Thanks Mehdi, for making me understand ‘ROTFLMAO’

7 October 2013

9:07 PM

7 October 2013

9:07 PM

I had never really understood the acronym ROTFLMAO properly until I read about the wretched Mehdi Hasan and his hypocritical denunciation of the Daily Mail, after having applied with cringing desperation to the same paper for a job. (Dacre told him to get lost, which is to his credit). My colleague Nick Cohen has filed an excellent analysis of this business, to which you should be directed if you yourself haven’t also had the opportunity to ROTFLMAO.

But at least Mehdi will be in no trouble with his religion. He is, of course, famous for quoting the Koran to the effect that unbelievers are regarded as “cattle”. And by the same logic it is perfectly ok for a Muslim to lie to a non-believer; it falls under the terms “taqiyya” or “kitman”. “These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam, in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers and defeating them,” is the quote from my “How To Be A Good Muslim” primer. And from the Koran: “Allah and his Messenger (that’s Mohammed, or Mehdi) are free from liability to the idolators.”

So at least in that one respect we need not question his principle.

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  • greggf

    Mehdi Hasan is one of the many Islamists who know that in Britain they are pushing on an open door.
    This is a derivative of multi-culturism, one of the most insidious polemics ever invented and which probably only came about to excuse the aversion of muslim immigrants to integrate into British life.
    The public’s attachment to their own culture and values is undermined to make way for alternatives, which is where Hasan sees his role to proselytize and advance an Islamist agenda wherever he may.
    He’s a subvertive, a William Joyce, a Tokyo Rose fully embedded in the political life of Britain but, like Mussolini able and willing to make that jump from the extreme left to the extreme right and demagoguery as the political spectrum sometimes contorts into a horseshoe at extremes.

  • Fak_Zakaix

    Mehdi Hasan is Ralph Miliband in his youth. A foreigner who pretends to be integrated but is not. All immigrants are outer left wing (internationalists) and inner right wing (nationalists, but of their nation, ethnicity). Call it hypocrisy if you wish.

  • Dogzzz

    Well well well. What a week!

    Mehdi hassan outed as a vile Islamic supremicist racist and bigot.

    Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL to work to achieve peace and integration between moderate Islam and the rest of the multicultural community, and proving himself to NOT be a racist.

    This has been a very bad week for radical Islam and for all the bigoted hate filled followers of such a violent ideology and for their liberal lefty apologists, appeasers and panderers.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Surprise surprise Rod, Moslems think they are superior to us “cattle”. Mmmm! I fear the same judgement applies to the Jews (usury, punishments deserved by our sort etc). When are we going to realise that in the case of the above, while the first want to kill us, the second want only to empty our pockets. Has everybody gawn mad? As folk devoted to freedom of thought and of speech, both Jewish and Moslem minds are continents we will never understand and should have no truck with…

  • WestPopeye

    BBC selected audience, they make me puke.

  • Maverick Ways
  • global city

    imagine if a member of UKIP actually said anything even just a bit as outrageous as what Hasan has been recorded saying? The media would be all over them like a rash and implying that the views must reveal something dark throughout the whole party.

    Strange hey?

  • tigerlily

    That was a really strange audience – seemingly handpicked for their abilty to find MH hilarious. No other QT audience has reacted to him like that…

    • milliboot

      OMG, they dont hand pick QT audiences do they ? i didnt know !

    • WorthSayingAgain

      Tigerlily, how dare you suggest such a thing. The QT audience is a totaly representative cross section of upper middle class liberals from Islington.

  • zanzamander

    Does this mean that the BBC agrees with Hasan’s beliefs?

    What Hasan is engaged in is called a stealth Jihad and the Liberals, dumb as they are, are a perfect conduit for one.

    • zanzamander

      Hasan, despite what I can only describe as his extremist stance on Islam, the West, us the non-Muslims, Israel, US etc. was (and is repeatedly) invited by the BBC (and the British/US media) for comments and his views. His remarks were greeted by an elated QT audience. They cheered his every word and I bet many of them even went home with a warm admiration for him and quite the reverse for DT, Islamosceptics etc.

      So here’s the thing: Why do our media treat this fellow with the respect that he doesn’t deserve and why did this audience cheer him so? Why didn’t anyone from the rest of the panel or the floor bring up his remarks or extremist views?

