Tony Hall hosts BBC version of Friends Reunited

8 October 2013

12:39 PM

8 October 2013

12:39 PM

Mr Steerpike was sitting in the auditorium at New Broadcasting House, waiting for Tony Hall to unveil his plans for the BBC. Lord Hall was expected to announce further cuts to the corporation’s vast bureaucracy, as part of an efficiency drive necessitated by the decision to freeze the licence fee until 2017. Mr S was, therefore, amused to overhear the following conversation between two BBC employees as they took their seats:

‘Hello Rodney.’


‘Hello Charles.’

‘Haven’t seen you for twenty years!’

‘No. What have you been up to?’

Mr S wondered how many other members of the corporation were taking part in this version of Friends Reunited.

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  • Robert Mitchum

    “Rodney and Charles” were two characters from Beyond Our Ken, played by Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick. They were two brainless idiots, so the similarity is complete.

  • Paul W

    He looks like the bloke that used to do Catchphrase.

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