The LSE and the notorious t-shirt of hate

7 October 2013

5:03 PM

7 October 2013

5:03 PM

The London School of Economics (LSE) has been in the news recently thanks to a certain ex-lecturer who was a Marxist. But while Marxism retains some grip at faculty level in the LSE, it is — like many other universities — another variety of extremism that increasingly dictates events at student level.

At last week’s LSE Freshers’ Fair — as Student Rights document here — the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society were threatened with physical removal after being discovered to have t-shirts deemed to be — wait for it — ‘offensive’. Told to cover themselves up or face removal, the atheists were informed that their t-shirts might even be considered ‘harassment’.


So what was the nature of the t-shirts? Did they glorify, say, the former LSE graduate and noted beheader of Jewish journalists, Omar Sheikh? Or did they perhaps praise former Libyan dictator, LSE donor and erstwhile LSE guest lecturer Colonel Muammar Gaddafi?  Alas no — the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society committed a far more egregious error. It appears that they transgressed pre-medieval Islamic blasphemy laws.

Two atheist students were found to be wearing ‘Jesus and Mo’ t-shirts (‘Jesus and Mo’ is an online satirical cartoon strip). It seems unlikely that any Christian student would have demanded the removal of the t-shirts. Depictions of Jesus are, after all, quite popular among Christians. In mainstream Islam, by contrast, you are not meant to depict Mo at all. Even an artist’s impression of a generic figure who is then called ‘Mo’ is nowadays assumed to be a picture of Mohammed and therefore blasphemy.

Having written in this place last year about the notoriously blasphemous pineapple of hate at Reading university, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the extension of Islamic blasphemy laws to a t-shirt at the LSE. Anyhow — as so often, common sense was on the side of the atheists, but force — and the threat of force — was on the side of their opponents. So the atheists lost.

If one wanted to be downbeat about this I suppose one would cite the chap who said that when people see a strong-horse and a weak horse they will back the strong horse. On the other hand, if one wanted to be more upbeat, I suppose we could always reflect on where he is now.

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  • Agrippina

    This is in part due to the useless all inclusive local authority mantra. Thus here in South Cambs Council (tory) we provide translations/interpreters for free (paid-by taxpayers, even though Pickles said no more). At Christmas they all run around saying, no christmas trees or nativity plays and upon questioning of parents discover that the foreign quota have no views as to the nativity etc. So it is the usual don’t offend the muslims/foreigners brigade who are to blame. They must inhabit a twilight world where everyone else must be put before the Brits. The govts do not live anywhere near these sorts of difficulties so could not care less, and until UKIP spoke up, all this stuff was largely ignored.

    The same nonsense prevails at Cambridge Uni but thankfully the better educated muslim tends not to make such a fuss, avoiding LSE’s probs.

    In order to restore some pride in our country think carefully before you vote for the same 3 parties.

  • Oliver

    This has less to do with Muslim demands and more to do with the lefts scorched earth ideological anti racism. We shouldn’t really be upset at Muslims trying to push their agenda. It’s the leftists who wish to accommodate them who are the problem.

    • crosscop

      They are both a problem, Oliver. The treasonous Left has taken on the role of Ephialtes at Thermopylae but the Muslims are the Persian army.

  • Fergus Pickering

    How do I put this delicately? The country is full of Islamic savages.

  • figurewizard

    The only good thing about this story is that all the LSE has achieved by their action against these students is to invite ridicule verging on outrage.

  • johnslattery

    I think students should be made more aware of the kind of PC brownshirts and general hard-left cretins they are going to have to live among for three years before parting with nine thousand quid a year. If universities could be made to suffer monetary loss for making well-meaning students put up with these teenage hitlers, not to mention the useful-idiot lecturers, the atmosphere on campuses might change.

  • Margot

    Thank God (or Allah or whoever or nobody) for Jesus and Mo! A voice of sanity at last. How about a mass mail drop in Bradford and Birmingham?

