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Tom Watson: the Labour man with a plan

4 September 2013

9:37 AM

4 September 2013

9:37 AM

Ed Miliband needs to reassure his backbenchers that he does indeed have a good plan after the GMB union announced it was cutting its affiliation funds to the party by 90 per cent. But someone else already has a plan: and it looks strangely like one that will cause the Labour leader a bit of grief. Tom Watson has this morning written a blog in which he suggests that ending the link between the party and the unions ‘is a very serious development that threatens a pillar of our democracy that has endured for over one hundred years’.  He writes:

‘Over the next year we have been asked to consider a change to the constitution of the Labour party, though no detailed proposals have been revealed. I’m not opposed to reform but I will fight very hard to retain the fundamental link between the party and Labour movement.’

Watson was fulsome (in the correct sense of the word) in praise for the Labour leader when he resigned. But then in his Guardian interview, he started to scratch at the Labour leader. He still has significant might within the party, even without a formal role, and a fight from Watson could seriously damage Miliband, especially when he has so few bruisers around him at the moment.

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  • whs1954

    “ending the link between the party and the unions ‘is a very serious
    development that threatens a pillar of our democracy that has endured
    for over one hundred years’.”

    Well, that’s fair enough. The trade unions stitching things up behind the closed doors of the Labour Party’s internal structures, has indeed been one of the pillars of British democracy since the early 1900s.

  • zakisbak

    It’s almost worth fighting for the revolution,just so as to see creatures like Watson being forced to till the fields from dusk to dawn for a handful of rice/millet(alongside say,Lady Harperson).

  • Smithersjones2013

    Tom Watson: the Labour man with a plan

    Free pizzas for everyone?

    The less notice that is taken of this poisonous piece of political betrayal in human form the better! Incidentally is he still a surrogate for the demented one?

  • Tom M

    There’s something odious about that man and the way he conducts himself.

  • Peter Stroud

    Watson better have some good ideas, because it seems that the reason for the GMB’s move is because so few of its members wished to support Labour. If this spreads Labour will be bankrupt.

  • Gawain

    Miliconfused is getting himself into a real pickle. His only honest plan would be to rebrand the Labour Party as the Unite Party. That is what it has become.

    Things could also get a lot worse. There is a poll today showing a majority for Scottish independence, even if there is a Labour government in power. Yes to independence means no Labour majority at Westminster.

    Like many socialists Milibore doesn’t know who butters his bread let alone which side is buttered.

  • Noa

    Tom Watson, labour nomenklatura, from the same Orc mould that spawned Brown and with programmed with the same one world plan.

  • the baracus

    Not wishing to split hairs, but would it not be better to describe this as “the Labour man with an agenda” as sticking doggedly to the unions is not really a plan as such, but more a corrupt dependency on his paymasters.

  • Graeme S

    Fat , Obnoxious, Corrupt Tosspot. Plan. You must be joking

    • Span Ows

      There’s no need for that! Of course she’s joking!

      • HookesLaw

        On the other hand Watson is a creep.

        • Nicholas chuzzlewit

          Agreed. What about the poor old Aussies though? They could probably put up with a trivial matter like losing the Ashes (again) but having this pontificating creep strolling around their country and eating all the pies during an election must have been unbarable.

          • Noa

            Unbarable? Erm-surely he would drive them to drink!