Alastair Campbell, moral arbiter? Pull the other one.

4 October 2013

12:58 PM

4 October 2013

12:58 PM

Has there been a more emetic sight than Alastair Campbell touring the radio and TV studios lecturing the world on moral probity? I can’t think of one, offhand. The BBC, an institution he once tried to destroy, if you recall, is more than happy to shove him on air whensoever he feels like it. I assume that this is because, like Campbell, they are intent on turning the Daily Mail-Miliband farrago into a post-Leveson issue about the nature of journalism. As some of us said at the time of Leveson, the metro-liberal left does not really give a toss about intrusion into the lives of drug-addled slebs. It wishes instead to stop newspapers saying stuff with which they fervently disagree. David Sillitoe’s piece for the BBC last night confirmed this; and if the BBC can make use of Alastair Campbell for this purpose, then so be it.

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  • Sarah Heyes

    agree with above! not a Spectator fan but Campbell is revolting.-keep s name dropping ‘Tony’ at every opportunity- a member of the Independent darts team and BHF cycling charity.New hearts for Iraq needed….Catch 22 is: Campbell ain’t self aware enough to acknowledge any of this.Writes books about his alcoholism-if it had of finished him-Blair would have had to find another stooge…. Comedy material…..!

  • Daniel Maris

    There are no flies on Alistair. Even flies have standards.

  • willshome

    A wonderful barometer of the stupidity of a right-wing newspaper: ceding the moral high ground to Alastair Campbell. I foresee “Change” in the editor’s office.

  • mikewaller

    Whatever the rights or wrongs of Campbell’s involvement, Liddle’s piece is just another case of a journalist not being prepared to face up to the central issue. Most people who have any formal training in debate know that ad hominem attacks are both bad form and usually the hallmark of a weak argument. In a political context they can be justified on the grounds that character is as important as policy but they are nonetheless pretty distasteful . However, even there, what might be termed ad pater attacks merely serve to reflect the moral bankruptcy of the attacker. As in this instance RL seems to prefer to attack a contributor to the debate rather than face up to what lowlifes journalists are, it seems to me that he, too, is somewhat short of funds in the morality department.

    • rubyduck

      I think formal training in debate is intended to ensure that debates are carried out in a fair and reasonable fashion in order to achieve a reliable result.

      What’s that got to do with Alistair Campbell?

  • Baron

    What was wrong with Baron’s posting? It was factually correct.

  • Bonkim

    I am almost beginning to like Alastair Campbell.

    • rubyduck

      I quite fancy him.

      Wouldn’t give him a job, though.

  • Martin Jennerson

    Send this disgusting rat to the Hague:

    All the more deserving after his pathetic campaign to gain pity because he feels “depessed” and has a shandy every now and again. He’s such a genuinely disgusting human being.

    • FrenchNewsonlin
      • Martin Jennerson


        Yes seen it, look at the number of sigs. What’s wrong with people in this country.

    • Sanctimony

      Campbell… the drunken pornographer from Forum magazine… has the nerve to refer to his disgusting performance on Newsnight, as a ‘debate’… it was nothing of the sort… just a tirade of abuse, interruptions and shouting-down of the assistant editor of the Daily Mail.

      We all saw the true face of this disgusting, dissembling, loud-mouthed bully and war criminal in full flow… he should be given an opportunity to express his opinions in the Hague, along with all the other murdering scum on trial there.

      Ask the David Kelly family what they feel about this murdering hypocrite.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Yeah well two words are the response to that vile piece of sewer vermin….

    David Kelly

    May Campbell rot in whatever sewer he finally expires in……

    • The Laughing Cavalier

      Well said.

  • Eddie

    The metro ‘liberals’ (who are actually illiberal in that they most certainly no not tolerate freedom of speech and expression if it does not match their own prejudices) actually control most of the so-called ‘right wing’ press and all TV and radio too.
    That is why we have still not have the honest debate on immigration – especially ethnic immigration – into this country that people deserve.
    There is a HUGE gap between the ‘morally righteous’ view promoted by the media (as pure propaganda really) and what real people in the real world think, especially outside the leftie ‘liberal’ Londonista ghettos. And this is not a party political thing – the gap is with leftwingers and Labour voters too, who see what is happening to their homeland, who see their wages lowered by immigration, who cannot afford housing because of it.
    And the BBC is a joke – it spends most of the time promoting multiculturalism and sending out the message around the world that any African or Asian should come here (as many do, from other EU countries they get into).

  • Lungfish

    lowlife traitor scum, I would love to s
    hoot you in the face.

  • Lungfish

    vile vile

  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    i can’t take him all that seriously.He reminds me of that old actor, Michael Caine.

  • Daniel Maris

    Would he be this bad if he wasn’t counting the days since he last had a drink? I thought he was seriously scary.

  • Sanctimony

    The picture, above, of the warmongering dissembler, Alastair Campbell, is of a man trying to pass a particularly obstructive feculence and suffering all the pain that this wretched creature deserves for all the death and destruction he wreaked on the innocent citizens of Iraq, not o mention the hundreds of British troops who died because of the lies and deceit of Campbell and Blair.

  • AndyB

    Have you seen his petition? Beyond parody….

  • Martin Jennerson

    It is COMPLETELY unacceptable that the BBC broadcasts programmes in which this man is positioned as some kind of arbiter of journalistic morality. It really should apologise for this.

  • DougS

    I think that Rod’s nailed every salient point on this story.

    Nothing to add!

  • Sanctimony

    The trouble with all this is that it is giving the abhorrent Alastair Campbell and his fellow warmongering paymaster, Anthony Blair, the publicity they so crave… ably abetted by the Labour lickspittles, the BBC and the Guardian.

    The only platform these two self-serving war criminals should be afforded is in the Hague.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Or one that is hinged?