  • Eddie

    Mick Jagger went to the LSE.
    QED, innit?

  • darwins beard

    Allah and Mohammed cant be all that if they find cartoons so offensive

  • John Smith

    We support Mo in Britain, so why ban the T shirt?

  • Radford_NG

    Nothing to offend Christians.It shows Jesus at a bar with a refreshing drink;as was his wont.[The cartoon can be found,around some-where.]

  • Bonkim

    Absurd – LSE authorities have no business banning such TShirts – they should have allowed the opponents to go to court and publicise that this did not constitute blasphemy.

  • Curnonsky

    You’d think the good Marxists at LSE would spontaneously combust of their internal contradictions when tasked with enforcing blasphemy laws, but in fact this incident demonstrated how much the two totalitarian ideologies of Islam and Communism have in common. Ultimate they both involve crushing the human spirit in the name of some greater good.

  • justejudexultionis

    We need to stop targeting ‘al Qaeda’ and other insane nihilist terror organisations and start directing the ‘war against terror’ against all those quisling elements in our society – on both Left and Right – that have aided and abetted the Islamic takeover of our society and culture.

    As someone who is politically left-wing I can say confidently that Enoch Powell was completely right in his warnings about the effects of uncontrolled mass immigration on our society. It is merely common-sense.

  • James Strong

    No surprise that the RoP is affecting our own lives very badly, no surprise that the authorities pander to them
    Thank you for running the story; it might help if more people can see the RoP for what it really is.
    But let’s talk about ‘offensive’ things.
    Why is it so terrible to be ‘offensive’?
    It’s a free country, you have the right to be offended and I won’t take that away from you.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      You won’t, but the Hacked-Off/Leveson/Miliband/Campbell quartet aim to do so. The “free country” of which you write will soon be pacified PC and swaddled in a totalitarians’ wet dream of unfree speech unless barricades are erected against the long marchers.

  • Austin Barry

    Islam is truly amazing.

    Its daily activities, too tedious, lengthy and depressing to list, offend just about every civilised norm, but the agitated cult takes immediate outrage at whatever minor, obscure slight it perceives it has suffered.

    But then Islam’s casual, commonplace brutality does not suggest a sense of irony or the ridiculous.

    • justejudexultionis

      Muslims will stop at nothing until they have one of their own in Ten Downing Street – and then the flood will become a raging torrent.

      • Uncle Mort

        There will be a civil war if that ever happened.

        • Shazza

          No that will not happen. The British people are now so brainwashed with ‘white guilt’ over Empire, slavery etc. that they are sleepwalking toward their own destruction. Dumbed down Marxist education, hypnotized by Big Brother, X Factor, BBC pro islamic propaganda, fear of being labelled ‘racist’, real fear of physical violence by the cultural enrichers (with no protection by the Establishment as only white on black violence is treated seriously) will ensure the sheeple will roll over and accept their fate. And when the EU sends in the troops to quell an uprising, who do you think they will protect? All is being done to promote our dhimmification. I read yesterday that ‘history of islam’ is now going to be taught in our schools. We already have to eat halal food. The list is endless. We are no longer in the creeping ‘salami slicing’ islamification of GB but now in acceleration phase. The Trojan Horse is firmly in place.

          • Keith D

            Theres grounds for hope.I freely admit to being a social animal.I go to the pub,the football and various other events.

            I find that people,probably because of the vile Islamic norms our enrichers so enthusiastically promote,are switching on more and more to the horror Islam represents.Its now being discussed openly where it never was even 5 years ago.40% of native Brits now feel civil war is inevitable.

            I cant predict what or indeed when the blue touch paper event will take place,but one thing is for sure,…Take place it will.