      I can only conclude that we as people, as a nation, are stupid, gullible and are prime for mass cultural and religious suicide.

      Thank you Liberals.

      • Dogzzz

        That could be because as soon as anyone condemns the racist bigotry of some forms of Islam, they are screamed down by “liberals” as being racist. I never quite got how someone could be considered racist, when they are condemning racist hatred and bigotry.

        I guess it is the old colonial guilt trip thing and “only whites can be racist” rubbish.

        Mehdi Hassan, by refering to non-believers as animals, has revealed himself to be a vile racist. I have never heard such language or condemnation of others, even from the EDL.

        Who would have thought only a couple of weeks ago that events would prove Mehdi Hassan to be much much more of a racist than Tommy Robinson.

        • Peter Collins

          “Who would have thought only a couple of weeks ago that events would
          prove Mehdi Hassan to be much much more of a racist than Tommy Robinson.”


    • WorthSayingAgain

      I think it could also be described as Common Purpose. The BBC have enough in common with Islam to give them an unchallenged platform. Eg anti US, Britain and Israel.

  • Mynydd

    So Mr Liddle doesn’t know what Mr Hasan actually said, only what other people said he said

  • Toxteth O’Grady

    Paint him black and send him back.

  • crosscop

    Rod – don’t forget his deceitful article in the DT after Lee Rigby was killed in which he presented a doctored version of a Koranic verse (5:32) as proof that Islam is against such murders – when in its entirety the verse fully justifies it. He also failed to mention the very next verse (5:33) which not only justifies the murder, but also the crucifixion and mutilation of people like Lee Rigby. Follow the links below to compare.

    Nobody has ever pulled him up on this deceit. And nobody has pulled Nick Clegg up for also using exactly the same deception. How about it, Rod?

    • Daniel Maris

      And don’t forget Fraser Nelson posted a series of similar dishonest claims (from Twitter) on this wbesite after Lee Rigby’s murder and then closed comments so no one could point out where people were fibbing or at least getting it wrong about what the Koran says.

      • Dogzzz

        The great thing about multiculturalism, is that through it we can learn so much about other cultures and by doing so enrich our own… We can learn so many positive things which help us and help the foriegn culture too. We can learn who are our friends who agree with our national character and judgements and values.

        Importantly, we can see which cultures do not share our values of tolerance and mutual beneficial enhancements.

        We can learn about “taqiyya” or “kitman” and learn whether to trust those who follow an ideology which is monocultural in nature and which permits their followers to lie until they are in a position to convert, enslave or execute non-believers.

        I want a multiculturalism which welcomes other cultures, so long as we BOTH benefit from the exchanges and which protects OUR native culture. There should be no room for any culture which seeks to eradicate or replace our traditional culture and replace it with a foreign monoculture.

  • Raw England

    “The wretched Mehdi Hasan”, LOL. Also I love how the Hasan’s head rather look like an oblong, bendy brown pickle in the accompanying picture.

    The fact that an openly anti-British and nasty old foreigner such as Mehdi is given airspace on our debate programmes is a dire, dire sign of the situation. He is a Muslim who despises England. He despises democracy and he tacitly supports any and all anti-White, Islamist initiative.

    This immigrant deserves absolutely no platform on our tv and media.

    An absolutely foul Islamist.

    • Nick

      He virtually makes me pewk when he appears on the breakfast show ‘Lorraine’.And he reminds me of that other odious untouchable Shami Chakrabatti (if that’s how it’s spelt).

    • Matthew Blott

      He was born here and grew up here so why do you say he’s a foreigner and an immigrant?

      • telemackus

        I assume you were born here and grew up here but I find your views foreign and alien. If I want to read the comments of idiots I tend to nip over to the Guardian or the Independent; it unsettles me to read them on this blog for intelligent people.

        • Matthew Blott

          I point out the absurdity and basic factual errors of the bigotry posted by someone called “Raw England” and your response is to call me an idiot. Since everyone disagrees with me and agrees with you your statement that this is a blog for intelligent people is an oxymoron. And you are just a moron.

          • telemackus

            Sometimes it is better to accept what people may think rather than confirm it yourself.

