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Tomahawks you can believe in: the video mocking Barack Obama’s “progressive” war

14 September 2013

3:51 PM

14 September 2013

3:51 PM

Hats off to the Second City Network for the brilliant video above.

The funny thing about the great Syria intervention saga has been the number of astoundingly smug and normally dovish left-liberal types who have been cheering on a US-led strike. Those who would usually be first to cry ‘western imperialism’ have in this instance been desperate for the West to flex its military muscle.

Is it because of chemical weapons? Possibly, but I doubt they’d feel the same way if a Republican was calling for action. ‘Because Obama’ seems as good a reason as any.

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  • Helen B

    Contrived shock by the country that dumped depleted uranium (the gift that keeps on giving), napalm, Agent Orange, and white phosphorous on civilian targets. Why would America support Jihadists, Al Nusra and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria? The same people who sodomised and beheaded the US Ambassador in Benghazi? This is about oil and gas and pipelines, the arms manufacturers’ profits, and the USD as the reserve currency. The rest of the world is sick of warmongering, sick of watching people blown to bits, sick of the posturing and threatening. America has to accept that they are not the only ones with “interests”, rights and expectations of benefit. And we are not “with you or against you”. We are with ourselves, citizens of the world, with every right to expect our lives to be lived out in peace and security. Enough already.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    What’s amusing is that you Speccie teenagers don’t seem to realize that this video is mocking you. You people would fit right into the gaggle of clueless dolts in that video.

    Take a look in the mirror, kids. They’re not laughing with you… they’re laughing at you.

    • pp22pp

      I have actually found common ground with Lefties in hating this war. I really don’t see how this film is laughing at me. While Liberals are pouring scorn on Obummer, we are pouring bile on Camermoron. Both of them are pushing for an idiotic war. One is a Leftie and one has pretentions to being a Conservative.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        I don’t know that this video is laughing at you. I don’t know you.

        I’d say they’re laughing at muppets like the Speccie kids not just for supporting this war, but for blindly supporting their messiah Obama from the beginning, and also blindly supporting his previous Libyan warmaking.

        Call Me Dave is not a conservative, by the way. He’s to the Left of Obama, who is himself an extreme leftist.

        • Whyshouldihavetoregister

          You’ve never had an original thought in your life, have you?

          • the viceroy’s gin

            …is that supposed to mean something to me, lad?

  • paulus

    The Russians can charter these boats..they have seven days to ship this evil filth out, or it is war: choose and choose now. You are gone you bastards and you deserve to die, for what you have done.

  • Steve

    After many years of hard work the Republican party legacy catches on ,and their making sure they get it right.

    Read more:

  • Curnonsky

    Don’t tell us you are starting to have doubts, Freddy?

  • Noa

    First mentioned on Coffee House Wall several days ago-H/T Frank P

    • Span Ows

      yep, these things take a few days to break out of the real blogoshpere and into the media faux blogosphere.

    • telemachus

      Well thanks to the copper courtesy of the vicar

      • Noa

        A belch of sour air from you comrade, is it raining in the gulag today?

  • MirthaTidville

    lets not forget we have a squadron of fast jets still parked out in Cyprus doing nothing..lets see how long it takes Dave (read Obama) to bring them back home..we shall see

    • telemachus

      We could send them to bomb a few of the illegal settlements in East Jeruslem

      • Generian

        East Jerusalem has been Jewish for at lest the past 3000 years.

        • Thomtids

          Aw p-lease. The Jews were the Gypsies of the Middle East. As usual the Goyim proved useful putting them into the position they have achieved and are doing their best to disarm, one by one, the Bits of the Middle East that might prove anathema to the Zionists remaking Arab Palestine one, large Jewish enclave complete with its very own Religion-based Civil Law system.

  • London Calling

    Pretty Childish…….:O

    A breakthrough on chemical warfare and this is the best coverage the Spectator can come up with 🙁 ….tongue and cheek never the less its a corny kind of funny, US style…..:)

    • Span Ows

      it’s more funny when you’ve seen the plethora of REAL pro Obama cringingly sycophantic dross that this video sets off to a T.

  • HookesLaw

    Nothing new about Democrats being hypocrites.
    Wars are OK so long as Democrats start them.

    But then this was not about a ‘war’; it was about military strikes on an Arab dictator – like Gadaffi.
    The conflict in Syria will go on and perversely for the usual suspects the longer it goes on the longer the Muslim fruit loops will have to radicalise their fellow countrymen at the expense of the more normal more secular inclined rebels.
    The longer it goes on is not to our advantage.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …and wars are OK so long as your Camerloonian buddies start them, apparently, ya’ hypocritical muppet.

  • telemachus

    Brilliant folks
    Must watch
    Organic grass fed bombs and hybrid powered tanks
    Progress to the moon war
    I almost changed my mind and supported Obama’s surgical strikes

    • itdoesntaddup

      Scrub up and put your greens on first…

  • Jupiter