Mehdi Hasan: Please, please, please can I work for the Daily Mail!

4 October 2013

5:51 PM

4 October 2013

5:51 PM

Observe (above) one Mehdi Hasan in full flow on last night’s Question Time. Then look at the tweets below from the Mail’s Tim Shipman. Try not to cackle; it’s rude.










PS: Hasan was asking to write columns for the Daily Mail – here’s what the paper has to say about it:


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  • Al

    Liar. Liar. Liar. ….hypocrite…..and a liar

  • tigerlily

    MH is hilarious (unintentionally of course). Completely pythonesque but scary too because so many people accept his absurd stance as a liberal. Not least his past and present employers the New Stateman and Huffington Post, and the BBC

  • PaderB

    I do wish that they would lock Hasan, Will Self and Owen Jones in a small room and let them spout their silly rhetoric at one another until they all cry to be let out.

  • Nick

    Mehdi Hasan=Slime.

  • Daidragon

    Publishing private correspondence. Makes you wonder how much further into the gutter the Daily Heil can descend.

    • Harrison Einhorn

      Puting frauds like Hasan is a noble public service Mr. “Daidragon.”

  • crosscop

    I still wonder how Hasan got this lying Muslim propaganda published by the Telegraph after Lee Rigby’s murder –

    He got clean away with doctoring Surra 5:32 ( which actually justifies the murder) to deceitfully make it look like Islam condemns such murders. He also failed to mention the very next verse (5:33) which not only justifies the murder but justifies crucifixion and mutilation as well! No comments were allowed, of course – and nobody has ever pulled him up on this deliberate and quite blatant deceit.

    When is somebody going to publicly rip into this odious man over his “kuffar” speech and his lies? Over to you, Tim Shipman.

  • Petra Thompson

    99.5% of British muslims are openly anti-gay. Oxbridge socialist and political editor of left-wing rag has no problem supporting homophobic Tories.

    When it comes into prying into other people’s bedrooms, looks like Mehdi Hasan is more right-wing than many of the Tory party.

    I have to wonder: if the media stopped their blanket of silence about the existence of the policies of the tyrannical, anti-democracy, pro-apartheid, pro-slavery, pro-gay killing HIzb ut Tahrir, would Mehdi Hasan break cover and defend them too?

  • Maverick Ways
  • Swiss Bob

    See the full horror:

    Dear Mr Dacre,

    My name is Mehdi Hasan and I’m the New Statesman’s senior political editor. My good friend Peter Oborne suggested I drop you a line as I’m very keen to write for the Daily Mail.

    Although I am on the left of the political spectrum, and disagree with the Mail’s editorial line on a range of issues, I have always admired the paper’s passion, rigour, boldness and, of course, news values. I believe the Mail has a vitally important role to play in the national debate, and I admire your relentless focus on the need for integrity and morality in public life, and your outspoken defence of faith, and Christian culture, in the face of attacks from militant atheists and secularists. I also believe – as does Peter – that I could be a fresh and passionate, not to mention polemical and contrarian, voice on the comment and feature pages of your award-winning newspaper.

    For the record, I am not a Labour tribalist and am often ultra-critical of the left – especially on social and moral issues, where my fellow leftists and liberals have lost touch with their own traditions and with the great British public. In my column in this week’s issue of the New Statesman, for example, I offered a critique of the five Labour leadership candidates, and their various inadequacies, accusing them all of lacking what George Bush Snr once called “the vision thing”.

    I could therefore write pieces for the Mail critical of Labour and the left, from “inside” Labour and the left (as the senior political editor at the New Statesman).

    I am also attracted by the Mail’s social conservatism on issues like marriage, the family, abortion and teenage pregnancies. I’d like to write a piece for the Mailmaking the left-wing case against abortion, or a piece on why marriage should be a Labour value, and not just a Conservative one. My own unabashed social conservatism on such issues derives from my Islamic faith. But as a British Muslim, I have also upset some of my more hardline co-religionists in the past by arguing, in print, for a change in Islam’s draconian apostasy laws to allow Muslims to convert to other faiths (like Christianity). Here is a New Statesman column I wrote on the subject in April.

    In addition, I wrote a column last year condemning suicide bombings, from an Islamic and moral perspective, in which I also castigated Muslims for failing to unequivocally condemn such acts of terror wherever in the world they occur.

    And, earlier this year, I wrote a piece for the Guardian belittling Muslim extremist Anjum Choudary and his crude, headline-grabbing attempt to carry “coffins” through Wootton Bassett.

    A bit of background: I am 31, and was born and brought up in the United Kingdom, the son of Indian immigrants (an engineer and a doctor) who came here in the 1960s. I am an Oxford graduate. Prior to joining the New Statesman in June 2009, I spent a decade working in television as a news-and-current-affairs producer at ITN, the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4.

    I do hope you’ll consider me for future columns and features in the Daily Mail on political, social, moral and/or religious issues. I believe you once told sports columnist Des Kelly that he should “make them laugh, make them cry, or make them angry”. That’s something I believe I could do for you, and for your readers, on the pages of the Mail.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    Mehdi Hasan

    Senior Editor (Politics)

    New Statesman

    • Kennybhoy

      ” My good friend Peter Oborne…”

      Birds of a feather indeed!

