The curse of Newsnight strikes again

10 September 2013

9:53 AM

10 September 2013

9:53 AM

Poor Ian Katz. Just days into his new job as editor of Newsnight and he’s already in hot water. Accidentally panning a guest behind their back is hardly the most dignified of starts.

Mr Steerpike would love to know who this was really meant to be seen by rather than Katz’s thousands of followers:



While Rachel Reeves is undoubtedly tedious, it’s hardly a good idea to actually say it. Katz’s former Guardian colleagues will no doubt be happy to see him enjoying his new outlet. So what are the repercussions of the blunder? Not great if the reaction of Labour’s attack dog Michael Dugher is anything to go by: ‘Good luck in future to Newsnight in trying to persuade Labour people to go on their frankly rather boring programme at 11 at night,’ he quips.

I’m not sure he’s joking.

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  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    But the use of so-called social media is hardly panning somebody “behind their backs” now, is it? More a case of “cast your bread on the waters..” I think.

  • Darnell Jackson

    Dugher must think we are stupid, his colleagues would do anything to get their gurning mugs on telly.

  • JunkkMale

    Presuming he’s not realised he’s made an awful mistake, and was gunning for that famous BBC bailout compo (that may yesterday have dried up) for getting the boot, it looks like part of a cunning plan to perk up staid old Newsnight wiv da yoof, innit… One Direction. Arctic Monkeys.

    Having rendered any but the most desperate willing interviewees (there was that lass Allegra stitched up, then Eddie Mair’s ‘nasty bit of work’ bid for cheap glory) a stretch to make the effort (and getting Labour MPs offside takes real talent within the BBC), who’s left next will be interesting.

    Paul Gadd’s a possible, but he may be dubious being associated with a brand such as Newsnight. Then again, there are shared interests from a different time.

  • Shazza

    Has anyone ever seen Morticia and Rachel Reeves in the same room at the same time?

  • sir_graphus

    If he has to resign, can the Guardian cope with having yet another of its people poached by the BBC to replace him?

  • dalai guevara

    Do we no longer subscribe to the truth?

    • John Lea

      Agree. This is the sort of remark Paxo makes to their faces live on air, so what’s the issue here?