Boom turns to bust for Gay Hussar

25 October 2013

25 October 2013

Is it the end of another yet another political eatery? Tory favourites Shepherd’s, the Atrium and St Stephen’s Club in Westminster have shut up shop. Now the Gay Hussar, a famous Labour hangout in Soho, is up for auction. Not even the ample appetite of Charles Clarke, a regular, could keep the place afloat.

The Hussar was the scene of much plotting over the years, and it is decorated with cartoons of Labour figures. As former Tribune editor Mark Seddon recommends: ‘How about a diners’ co-op?’

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  • Benjamin Nunn

    I have a petition to save the Hussar – once lost, history like this cannot be reclaimed

  • Jonny Castro

    I concur food was very poor (my granny was Hungarian so remember fondly her wonderful cooking).

    • Jambo25

      I had a look at the web site Jonny. The food looked good. Lunch looks like very good value. Wine prices look pretty extortionate. I believe it’s one of the places Raymond Blanc goes to eat. Bon appetit.

      • Jambo25

        Sorry Jonny, that was meant to refer to the Artichoke.

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Sad – the Fish was always good there I seem to remember.
    Seems like the only place now left for Politico’s to gather for ‘wining and dining’ is The Blue Boar Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel in St. James’ Park. Other than that, it’s all down to ‘Billy Bunter’s 24/7 Tea Stall’ on the Whitechapel Road…

  • Andy

    Food was rubbish. So no great loss.

  • Iain Hill

    Great atmosphere, but actually the food was never more than moderate. All a bit Pre Conran.

    • Roger Hudson

      Surely all Hungarian food is pre-Conran.

  • Jambo25

    My son had a meal there about a year ago . he wasn’t all that impressed with the food in comparison to a lot of places in Edinburgh.

    • Iain Hill

      Or Glasgow. We have some stunning eateries!

      • Jambo25

        Not eaten through there for a while but I’ve always liked Stravaigin, Amber Regent and the last Glasgow blow out, I had, which was the Hotel du Vin place at Devonshire Gardens. Very good indeed if a bit pricey. Better than the normal Hotel du Vin chain which are pretty good to start with.

        I did eat at the Gay Hussar but that was back in the 60s. I always classed it along with the other couple of London restaurants I used to eat in back then. Since I lived up in Highbury they were in Camden Passage. Frederick’s, Portofino and the other one run by the guy who was also a food journalist. I think it was Robert Carrier. They seemed impossibly posh and sophisticated then. I wonder what I’d think of them now.

        For what it’s worth my son reckons that the best restaurant he’s eaten in down near where he now lives in the south of England is the Artichoke at Amersham. I might go for a meal there, with my wife, next time I’m down there. Anybody eaten there and got views?

        • Jonny Castro

          I live in Chesham nearby so will book a table and let you know.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    A gay bar if I ever saw one.

    • Iain Hill

      What kind of standards do you have?

      • Toby Esterházy

        Ignore him. He is just trolling from Japan.

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