  • Doug Key

    So what? This is just silly tit-for-tat nonsense. None of us are beyond a bit of double standards when bidding for work. Columnists and reporters more than most (except perhaps politicians and estate agents). Private Eye has printed this kind of contradictory media stuff for years. It is not new and actually, in this case, not that interesting. It does not change what the Mail has done and it does not change the debate about press behaviour. I doubt that Steerpike would pass the “integrity in all things at all times” or the “consistency in writing” tests. Frankly, I for one, would hope that he doesn’t as then he would be more rounded character.

    This article looks petty and puts off the general public who already see the media as being self-centred and self-obsessed. And that applies not just to the Daily Mail, but the Guardian, the BBC and the Spectator as well

    • Colonel Mustard

      You have canvassed the “general public” on this have you? Could you point me to the results of your comprehensive polling, thanks.

      • Doug Key

        I expect my canvassing is no less or greater than than that of the Mail or anyone else on that matter. I sure YouGov will have the poll shortly.

        • Colonel Mustard

          In the meantime I suggest you keep your BS to yourself and don’t presume to speak on behalf of the “general public” when you mean yourself only.

          • Doug Key

            You can suggest whatever you want. But I am unlikely to take anything that you say or suggest seriously when you hide behind a pseudonym. I can see you have your own point of view but just stick it in your mustard pot I am not interested. I will speak on behalf of anyone I want to and I will spread my BS as far as you seem to spread yours.

            • PaderB

              “So what? This is just silly tit-for-tat nonsense.”

              Mr Key, pray tell me why the words hoisted and petard come to mind?

    • Martin Jennerson

      What has the Daily Mail done? Labelled a British Marxist as lacking in patriotism? Tomorrow they’re going to call the Pope a Catholic, shocking isn’t it?

  • Tim Reed

    The whole grovelling letter is posted over at Guido’s. Enjoy…

  • Jake Nicholson

    I’m interested to know, which one of the points he made on QT last night is no longer valid because of this revelation?

    • telemackus

      All of them. Who are these numpties defending the infidel and British hating Hasan? Why do the left hate Britain anyway? After all, we pay their welfare bills.

      • Matthew Blott

        Who is an infidel?

      • Jake Nicholson

        I think you may be a bit simple.

        • real_telemachus

          I liked you in your early films but think you lost it after you played the Joker and made all that money. Strange that you have reinvented yourself as a lefty troll.

  • Kevin T

    Next week is going to be fun. Alastair Campbell’s dirty laundry getting a good public airing. We’ll see what the man who decries smears on innocent people is really made of. Get the popcorn.

    • telemachus

      Campbell is a winner
      Not wise to cross this master of the media

      • Tim Reed

        The Krays were ‘winners’ too, in a similar fashion.

      • telemackus

        Campbell is responsible for more deaths than Burnham. Liars both of them and now joined by the egregious hypocrite and doyen of the left Hassan. We progressive national socialists should purge our glorious party of all liars and hypocrites – there would only be three of us left but enough to start again.

        • Wessex Man

          I can’t believe that TWO people have ticked up “telemackus” reply to telemachus, are there two people out there new to these pages who don’t realise they are both the same halfwitted fool thinking himself clever?

          • telemachus

            Leave your stupid doppelgänger ripostes to stand on their own

            • telemackus

              Stay away from replies to me you strange, deranged fool.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Yes, we know your views on “winning” and that anything is justified in order to win.

        • telemachus

          Only if the end or the cause are just

          • Colonel Mustard

            By your definition of “just” which incorporates the concept of gulags and a bullet in the back of the head for those who do not conform to your soviet orthodoxy. Dark it is when people like you talk of being “just”, gimlet eyed and thin-lipped like Himmler.

            • telemachus

              I read so little on this site that is just and fair to the poor folk
              Resort to the gulag is only necessary when the former oppressors try to re-oppress

              • Colonel Mustard

                You are simply disgusting.

          • HJ777

            The end justifies the means, in other words.

            Eric Hobsbawm fan, are we?

      • Graeme S

        Campbell is an oxygen thief ……… a crook, and an idiot

  • Matthew Blott

    As much as this will no doubt go down well with those that hate Mehdi Hasan, this is a pretty stupid thing of the Daily Mail to do. What journalist is going to trust them now if they know private letters are going to be made public the first time they say something the paper disagrees with?

    • telemackus

      Strange defence of a lying hypocrite. If he had been of the right would you have made the same point? I think not.

      • Matthew Blott

        Perhaps you didn’t read what I said properly but I wasn’t defending anyone.

  • Martin Jennerson

    Hasan so hates Britain that he clearly was only doing this so he could act as a trojan horse at the mail.

  • Austin Barry


    The preposterous Mehdi is busted and will be angered by those he scorns as infidel “cattle” laughing at his rampant, galloping hypocrisy.

    He will, though, probably ascribe it to Islamophobia with racist overtones, and his mood will improve immeasurably.

    • Daniel Maris

      I am may be only an ignorant member of the cattle herd but I think we should milk this one for all its worth.

