Feeding the Feds

28 October 2013

12:21 PM

28 October 2013

12:21 PM

‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello. What’s all this, then? The Police Federation has been trying to distance itself from the three coppers who who were hauled before Parliament last week to explain why the secret recording of their meeting with former chief whip Andrew Mitchell bore little relation to their account of events. As PR Week puts it, ‘While the federation has a duty to distribute the officers’ statements, it steered clear of endorsing their contents.’ And, incidentally, beneath the officers’ statement the federation included this line: ‘The federation will not be offering facilities further than the above statement.’

However, I can reveal that Inspector Ken MacKaill, Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton and Sergeant Chris Jones were given some select committee coaching at the federation’s plush headquarters last Tuesday. Sources within the federation seem deeply angered that the troublesome triumvirate has not been cut loose.


The meeting took place at Federation House, the federation’s ‘state of the art club house’ in Leatherhead, Surrey, which boasts a luxury swimming pool and gym. Bars serve ‘a superb collection of wines, malt whiskies and cognacs’. The closest thing that policemen have to a union has the slogan: ‘repose, assimilate, indulge’. They’re certainly indulging.

UPDATE: Federation House is funded by membership fees and supplementary income from a hotel operation, not the taxpayer (as this article originally claimed).

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  • Impartial Spectator

    I very much doubt that the three gentlemen were “indulging” in fine wines or swimming last tuesday. More likely to “indulge” in such activities during the persual of his work would be a certain ex employee of The Spectator whom I recall also wore the PC Pleb T shirt last year. Funnily enough I havent seen him comment recently. Obviously no political gain to be had over Dave.

  • Bob S

    Fed HQ “taxpayer funded”? What a load of rubbish! Check your facts Spectator

  • Penfold

    Just think, if these 3 so-called officers were journalists, the rozzers would have been knocking doors down at 5 in the morning, ripping their properties apart and subjecting them to an intensive interrogation.

    The 3 policemen have committed conspiracy and need to be sacked for gross misconduct and then put on trial.

  • GUBU

    Enough of this nonsense!

    How much more valuable police time is going to be wasted on this? These three officers – and the hundreds of others who have been interviewed in connection with ‘Plebgate’ – could have more profitably spent that time trawling the internet for hurtful comments, or investigating the sexual proclivities of elderly light entertainers.

    Remember, all Mr Mitchell has to offer in his defence is a tape recording of the actual meeting.

    What is that compared to the word of these three upstanding individuals?

    Now, move along everybody. Nothing to see here.

  • Peter Stroud

    The three comedians examined by the Select Committee, were the worst example possible of representatives of any police service. It was clear to all that they were lying through their teeth, and were as slippery as eels. They were also stupid. They would have been more sensible to admit their errors and apologise the Mr Mitchell, and members of the committee.

  • Aaron D Highside

    The police, the NHS, the BBC. Not even Maggie could straighten them.

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    How is it that these corrupt numpties are still in a job? Seems it really will take a generation to cleanse the UK’s Police Forces (sorry, ‘Services’) of Labour’s political placemen…

  • fazerman

    Once it was the criminal “fraternity” that called the cops The Filth. Now it’s the law-abiding middle-classes.

  • Swiss Bob

    And this week we will find out there are to be no prosecutions concerning plebgate, or certainly nothing serious from their fellow traveller Starmer, a few slapped hands, it will be ‘it was nothing political, a personal matter, got out of hand etc etc’

    Trebles (of cognac) and bungs all round for the institutionally corrupt cops who have learnt from their institutionally corrupt masters in Parliament and the people who pay their salaries can go f@ck themselves.