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The View from 22: Fraser Nelson interviews Damian McBride + Labour conference review

26 September 2013

11:49 AM

26 September 2013

11:49 AM

How well did Damian McBride know Ed Balls ? Is he surprised at the scale of interest and hostility towards his book? How strong was his relationship with Ed Miliband? Did journalists ever suspect he was feeding them untruths? Fraser Nelson puts all these questions to the former Labour spin doctor on this week’s View from 22 podcast (21:00), in light of his memoirs Power Trip, published this week.

Labour conference is now over and three of Westminster’s top political commentators give us their opinion on how it went. Mehdi Hasan of the Huffington Post thinks it was ‘flat, flat, flatter than a pancake’, Dan Hodges of the Telegraph thinks Miliband’s speech was ‘poised, confident and played to his strengths ‘ while Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror reckons Miliband has produced an ‘authentic social democrat’ message the country is crying out for.


Plus, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman look forward to the Tory conference (30:43)  next week and why David Cameron needs to exploit Ukip and Nigel Farage to reunite the right.

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The View from 22 — 26 September 2013. Length: 39:19

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  • David Lindsay

    I looked at this, and I truly shuddered to think which film was being remade with such a cast.

  • Hello

    If anything can taken from the recent polls that show a Labour surge then it’s that the greatest demographic change in voting intention has happened across age groups. In the last two polls 18-24 year olds have been the second largest group, in terms of relative voting intention, of the Conservative vote. It’s quite rare for the Conservatives to have consecutive polls that suggest a decent showing in that age group. When asked who would do more for living standards, it was also the only group other than the 60+ to say the Conservatives and Cameron (a narrow lead of 1%).

    The weakness has happened in the 25-39 and 40-59 group. A marriage tax-break is effectively going to be targeting those two groups in particular, and it will have very little impact beyond. Again, with the LibDems they are targeting those two groups in particular with their free lunches etc.

    It will be interesting to see whether Miliband has permanently sacrificed a degree of support among younger people for a temporary advantage among the middle aged.

  • Alex

    “Damian may have gone too far in the end but was helpful in ridding us of revisionist warmonger Blair”.
    You’re defending McBride? Really? Blimey.

  • telemachus

    How well did Damian McBride know Ed Balls
    2 points to make here
    1. Ed did not try to distance himself from contact or recollection —“Damian, what have you done?”
    2. Damian may have gone too far in the end but was helpful in ridding us of revisionist warmonger Blair