            • Shazza

              Look at the polls. Look how much support The Party of Mass Destruction still attracts. Labour opened the floodgates but still the sheeple vote for them in droves. I fled one of the culturally enriched cities after witnessing frightening demographic changes during their 13 year misrule. I now live in a virtually enricher free area and the indigenous people here are blissfully unaware of the imminent danger they are in. As it does not affect them yet, they will continue voting yellow/blue as does the north vote red. If people were that concerned about islam’s horror, the BNP vote would go through the roof. As I mentioned, the people are so brainwashed that they believe it is ‘racist’ to stand up for their own people. As for voting UKIP – that is not the answer – all wind and p*** with no real policies. They are no more aware of the impending collapse of western civilisation than the Con/Lab/Dems. All our politicos are in it for the power and good life – adopting Louis XIV, the Sun King’s mantra ‘after me the deluge’.

              • crosscop

                “It was not part of their blood,
                It came to them very late
                With long arrears to make good,
                When the English began to hate.

                They were not easily moved,
                They were icy-willing to wait
                Till every count should be proved,
                Ere the English began to hate.

                Their voices were even and low,
                Their eyes were level and straight.
                There was neither sign nor show,
                When the English began to hate.

                It was not preached to the crowd,
                It was not taught by the State.
                No man spoke it aloud,
                When the English began to hate.

                It was not suddenly bred,
                It will not swiftly abate,
                Through the chill years ahead,
                When Time shall count from the date
                That the English began to hate.”


                I think that a couple more terror attacks will do it. Lee Rigby was possibly very close to being the final straw.

                • Shazza

                  Unfortunately crosscop, those wonderful words about the English were written before the successful Marxist cultural agenda was put in place. The sheeple now have no idea of their glorious past and believe they should be ashamed of their heritage. It is too late.

                • crosscop

                  We are not beaten yet. Don’t be such a defeatist. It is not too late. Here’s a couple more snippets of poetry for you :-

                  “Mind must be the firmer, heart the more fierce,
                  courage the greater, as our strength diminishes.”

                  “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

                • Cornelius Bonkers

                  Yo Cop, respect to the poetry but are you joking? Most of our population are too stupefied by drugs, drink, TV shows and benefits of one kind or another to get your point. Read poetry? Most of them can’t even grasp the subtleties of the 10 o’clock ITV news. Sorry mate, it’s all over. Get used to it and stop raging – the sheeple can no longer listen…

                • Keith D

                  It was for a great many people.The camels back is buckling under the weight.

              • Keith D

                I agree with all of that Shazza and although the turkeys voting again for Labour will help drive these dangerous times a vote for Islamopologist Dave is just as dangerous.
                The attractive thing about UKIP is merely that it breaks the mould and perhaps voting for them will deliver the bloody nose so desperately needing inflicted on the bubbleistas.
                Even so it wont be electoral suicide we’re committing.
                The enrichers will have bombed even the most supine into action long before then.
                They just cant help themselves as we see all over the parts of the world they inflict themselves on.Its what they do.

                Britain has always been a capable nation in times of war.I’m not bothered about me,but I’ll be damned if I’m going to stay silent about my kids future.
                We need out the EU pronto and to get our borders closed

                • Shazza

                  We are on the same side. Agree that UKIP can break the mould but long term, I don’t believe they have the guts and vision to sort this mess out. Oh yes, I will be voting for them in the EU elections next year and I hope it’s a landslide for them. Can’t wait for Cam/Clegg/Mill’s reaction and the BBC going into damage control.

                • Russell

                  It is the only way to give the Tories and Labour a bloody nose. If every member of UKIP and every person who intends to vote UKIP can persuade a few others to do the same, the fools in Westminster will get a bloody nose (I have persuaded at least 4 of my neighbours to actually vote UKIP, who normally don’t ever vote).

              • FrenchNewsonlin

                They may though glance across the Channel and languidly wonder why Marine Le Pen’s party won near 50% in the first round of a local by-election last Sunday and seems on its way to something of a breakthrough in nationwide local elections next spring. Immigration is now a major talking point across the French political spectrum.

