Didn’t the BBC know that Will Straw is a PPC before his dad told them?

29 October 2013

2:42 PM

29 October 2013

2:42 PM

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was on today’s Daily Politics, gushing with pride that his son Will is Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the seat of Rossendale and Darwen in Lancashire. Yet it seems that this piece of dynastic info was news to Auntie. Will Straw was on the BBC News Channel this morning, discussing energy prices, and there was no mention of his being a PPC. The presenter simply said, ‘Will Straw is Associate Director of the centre-left think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research.’

Mr S would have forgiven the presenter had he not asked: ‘the Labour Party is talking about a freeze on energy prices for two years. Would you go along with that?’ Straw is a candidate seeking office under Miliband’s banner; of course he goes along with the price freeze nonsense. But he neglected to mention his candidacy, and gave this reply:

‘I think it is an idea that has really caught the imagination of the public. It is the only policy so far that looks like it can actually put downward pressure on these price increases. And it is now in a sense supported by former Prime Minister Sir John Major because the windfall tax that he proposes is pretty similar to a price freeze.’

Tory chairman Grant Shapps declared open season on the BBC last weekend, and it’s sloppiness like this that riles the blue team.

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  • derekemery

    The UK is at risk from power cuts for at least 6 years because of lack of investment in power generation, complicated by the fact that meeting the base load requirement and filling in the fluctuations in wind power means using fossil fuel based generators which is against EU green directives.
    Energy companies will be forced to buy longer dated futures to cover the 20 month freeze which will be more expensive so prices will rise before the freeze. In addition companies will not want to invest in the UK which will be seen as strongly anti-business. Hence the UK will be more at risk of cuts and for a longer period. Doesn’t this prove that our ex-Spad ministers are clueless about how the real world operates as they have never been there? Is there nobody in Labour who understands balance sheets and profit and loss? I guess not.

  • British_vs_BBC

    The BBC is institutionally corrupt; The TV licence and its fee must be scrapped as soon as possible.
    Long Live Britain.

  • D Bull

    By not mentioning Labour Party affiliation the BBC allows its friends at places such as the Cardiff School of Journalism to claim fewer Labour representatives
    appear on the BBC:

  • fitz fitzgerald

    is this the Straw spawn involved in an alleged drug taking issue some Christmasses ago … or was that another one ? ?

    • upset

      I think it was a drug supplying issue – but as the story came from Piers Morgan I don’t know how much credence to give it.

  • aanpakkuh

    A few other things Beeb never tell during news items related to politics:
    -the bottles of champagne on election night 1997;
    -economics commentator Flanders, who has now left, had affairs with both Eds, i.e. Miliband and Balls;
    -Andrew Marr’s wife is daughter to a Labour grandee;
    -Portes of NIESR was staff economist for senior Labour politicians;
    -Beebers have a final salary pension scheme hence public sector workers should keep theirs;
    -Labour is party that will give – yes give – Beeb a bigger license fee than any of the other political parties.

  • John Smith

    Nepotism is alive & well in the Labour Party. Next up to the plate, Euan Blair

    • fitz fitzgerald

      … Euan “D notice” Blair …

  • ReefKnot

    Of course the BBC know that Straw is a Labour Party candidate. They just don’t want their listeners to know. The BBC want their listeners to be influenced by Straw’s views because that suits their left-wing agenda.

  • Aaron D Highside

    I thought it was just the start of young Straw’s licence fee-payer-funded election campaign; I’m still expecting lots of impartial BBC hosted comment on HS2 or the ‘bedroom tax’ from young Euan Blair.

  • Chris lancashire

    Yet another professional politician parachuted into a Lancashire seat (just like his Dad) with which he has absolutely no connection and which merely provides a convenient seat for his Westminster ambitions. No doubt to be abandoned as soon as it is surplus to requirements (think Mandelson and Hartlepool).
    It’s about time that all MPs were required to spend at least 100 nights p.a. resident in their constituency. That should fix the blighters.

    • Wessex Man

      What gave you the idea that Will Straw is in any way professional, he’s never had a proper job, is that a qualification? He’s had several “useful” thoughts, the one that made me laugh the most was that we should be grateful to and stay in the EU because they have reduced the roaming charges for mobile phones within the EU. I thought mmm, that’s a very good reason to give up our country’s independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JohnFromDon

        Just like the rest of the Labour party !

        • Wessex Man

          Do you really believe that this collective madness is confined to the Labour Party, the loons are across all three main political parties.

          The Monster Raving Loony Party now talk more sense than most of them.

          Don’t believe me check out HookesLaw’s ramblings on these very pages!

  • Dr Talent

    The BBC is so pro left-wing that people just accept it and roll-over.

    Labour never, ever, ever, let a perceived BBC injustice go unchallenged. Similarly every single instance of BBC pro-left wing bias needs to be challenged.

    Unfortunately, that means challenging almost everything the BBC broadcast, which is a huge effort. But then again, the BBC is broadcasting a left-wing worldview on all channels, on all programmes, on all devices, 24 x 7 – and that really can’t be allowed to continue.

    Of course it would take far less effort and resources to challenge the BBC, simply by killing the licence fee. Job done in one.

    • an ex-tory voter

      Sadly the Conservative Party is led by an individual who did not recognise the political imperative of “neutering” the Beeb immediately on gaining office. Either that, or he lacked the backbone and mettle needed to achieve the required castration.
      Whichever it is, by failing to deal forcefully and immediately with the BBC’s lack of impartiality DC had failed his party and country within days of gaining power. With the new licence settlement still being discussed and a recession in play, he had the perfect opportunity to drastically curtail the BBC’s political activities.

      By allowing the BBC to continue acting as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party and the centre left DC had lost the next election before his wife and furniture had even arrived in No 10.

      • mal

        Quite so. And he also failed the country by allowing (not stopping) Clegg to scupper the boundary changes.

      • Dan Tubb

        Indeed, although DC shares the BBC’s values in the most part.

    • Josh Ferguson

      Have you consider, and this is hypothetical because you clearly won’t have, that being ‘left-wing’ is in fact being neutral? Left is the side of equality and cohabitation, right the side of survival of the fittest (unless the unfit happen to be British, in which case we will keep them going because the least fit Brit is better than the spriteliest foreigner) and competition. The left is neutral.

  • JunkkMale

    That astounding uncuriosity and spasmodic, selective Alzheimers pioneered by the BBC top tier working its magic still down throughout editorial then? It must be in their genes (c) Boaden, H.

    • Wessex Man

      and their History Magazine, which is more worrying as the young believe it because it’s written down.

  • tribalterror

    Unlikely this is sloppiness (I suppose for once we should be grateful that at least they mentioned that this is a centre left pressure group) – its also interesting the BBC never mention the nepotism that lurks at the heart of the labour party

  • Reconstruct

    Yes but it’s not ‘sloppiness’ is it?

  • keith

    would anyone expect anything else from the BBC, I’m sure it was just a blip in there scrupulous impartiality. Tony Hall will get one of his new boys like James Purnell to ensure even handedness

  • startledcod

    Whomever was asking the questions on Today should have jumped on the sentence ‘And it is now in a sense supported by former Prime Minister Sir John Major because the windfall tax that he proposes is pretty similar to a price freeze.’ by asking in what possible way are the two things even vaguely associated let alone ‘pretty similar’?