      • Dogzzz

        Is Mehdi most loyal to Britain or to the ‘nation of Islam’?

        It is a fair question.

        • Matthew Blott

          Any Christian would say their devotion is to Jesus first.

          • Sue Ward

            But Jesus instructed his followers to “render unto caesar that which is caesars” i.e. to live according to the laws of the land you live in. Christianity does not set its followers at odds with the culture and society in which they live in. Unlike the ROP.

    • Doctor Mick

      He may despise England and democracy but, who knows, one day his son might become leader of the Labour Party.

  • Bonkim

    The only objective of this article appears to be to spew out personal bile against this journalist and Islam. The responses appear to be as moronic as the article – I have nothing against or for any religion and wasting time like this belittles the more intelligent readers, only raising temperature of those less endowed. Didn’t realise Spectator readers were so shallow – much like those who read the Daily Mail.

    • Mark Cooper

      Personal bile? This is what blogs are for. It’s not a formal piece of journalism; Rod writes rather good examples of those in the magazine. Blogs are for quips, tossed off opinions and sticking it to pr1cks like Hassan who deserve a shoeing.

      I have to query your judgement about religion. You say you are equally disinterested with regard to all religions, which does not reflect well on your discernment. Myself I would differentiate between say Islam (been going downhill intellectually for 800 years, oppresses women worldwide, leads to sadistic mania etc) with … I don’t know … Zoroastrianism (only a handful of harmless adherents, doesn’t cause any bother etc…).

      • crosscop

        Islam is actually the reason there are only a handful of Zoroasterians left…

        • Bonkim

          Yes – Zoroashtrians moved out of Iran centuries ago because of Islamic persecution – and there are many in countries such as India, the US and Britain. You can say the same thing about forced conversions in Scandinavia a thousand years back – the population was Pagan prior to the Rulers adopting Christianity and forcing their populations to convert to the new European religion within the Holy Roman Empire.

          Both Christianity and Islam are conversion religions – actively, sometimes forcibly propagated across the Globe.

      • Bonkim

        Hello Mark – noted your view on comments and I suppose everyone has a right to express them. Equally everyone should not jump and use bad language if someone else’s do not concur with their own take.

        Regards religions – to repeat past comments – every believer thinks/believes his/hers is the bees knees and all others disciples of the devil. That goes for the pacifists (give him the other cheek or Buddhists, etc who have also carried out war-crimes although not accepting their culpability) but also the nutters who shout death to all non-believers. Now I have used the term nutters which I should not as in my view anyone that has a belief in a supernatural god is a nutter – I might well assume those who believe in a man-created concept of God lacks discernment without trying to value-judge between the nutter who shouts death to all or the pacifist who in your words is harmless/non-violent.

        Regrettably that is what beliefs and one’s right to a faith or opinion and freedom to express them lead to – tolerating but not necessarily agreeing or respecting views or people that are different from yours.

        Trust that is helpful – and thanks – your comments were fairly straight and honest even if I have not accepted them in full.

    • Colonel Mustard

      But you too are here reading and spewing. A superior entity such as yourself could always go away and engage in more useful activities elsewhere

      • Bonkim

        Thanks – agree somewhat with your logic.

    • Mo Khan

      well said

    • Nick

      So in other words,you don’t like people having a differing point of view.
      You wouldn’t understand the concept of being British if it slapped you in the face.

      • Bonkim

        We live in a plural society – I have no problem with you having your views – did I comment on them? There are huge differences in the concept of being British and they differ from generation, class and the region you are from. Not sure if someone from the 1940s or 50s reading some of the articles on he newspaper and language on this blog would call the originators enlightened British. Culture changes with time and level of exposure. You don’t become British running down someone else, but by being original and innovative in your thought and action. Most of the comments here appear to be second rate, personal bile with no substance and un-British.

        • Nick

          ‘A society in which several ethnic groupings coexist,each living in communities or regions variously separate from the others’.=A plural society.
          Yes that is all very well when the ethnic groups integrate as well as coexist with people outside of their ethnic group.
          The problems arise when ethnic groups create countries within a country,disregard UK laws and impose their own i.e.sharia law……and fail to integrate……And blow up buses……and trains……and people…….and cut their heads off…….and refuse to speak English…….and insult us……and wear burqas……and expect across the board preferential treatment……and expect UK passports……..and want to change our way of life to an Asian/muslim way of life………Shall I go on?
          These are examples of being un-British.
          With regards to your comment asking if you commented about my post……….This is a public forum so I’ll reply to any post I like….When I like……And how I like.
          That’s an example of being British.