                • Shazza

                  We live in hope

                • Cornelius Bonkers

                  Yup, the tide of human waste is washing up on Europe’s shores. What we all need to do is re-direct it to China. But of course, they’re not so stupid to take them are they? F..k Nick Clegg and all his works and the works of all the other intellectual boy scouts…

          • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

            Depressing and probably accurate.

            A dhimmi pays a tax so that Islam can protect him. Political freedom is not included
            How do I know ?
            Because a Muslim told me

            I didnt like the look of the chap behind him so I made my apologies and left.

            • crosscop

              “A dhimmi pays a tax so that Islam can protect him.”
              It just occurred to me that the Mafia run similar protection rackets and the Mafia came from Sicily. So, a practice learnt when the island was under Muslim occupation, perhaps?

              • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

                Did the Muslims arrive in Sicily by peaceful means.?

    • Bonkim

      That is because people give in too readily. The LSE authorities should have let the opponents to go to court to prove it was blasphemy..

      • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

        This response misses the point.
        See if you can work out why ?
        hint: freedom of expression speech etc

        You know when Muslims collect on London streets and threaten to behead infidels or in Burton Dasset and shout baby killers.

        Gerrit ?

        • Bonkim

          Muslim or anyone – if you are intimidated call the Police/take a photo of the person offending. Of course there are nutters in Large cities like London and London is a hotch potch of malcontents.

    • Rocksy

      I admit I’m initially angered by these sorts of antics by overly sensitive groups whoever they are. But when I calm down and think it through, I realise that
      they really are pathetic and ultimately powerless. You’re right, they have no sense of humour and will never understand how much they lose in gaining these petty victories.
      They’re vile and cowardly but essentially stupid. The people who really make me see red are the limp wristed, spineless apologists and the traitors who are willing to trash everything that is British.

    • greggf

      Islam perceives it’s pushing on an open door in Britain.
      It’s not same elsewhere.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Meanwhile another little legislative bombshell slipping in under the radar that the EU will no doubt support. The notion that Islamic sovereignty can extend to the prosecution of “blasphemy” worldwide:-

      “Manama: Arab countries are working on a draft law that bans the defamation of religions and empowers them to take abusers to court even if they are not residents. The draft, presented by Qatar, is being reviewed by delegates from several Arab countries at the Arab League. Under its provisions, all forms of defamation, derision or denigration of religions and prophets will be considered crimes. “The main feature of the draft is that it gives every state the right to put on trial those who abuse and hold in contempt religions even if they are outside the country,” Ebrahim Mousa Al Hitmi, the Qatari justice ministry assistant undersecretary for legal affairs, said, local Arabic daily Al Arab reported on Wednesday.”

      • Slevdi

        I doubt it will fly. It would immediately be used against every Islamic state that does exactly that to all non Islamic religions and Islamic sects they disagree with.

  • doctorseraphicus

    I’d say “unbelievable” but these days it’s all too believable. I don’t suppose anyone is allowed to take offence at the Islamic Society and its doubtless forthright or (if certain other student Islamic Societies are anything to judge by) some might say obnoxious opinions.

    • Bonkim

      Those who are offended need to complain with evidence.

  • Pootles

    I paid a small fortune for my offspring to attend the LSE in recent years. I wasn’t impressed by the ‘standard’ of teaching (a lot of it done by post-grads), but even less impressed by this sort of stupidity. Mind you, what should one expect from an institution founded by a lover of Stalin and all his works.

  • brossen99
    • Trofim

      He’s a nice bloke, Fred Dibnah, but he ought to stick to traction engines.

  • Ricky Strong

    ” I suppose we could always reflect on where he is now.”

    Cheers Douglas, you know I could sue you for these coffee burns.

    • Radford_NG

      As we used to say : “Nice one Cyril;nice one son./Nice one Cyril;nice one chum”.

      • johnslattery

        I think it was actually “Nice one Cyril;nice one son./Nice one Cyril; let’s have another one”, wasn’t it? Those were the days when Spurs were actually winning stuff. About the time of the Vietnam War.