  • Curnonsky

    The BBC has the same attitude towards the Labour party as it does towards Islam: deep sympathy seasoned with not a little fear.

  • Tron

    The BBC have supported Labour and all it’s Tax/Borrow/Spend policies for the last 30 years. Immigration is always a good thing and you just can’t have enough of it.

    The only thing Labour ever did wrong, in the BBC’s eyes, was to invade Iraq. That’s the only time I can remember the BBC standing up to them. Of course Alastair Campbell made them pay for that.

    Now Campbell can turn up at any BBC studio and take over. He rants, bullies, and lies about the past and he is never seriously challenged.
    John Prescott is treated the same way. I have never once seen Prescott confronted with a list of his lies, failures and cock-ups.
    He is welcomed like an old friend, which he probably is.

    • gelert

      Prescott seems to be treated with reverence as an elder statesman, instead of the illiterate blundering fool he always has been. Whenever I see him on TV I wonder how his secretary could ever have performed sexual services for the tub of blubber.

      • Sanctimony

        Definitely not an ‘equal opportunities’ sexual encounter. Old Lord Fatguts probably pulled rank, or something similar.

        • gelert

          He certainly pulled something out 😉

  • Robert Mitchum

    I would suggest either Broadmoor or alongside Blair at The Hague Court of Justice would be a far more suitable place for Campbell. I am sure thousands of Iraqis would agree.

  • The_greyhound

    It would have been slightly more topical if Mr McBride had been doing the inveighing, but for all that Mr Campbell did well to remind us that “there’s no prude like a reformed whore”. Except that I sometimes wonder if Mr Campbell did reform.

    Which only leaves the question – why is Miliband quite so frightened of having his background turned over? “Ralph” Miliband’s idiot opinions were already familiar territory for many of us; the Miliband connection with the odious Hobsbawm (genocide apologist, Stalinist and apparently a Soviet spy) is documented; the bizarre spectacle of Gaddafi Jnr. delivering the Miliband memorial lecture is a well loved Youtube comedy favourite. So what’s got Ed. quite so rattlled?

    But Rod Liddle is right – this is really about the left and the enemies of the free press ganging up to prevent the expression of heterodox opinion.

    • telemachus

      Tell me greyhound
      What would you do if a mass market publication told lies about your father
      Then posted pictures of your fathers grave
      Then turned up to harass your family at your Uncle’s memorial
      Then when you write a letter of complaint trigger a torrent of abuse questioning your motives

      • telemackus

        Quite right. When the Guardian wrote lies about Cameron’s father we all erupted in outrage and when the Mirror went through his dustbins to check Ivan’s nappies, all of us national socialists were united in our support.

        • The Laughing Cavalier

          Really? I don’t remember. I don’t remember much outrage from the left when some comrades exulted in the death of Margaret Thacher. As to Milliboy, he should grow a pair and stop whining.

          • La Fold

            I think telemackus was taking the proverbial.

      • Smithersjones2013

        What would you do

        Well certainly I would not posture in front of every TV camera and with every media outlet that I could find to bore people senseless about how hurt I am and how awful the accusation is (which it isn’t). Frankly I wouldn’t give people the satisfaction.

        Whatever mob hysteria Miliband has stirred up inside the Westminster Freakshow outside in the real world he’s increasingly looking like a whiny little schemer who’s using a slight against his dead father to advance his own position and fulfil wider and extremely dubious political goals. Its all getting distinctly fetid.

        Instead of remaining on the high ground he seems to be going native and returning to the sewers again.

        I’d be careful if I was he because last time he did this whilst damaging Murdoch he took out the Mirror group as well. This time who knows what the unintended consequences there might be?

        • telemachus

          Dacre is a monster backed by a powerful elite
          The little people wronged have to use every outlet at every opportunity to redress

          • Hexhamgeezer


          • francis

            Dacre may be a monster, but so too are the rest including the Labservative Democrats.

            The evidence against the Miliband family is sadly true. Yes the late Ralph did not support the violent side of Marxism but he did still support the overall aims of Marxism so the articles were essentually true. If I were Ed Miliband I would let the matter rest now. The Mail has apologised so the matter is closed.

            Just imagine what would happen if a new manger takes over a firm and then starts accusing his workers of insubordination over a simple disobediance? The company will fall flat on its face and the workers will start taking behind the managers back and the workplace will become political.

  • Marcus

    Q: What is the connection between:
    1. Illegal phone hacking of an abducted teenage girl’s phone.
    2. Police illegally giving information to the journalists for money.
    3. Intrusive cameramen taking flash pictures so irresponsibly that they distract
    the driver and he crashes and kills the occupants.

    4. The Daily Mail informing us that a potential prime minister’s father, who he
    repeatedly states he much admires, was a Marxist and so wanted to abolish
    (hated) nation states (including Britain), property ownership and non-collective
    farming, to name but a few of the tenants of Marxism.

    Ans = Nothing save for a vendetta lead by a spiteful murderous Scottish war
    criminal millionaire bully. That the left, including Miliband, can let this
    disgraced criminal lunatic speak for them, is all you need to know.

    • HookesLaw

      The phone was not hacked – they tried to listen in on the voice mail messages. (how did they get the number)

      The Guardian accused them of deleting the messages but had to apologise – ecause it was a lie. Lets face it – the Guardian is a left wing paper so we should not be surprised that it lied..

      • Marcus

        I know this. I was just making the comment more incontrovertible to the left.

      • Daniel Maris

        That’s what phone hacking is. They use the factory codes. It’s not that difficult to get a phone number. Ask her friends…bribe someone at a phone company.

  • sir_graphus

    Next, Dr Harold Shipman on medical ethics.

    • Harold Angryperson

      Followed by Peter Sutcliffe’s dating tips