      • Kennybhoy

        Oh yes! 🙂

  • FreyaB

    I’m teased by the cognitive block which underlies Hasan’s apparent amnesia about his slavering over the Daily Mail in 2010 and the proof we now have that he’s a card holding hypocrite who tells people what he thinks they want to hear. Has he really forgotten what he said then or is it all about appearing to be one of the good guys (emphasis on ‘appearing’ – we should know by now that he isn’t).

    Would you buy a used car from him? I certainly wouldn’t

    • Colonel Mustard

      He doesn’t just tell people what they want to hear he rouses rabbles does Mr Hasan.

  • Tron

    What are the chances Dimbleby reads this out-
    Mehdi Hasan told Paul Dacre: ‘I admire your relentless focus on the need for integrity and morality in public life.’ – Gizza job !

    the next time MH is on BBCQT?

    • Daniel Maris

      Dimbelby might as well be steeped in embalming fluid for all the life he brings to the programme.

  • sarahsmith232

    a first generation that can’t come to terms with our liberal society. this Hasan should be held up every time as evidence that we have to stop letting them in, they can’t integrate. he’s about liberal a first gen’ as you’re going to get but they can’t do it. homosexuality being the big one, he’s v.anti it, he just can’t make the leap after growing up in a closed Islamic community. if even he can’t then who would, none basically.

    • David Lindsay

      You are on the wrong site here. Actually, his views correspond very closely to those of many Speccie readers. And, indeed, Mail readers.

      • Martin Jennerson


      • Colonel Mustard


        • David Lindsay

          Really? He wrote a very strong article against abortion in the New Statesman a few months ago, for a start. He holds the kind of Old Labour social views that used mainly to be associated with Methodists and Catholics, and which still are mainly associated with the latter. He is even in the temperance tradition of Old Labour Methodism. And he is 33, born while Thatcher was Prime Minister.

          • Colonel Mustard

            Yes really. When you have polled every Speccie reader and every Mail reader on their views about this and the other items in your criteria you might have an argument. Until then it is just stereotyping and speculation. I doubt there is any such thing as a “Speccie reader” or a “Mail reader” in terms of pigeon holing them. After all you are here “reading” are you not? And I doubt you and I tick the same values and belief boxes.

          • Wessex Man

            you truly need to get out more.

  • Angry Harry

    In a nutshell, a typical Leftist male with no integrity.

    • AndyB

      You saved me, and many others the few digits. My only (minor) grump is the gender emphasis… you know what I mean.

      • Angry Harry

        I take your point, but in my opinion the Leftist men are far worse than the women in that they support feminist policies that they would hate to be applied to themselves or to their loved ones.

        False allegations of “abuse” are a good example of this.

        They support the draconian, thoroughly corrupt justice system when it comes to false allegations against men, but they would be outraged and wailing like babies if they were on the receiving end of them.

        They utterly stink of self-serving hypocrisy in their pathetic attempts to ingratiate themselves to women, and they are quite prepared to inflict gross injustices on to their fellow men in order to do so.

        And, in my view, on this issue, Medhi exhibits the same absolute lack of integrity and the same unmitigated hypocrisy that is typical of the Leftist male; males who very often to be found in academia, politics and the media, rather than just a male who votes Left.

        (As the great Delingpole recently opined – male feminists are the pits – or words to that effect. LOL!)

        • AndyB

          Fair enough, but with respect, the Greater Spotted Delingpole – ask the toadmeister – tends to appear when the weather is forecast to warm…

        • Kearney Zzyzwicz

          Would you relax? They’re just trying to get a lil’ fanny by playing the gentleman. Perhaps you should try it?

    • dazy Juno

      He is anything but a “leftist”. He is an extremely conservative Muslim… or an ‘Islamist’. He has referred to non-Muslims as “animals”. There’s a video on youtube. Just search ‘mehdi hassan animals’.

  • David Lindsay

    We all have to eat.

    An Old Labour social conservative in his thirties (or younger), and there are a lot of us about, ought to have a prominent national platform somewhere on Fleet Street.

    The right-wing papers refer to such a position, in faintly patronising terms, a lot of the time. But they would never give a perch to any of its many voices, most of whom are under 45, often well under 45. Would you like at least a partial list of names?

    • anyfool

      Even for you this is the depths of cant.
      So it is alright for the Left to prostitute themselves for money, so now we know you are not writing from a moral point, like most on the left money is what you believe is an inherent right for yourselves, greed for anyone else.

      • David Lindsay

        Better out than in, luv?

    • Kennybhoy

      With yourself at the top of it? Remind me. How long did you last at The Telegraph Young Maister? 🙂

      • David Lindsay

        I’d be nowhere near the top of it.

        And that little stint is a positive qualification…

        • telemackus

          If you had the talent of little Owen, and the front of nasty Hasan, you would still be a useless waste of space, again.

  • Ricky Strong

    I used to despise him, now I just pity him.

    • anyfool

      No, you were right first time, now you understand him.

      • The Patriot

        Agreed, he’s scum…. Some people, especially those who secretly think the indigenous of this country to be ‘cattle’, don’t deserve a right to be heard…