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Nigel Farage: offering Tories the kite mark of Euroscepticism

30 September 2013

30 September 2013

Normally you might lump Nigel Farage and Bill Cash together on the political spectrum. But today there wasn’t much love lost between them, judging by their almighty clash at a Bruges Group fringe today. The Ukip leader aimed both barrels at Cash, who had asked Farage not to fight Tories in marginal seats:

‘I have to say Bill, and I hate to say this, but listening to you this afternoon I’ve realised that you are a hopelessly, out of date tribal politician who has not recognised that British politics has fundamentally changed.

‘To ask me, to support a party lead by Mr Cameron, in order we can get back our national independence. You’ve got to do rather better than that. ‘

The difference of opinion seems to be over who is the true Eurosceptic. Farage believes he has taken the mantel from the Maastricht rebels, arguing Cash indirectly voted for the Maastricht treaty by supporting John Major in the 1993 vote of confidence. As he bawled ‘you failed the ultimate test’.

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As the ‘true Eurosceptic’, Farage was also keen to praise MPs he believes are worthy of holding office. The Ukip leader hinted at some of the Tory MPs he wouldn’t make life difficult at the next election — getting Peter Bone (in attendance), Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘back to Westminster would be in the national interest’, said Farage. It’s almost as if he’s offering a kite mark for the really robust right-wingers.

There were a few other interested MPs floating around the event, including John Redwood, Mike Fabricant and Anne Main (who stormed out following the Cash tirade) but none were offered the Farage mark. How it will work in practice still isn’t clear.

PS: Farage’s rock star reception at this fringe looks set to be overshadowed by some ill-advised comments made by his spin doctor. As the Times reports (£), the following message was sent to a local activist ahead of Farage’s trip to Manchester:

‘James, my fault but I told the [Evening] Standard that Nigel would be arriving at approx. 10.30 this morning. They have called and I expect a snapper and a female journalist (of some form of ethnic extraction) at Piccadilly.’

The Tories will be delighted by ‘of some form of ethnic extraction’. Just the kind of remark to remind conference Ukip are still a party on the fringes.

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  • swatnan

    What a fantastic team they’d make right now! with Nadine as Leader of the UKIP Group in Parliament and Rees-Mogg as Master of All Talents and Peter Bone as Master of None. Nige would have to wait until a safe seat could be found to parachute him in, in 2015.

  • Bonkim

    Traitors usually lose – Tory MPs jumping ship will drown.

  • james cooper

    if the tories have to rely on bits of a comment or a elderly mep making coarse jokes to try enhance the tory vote. then they are p*****g against the wind. get real .UKIP will make a difference the only questions are how much difference and who will it benefit most? The tories and labour have to make that choice, sweaky bum time coming, The UKIP train will not be derailed by small bits of gossip.

  • nonsequiturcouk

    I want everybody who has ever said I have blue eyes arrested under hate laws.

  • jontycampbell

    Dearie me, Nigel’s troops keep creating just the sort of wee news incidents that he could do without. Where does he get his frontline from?

    • PaderB

      He gets his front line from ordinary, decent voters who are sick to death of the political class hi-jacking democracy for their own selfish ends. UKIP is bringing fear to the political class and is therefore being attacked from all directions. The media, with all it’s political affiliations are jumping onto any innocent word in order to put UKIP in a bad light. The truly remarkable thing is that an utterance made by any other politician would be ignored but becomes a major ‘crime’ when spoken by a UKIP affiliate.

      Hopefully, come May, 2015, the Electorate will be so sick of this childish and unreasonable behaviour that they will see the established parties for what they are. A bunch of self serving hypocrites who are running the Country into a Federal Europe purely for their own benefit without a jot of concern for how it will affect those same, decent Britons.

      • jontycampbell

        How do we know they wont be any different? Moreover surely Ukip doesn’t want to pull out of the eu because as soon as that happens, ukip is moot?

        • PaderB

          As Nigel Farage recently said, UKIP started off as a protest group. However, since then, he states that UKIP has become a main stream party with coherent policies and it is now the intention to counter the effects of the established parties by giving the Electorate a permanent alternative form of Government to that run by career politicians and revert to a Government formed from altruistic people who will run the Country for the benefit of the Electorate rather than for the benefit of career politicians who see politics as a means of personal advancement.

