and the old lies can’t be glossed over as they were in the passed.

    You are only kidding yourselves if you think this kind of article does anything other than tell those to believe what they actually want to believe.

    Those that defend the mail are not defending a free press, but aligning themselves to a rag, that has a history of very nasty associations and should be judged as such.

    • stag

      What a preposterous post. The writer actually quoted Hasan. It was he, not the writer, who spoke of the Mail as principled, vitally important and worthy of admiration. And then, playing to the crowds, denounced it as execrable.

      Of course the Mail is a rag. But – of course – Hasan is also a hypocrite. Which was the point of the article.

      As for the rest of it, what do you think about the case of Deeyah?

      • mervynhyde

        When you apply for a job, do you state that you think it is the worst position you could possibly apply for or the best. Clearly Hassan was desperate for a job and did his best to get it.

        The real point though is the audience reaction, not who Hassan wanted to work for. Hypocrisy is not exclusive to one man.

        The people out there are desperately looking for someone to articulate what the BBC is deliberately trying to hide, he did that on that programme, that is why the people clapped and cheered.

        The right wing bias in the BBC has been a fact for so long that it is the establishment. If ever you have tried like I have to put information into the public domain relating to what is happening to our NHS, you meet a brick wall, but if you want to give them stories to that they can use to smear the NHS they are all ears.

        Unlike the Daily Hate I do not have to make my stories up.

        • stag

          Well, maybe for you the *real* point is the audience reaction; but the point of the article is unquestionably Hasan’s hypocrisy, and, by extension, the hypocrisies that exist at the heart of liberal discourse. So that’s “the point”. It was you who decided to go off-subject.

          As for the BBC – BBC employees have admitted that the majority of editorial and reporting staff share the same soft-left biases. In July, an official report found that the BBC had a ‘deep liberal bias’ on the subject of immigration.

          Ditto the EU. Ditto “cuts”. Ditto Muslims. Ditto multiculturalism.

          As far as I am concerned, BBC coverage of the NHS falls in with this overall liberal-left bias. Perhaps your story was judged to have insufficient evidence to back it up.

          • mervynhyde

            This article in our local newspaper explains our case the BBC ignored, I have also personal documentary evidence which substantiates what the Ambulance personal have been saying.


            The BBC is deliberately blocking information about the harm Tories are doing to our NHS.

            • stag

              Why ‘our’ NHS? Why not just ‘the NHS’, which is less devotional and emotive?

              The BBC does report on under-funding in the NHS. I have heard GPs complain about funding on the BBC, I have heard about staff pay freezes on the BBC, and I have heard about A+E overcrowding (and funding) on the BBC. True, I haven’t heard about ambulance service funding; but, in general, the BBC does report on perceived under-funding in the NHS. This tells me that it is not complicit in a general conspiracy to hide the impact of government policies on the NHS. It is fairly unlikely that there is a conspiracy between government and the BBC to hide the impact of government policy specifically on ambulances.

              Maybe this was judged to be local news rather than national news. I don’t know why it wasn’t run, but I am pretty confident it wasn’t because there is a massive right-wing conspiracy and the BBC is in on it. That goes against what independent invistigators have called its “deep liberal bias”.

              • mervynhyde

                The NHS is ours that’s why I refer to it. If the Tories have their way it will all be private, except for those long term treatments that are not profitable.

                The BBC block any news that states the Tories are harming our NHS.

                Here is some hard evidence that proves that the BBC has a right wing bias.


                • Simon

                  Had a look at that article you linked through too. Are you aware the research was funded by the BBC itself? So it is basically a BBC funded research exercise into itself and it found no evidence of bias. Brilliant bit of work….

                • mervynhyde

                  Extract from the report:

                  Here opinion was almost completely dominated by stockbrokers, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and other City voices. Civil society voices or commentators who questioned the benefits of having such a large finance sector were almost completely absent from coverage.

                  The fact that the City financiers who had caused the crisis were
                  given almost monopoly status to frame debate again demonstrates the
                  prominence of pro-business perspectives.

                  So the evidence from the research is clear. The BBC tends to
                  reproduce a Conservative, Eurosceptic, pro-business version of the
                  world, not a left-wing, anti-business agenda.”

                  I do wish you people were more honest !

    • Daniel Maris

      So how do you know that what Mehdi said on Thursday was what he thinks as opposed to what he said to Paul Dacre? Mehdi defended the Mail.

  • S&A

    ‘My colleague Polly Toynbee once revealed that Geoffrey Wheatcroft, an author she regarded as a friend, produced a “stinking” attack on her at the Mail’s behest. He then “had the nerve to write me a cringing [private] letter claiming his copy had been doctored and, anyway, he had a lot of little Wheatcrofts to keep in shoe leather”’.

    Polly Toynbee is not beyond spiteful attacks herself.

    After Auberon Waugh’s death she wrote a gloating article saying how great it was that he’d expired, illustrated with a cartoon showing his body being flushed down a toilet. So much for the sensitivity she showed the for dead and the bereaved.

  • OOutRAjious Curry

    well said

  • Eddie

    Let’s face it: the British Left is and has always been an apologist for Islamic extremism and any backwards behaviour by anyone with a dark skin and a religion which acts as some sort of forcefield, bouncing off all criticism from the left.
    They support equality, do they? Yeah right.

    If a white man espoused the sort of views standard in the average mosque, he’d be called a racist, a fascist, a dinosaur, a bigot, a misogynist, a homophobe – and yes – a Daily Mail reader.
    It would all be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous – remember, 15% of British Muslims (300,000 people) though the 7/7 attacks in London ‘ a good thing’.

    This is no doubt a legacy from their days of following the left of Russian Leftism, with its pure hatred against Jews running through.

    There are however some on the left internationally who see this appeasing of Islamists for the hypocrisy it is. The French see multiculturalism for the folly it is, and support integration; some leftists in Canada, esp feminists, see the Left’s cosying up to Islamists to be wrong. But the British left is a disgrace – and some of its members are the enemy within, for sure.

  • Karen Barclay


  • Jimmy R

    I wonder how long Hasan spent in front of a mirror practicing that pathetic little tirade?