          • Bonkim

            `No problem Nick – free speech is important for us all – I am not going to be an apologist for Islam or any other religion/ethnic identity.

            Yes there are those in Britain that are un-British in the widest sense of the term but don’t see Sharia is being forced on any or that all Muslims are bent on destroying Britain. I may not be familiar with the situation in the major cities as I live outside cities.

            If you go back into history, there were people in Britain That collectively lived, worshipped, and lived in self imposed segregated life, If you go to various countries where Brits have gone to live, you will find similar voluntary apartheid, inward looking groups with their own lifestyle that contrasts with the majority around.

            Also through history, major British cities had foreign groups that were at once ostracised by the majority community and developed their own mechanisms for separate living. Immigrants from various parts of the world had gone through inner City London or Manchester, each being persecuted in their turn and subsequently joining mainstream. Same with the huge divisions in class and region that have now fused into the greater British main-stream.

            Britain has never been a pure-breed society such as Germany (as they would to believe) or some other where tribe, ethnicity or religion were the main determinants of nationhood. Britain and the British until just after WW2 had a worldwide Empire and most understood that to mean leadership and innovation, adaptation and change continuously. That is the fundamental reason britain succeeded – more by force of reason – not narrow nationalistic or tribal affiliation.

            It is always disconcerting when others do not adopt your view of what British or civilized mean – the law of the land hopefully will keep an eye on any illegal acts or intimidation where they occur. Then again major British cities always had their slum districts, gangs, criminals, and low life and people avoided those locations.

            the real strength of a society is to convince all that they gain from adopting the underlying ethos and cultural values and win over rather than persecute and make them go deepen in their shells. One must however recognize that ethos and values change with time and many Brits from the early 20th century would have sound life here not same as they experienced, and today’s Britain would be a strange land to those living here pre-WW2 – and not just because of the presence of the new British from other continents.

            • Nick

              I agree largely with what you say.But Bonkim,it works both ways.Or it should do.
              Unfortunately,there are too many foreigners/so called Brits who are here to change the British way of life and to destroy British people………Especially the British white people.
              To those people,integration is irrelevant and a weakness.
              I’ve made this point many times on this site….Multiculturalism is old hat in the the UK.We’ve been multicultural for several thousand years and I have no problem with that.I like it.
              But the problem we have now is the destructive nature of Islam and the destructive people that go with it.
              Islam is just too destructive……And I don’t want it in my country.Hence the attitude that I display.

              • Bonkim

                I am sure you are not the only one. Interactions always change society and if there are aspects of change that some don’t like there are political processes to influence such change. I don’t make my views on Islam or other religions secret, equally tarring everyone with the same brush is not the done thing.

                Calling a culture ‘white’ or ‘black’ misses the point that there are more similarities between people of different cultures beneath the veneer. British society is/was a highly individual society and the language and cultural norms attributed were those of the upper classes and there were many variations there too.

                Some of these sentiments are the same as that of crime – it is fear of crime rather than any real danger to most people.

                British society/politics is changing as across the globe, more changes due to faster communication, and travel than interactions with people. Changes too in rural areas as people are constantly moving and the old certainties are no more – the idyll of the village post office or the country Pub with regulars congregating is getting thin.

                Most youngsters spend time glued to their screens and family life is also not what it used to be 10/20/30 years back. Church attendance practically non-existent, even the 2 parent and children family of the 1950s/70s is disappearing with huge increase in single parent households. Good manners appear to have gone along with common courtesy. Youngsters are growing up with flawed language and reasoning skills, and dependent mindsets in contrast to the Britain of a few decades back.

                Difficult therefore to decide which British values/culture one wants to espouse.

                • Nick

                  Bonkim I did reply to this post but it has not shown up.So in a nutshell,I espouse those British values/culture before the days of a left wing government that allowed the Asian/muslim creeping invasion.

