Lib Dem spinner: Damian McBride saved my life

14 October 2013

14 October 2013

Phil Reilly, a Lib Dem spinner, was hit by a car earlier today. He says that a hardback copy of Power Trip by Damian McBride, contained in a bag slung over his shoulder, took the brunt of the impact. ‘It’s possible a copy of @DPMcBride’s book saved my life,’ he tweeted.

Readers will recall that Telegraph hack Matthew Holehouse survived being hit by a car last month when he ran across a road in Brighton to witness copies of McBride’s book being sold.

Mr Steerpike recommends that Damian McBride fronts a road safety campaign.

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  • mightymark

    I was at school with someone who is now a well known and much derided politician who put out his hand to save me from a potentially lethal fall on a geography field trip. Luckily I think the derision is unfair so I am not morally conflicted!

    Can’t say the same for my mercifully brief dealings years later with the dreadful McBride and I doubt if I’d have had much conflict even if he had done anything to help. I’m waiting for the book to remainder – which can’t be long!

    P.S. McBride’s relations with Department of Transport officials are so bad that I’d give Jeremy Clarkson a better chance of fronting a road safety campaign.

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