  • Pootles

    What more can be said, other than ‘Fuc* Of* Mehdi’.

  • Bonkim

    Personal bile.

    • rodliddle

      Yes, and your point, you half-wit?

      • Bonkim

        silly fellow – didn’t your mum teach you not to be rude – you idiot!

        • Ricky Strong

          Well that’s an oxymoronic statement if I ever saw one.

          • Bonkim

            no one asked you to to comment – comment on the report – not on others – assuming you have any intellect.

            • Austin Barry

              At least he knows how to start a sentence with a capital letter.

              • Bonkim

                Give him an A for that but not much else..

      • Icebow

        Perhaps ‘half-‘ is a little generous in this case (I recall certain posts elsewhere).

        • Bonkim

          just because it is beyond your comprehension.

          • Austin Barry

            ” just because it is beyond your comprehension “.

            Bit corny, Bonkim.

            There’s always a moment in films about deranged megalomaniacs when their world-domination project is presented to the good guys with exactly those words.

            Must try harder.

            • Bonkim

              Can’t see any good guys around, only silly fellows..

              • Colonel Mustard

                Define “good”. Define “silly”.

                • Bonkim

                  only the one receiving it will give a value of the terms.

          • Icebow

            Saw right through me. My brain’s so simple, even I understand how it works. Oh, hang on —

      • telemackus

        Wrong adjective to describe this troll Rod. You meant to say fuck-wit.

    • Daniel Maris

      I agree Bonkim – it’s disgusting to refer to fellow human beings as “cattle”.

    • zanzamander

      Bonkim:Personal bile.

      No, I think what Mohammad spewed against the Jews, Christians, idolaters and other sundry folk that saw him for what he was (a warlord, amongst “other” things) is what you might call bile.

      Rod is just quoting the said bile and hence the quotation marks.

  • Nick

    When I look at Hasan,I see someone that I don’t want to see.I see someone that scares me.
    For he is not the nutjob screaming muslim type that we see so often in demonstrations in London for example.
    No,he is from creeping asian/muslim invasion brigade.The sort that wins dumb dumbs over with his ‘I’m ever such a nice muslim’……….but I will take over your country technique.
    Why oh why are our politicians taken in by his sort?

    • Matthew Blott

      Yeah I know what you mean. He looks kinda dirty with that $hitty brown skin euugghhhhh!!!

      • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

        When stuck for a response play the race card.
        I assume you are being ironic.

        Islam is dangerous and inimical to a permissive free reasonably tolerant society. Many arguments are presented here on the spectator blog demonstrating why.
        Mostly naive idealistic trendies with horrible white skins will not appreciate them

        A major question is how far the intolerant should be tolerated.

      • Nick

        Matthew I have no problem with the colour of his skin.I just have a problem with him,his religion,his creeping invasion tactics and our politicians for allowing his kind to flourish.
        Islam is incompatible with western society and Hasan’s type know it.But they get away with it because our so called leaders are just plain stupid and too scared to really address the problem.
        But the colour of his skin doesn’t bother me.

        • Matthew Blott

          Glad to hear, perhaps you should choose your language a bit more carefully since you said “creeping asian/muslim invasion brigade”.

          • Nick

            That’s correct but I made no reference to skin colour.I have no problem with skin colour,it’s what’s inside of it that counts.

          • Dogzzz

            Mathew, whilst you may have a point when referring to that specific wording, I wonder what you think of a culture which wants to slowly increase in numbers over decades, until it is a majority and then take over and destroy all other cultures, including the, (if you’ll forgive the expression), “host” culture, which has welcomed them and pandered to them and protected them from bigotry and hatred? Leaving behind only a narrow totalitarian monoculture dedicated to one form of Islamic Ideology?

            Are you in favour of such a monoculture?

            If not, how do you suppose we address the real threat that the followers of some parts of Islam (clearly not all parts) pose in their dedication to ensuring such a monocultural outcome?

            Or do you deny that there are Islamic extremists preaching an end to British home rule in favour of Sharia and a stricte and extreme form of Islamic Britain

            I can point you in the direction of videos and documents which do prove that such ideology exists and is growing and to the demographic trends which point to Islam growing to a point where such a future is possible.

          • Steve

            Matthew can i suggest you read more carefully and only offer comment on what someone has actually said when being critical, otherwise it looks like you’ve got a pre conceived notion in your head and you unfairly libel someone with this as it fits your world view. I think that’s called prejudice.

      • Keith D

        What a bankrupt comment.Typical brainwashed leftie as soon as Islam comes up cry racist.Its not a race,genius.

      • Colonel Mustard

        I think essential character is revealed in the face whatever colour it is. Look at Alistair Campbell.

    • sarah_13

      It isn’t particularly that politicians are taken in by his arguments, it’s the public. He got tremendous applause from the question time audience. It is their desperate desire that Ms Hasan wants the best for all and that his values are the same as theirs, a sort of appeasement so they don’t have to deal with the difficult questions of values conflicts. We need articulate advocates of liberal values, opposing at every opportunity Mr Hasan’s fallacious and hypocritical arguments. Unfortunately it is rare that we hear from any with the intellectual strength, appeal and gravitas to persuade the public. Unfortunately after the infantile error of the mail and their indulgent headline about Ralph Miliband,p their exposure of Mr Hasan’s hypocrisy may not be given credence, which is a shame.

      • tigerlily

        That was a weird audience. It was like they were hand picked for their ability to find MH hilarious.

        • sarah_13

          I know what you mean it did seem that way, but I’m not entirely sure they were engineered in that way. It is worrying but I think it is a sort of Stockholm syndrome, people don’t know how to approach this mix of politics and religion that has emerged in the west over the last decades, it frightens them I think and they just want Mr Hasan to explain it a way, make it alright. He can’t of course because it is a problem, but he is quite happy he gets his strength of conviction from his religion and the koran but it’s the audience who have a problem, they don’t actually know what their values are except to be left alone by nasty realities and to get on with life. And as we know, that freedom, is the end result of violent battles, certainly not of appeasement and easy answers to dangerous, complex and sensitive realities.

          • Steve

            I think one of the root causes of this ‘not knowing what their values are’ is the current pc climate of fear in which ‘heresy’ is dealt with severely. People are scared to voice their opinions and act and speak in a way they think is required of them.

        • John Matthews

          Easily picked. Just ship in half of Bradford or Tower Hamlets and you have a ready-made supportive audience. Or maybe just pick any audience who finds Galloway equally entertaining and ‘well balanced’.

      • Cornelius Bonkers

        You mean Question Time-style audiences are delusional? Like many of our population they lack the courage to fight to hold on to what we still have in the way of Enlightenement – secularism, free speech etc. Oh, and as for the Miliband affair; I’m no DailyMailer, but it’s all true about Milipede’s old man. Ralph Milipede was as close any major theorist with a British passport came to being a Stalinist…he was a Marxist Rabbi who, like any regular Rabbi, looked inward to his own “chosen people” at the expense of everybody else…i.e., US.

        • Cornelius Bonkers


      • Toby Maxtone-Smith

        The problem is that people are still so desperate to think well of Islam. People like to hear ‘nice’ things, and so are sadly much more likely to applaud someone yelling ‘Islam is a wonderful religion of tolerance and peace’ rather than someone saying it as it is.

    • Mo Khan

      Nick you are a man of hatred and are following the path of the nazis. I am more british then you ever will be. now run along and play with your toys.

      • Nick

        Did it take you a long time to think up such an in depth reply?

  • NedMissingTeeth

    Medhi Hasan ate my babies. MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES!

  • Kennybhoy

    Maister L wrote:

    “… you yourself haven’t also had the opportunity to ROTFLMAO.”

    I think you mean ROTFLYAO here. 🙂

    • Daniel Maris

      Isn’t it ROTFLMFAO and by extension ROTFLYFAO. There’s a popular music combo called LMFAO, m’lud.

      • Kennybhoy

        The F is optional Maister M. Although I must admit to some surprise that oor Rod opted for the polite version! I seem to recall being chastised for using the acronym back on the old Wall! 🙂

  • darwins beard

    No principle sacred enough not to shelve if inconvenient for extra cash it would seem, the man is a joke.

    • Shazza

      No he is not a joke. The joke is on us the ‘cattle’ for allowing this most evil of all ideologies to put down such substantial and spreading roots in the civilised west.