          This is the intention also of the many members of the fastest growing party in the Country. If there was any doubt that UKIP would continue it’s quest, it must be obvious from Nigel Farage’s statement that he intends to stand for Parliament in the 2015 election. Hardly the intention of someone who just wants to escape the clutches of the EU.

          • http://www.twitter/jontycampbell Jonty H. Campbell

            Ah. We shall see. The political cynic in me does not hold out much hope for any party wanting out of the EU!

            I view all govts as rubbish with some marginally less rubbish than others, so you vote in the least rubbish based on economics principles….

            • PaderB

              Well, I do hope that you do not consider the present crop of Tories to fulfill the ‘economic principles’ that you are referring to. Osborne has only just managed to gain some semblance of growth after almost 3 years. He could have done it sooner if he had fulfilled his pledge to make the necessary cuts (he made hardly any) and stopped wasting money on pandering to the Idiot Clegg with his ridiculous demands, overseas aid and ring-fencing the bureaucratised NHS instead of ridding it of the gross surplus of management.

              It has been well publicised that Osborne is lazy and regularly leaves work early and leaves most of the work to his subordinates. Osborne is only in the position of Chancellor because of the cronyistic patronage of the equally useless Cameron.

              I sincerely trust that you are not even considering Labour or the LibDems to have any influence at all on ‘economic principles’.

              That leaves only UKIP to moderate the excesses of the present Government I concede that UKIP is not likely to have sufficient MPs to form a Government in their own right for some years.

              I suggest that you take the time to watch the latest Intellingence2 debate on YouTube on whether the UK and the EU should have a divorce. It is quite enlightening.

  • Martin Jennerson

    “The Tories will be delighted by ‘of some form of ethnic extraction’.
    Just the kind of remark to remind conference Ukip are still a party on
    the fringes.”

    No the opposite – Tories are a party still desperately clinging to the kind of political correctness that everyone hates, a party soon to be on the fringes.

  • Pauljames Mcelvaney

    Just you wait until MPs start losing their jobs hahaha its coming MEPs first then MPs cant wait theyll jump ship like rats ,they have one more g election and that will be the weight that breaks the rope for the uk public That man Nigel will be our Prime minister cry that into your coco ,bloom will be back as COTE switching the lights off on the eu as we switch ours on , ask the cons in Canada or labour in Scotland

  • Brimstone52

    Can anyone tell me to whom “of some form of ethnic extraction” does not apply. We’re all an ethnic of some sort.

  • Arden Forester

    I think the real message is that Bill Cash is a tribal Tory willing to cosy up to Cameron as needs must. As for the spin doctor thing, then EVERY party has it’s time in the spotlight for such remarks. David Cameron thinks some are swivel-eyed loons and Osborne thinks (apparently) that Duncan Smith is thick. That game can get nasty, Sebastian.

  • hermann kelly

    Nigel does the Bill Cash Bash. Explains with good reason that Tribal Tories have put Party before Country and failed the Eurosceptic test when it really matter.

    • HookesLaw

      What ignorant cobblers.
      Farage is dribbling hubris out of his ears. No doubt he smoked and imbibed too much in the bar before the meeting.

      • Tim Reed

        You really are s̶l̶a̶v̶i̶s̶h̶ loyal, I’ll give you that.

        Like a little lap dog, yapping around people’s ankles.
        More an annoyance than anything.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘Ukip are still a party on the fringes’ – well some might thats a polite way of putting it. I would suggest it’s more a dissembling way.

  • Russell

    “The Tories will be delighted by ‘of some form of ethnic extraction’.
    Just the kind of remark to remind conference Ukip are still a party on
    the fringes.”

    Sounds about right, has a ring of trith about it. Exactly what the press would do, as they seem intent on smearing the UKIP in general and Farage in particular, whether Tory press, Labour press or LibDem press.
    Meanwhile the BBC continue to invite Labour MP’s on the DP to criticise any and every Tory policy, whereas during the Labour conference all we got was the opinions of Labour MP’s!
    Even Sky press review has almost exclusively labour MP’s, ex MP’s, Councillors etc and one journalist…..disgracefully biased.

  • rtj1211

    At least they weren’t expecting a stripper at Piccadilly…..

  • David Lindsay

    We need a ballot line system, such that voters would be able to indicate that they were voting for a given candidate specifically as endorsed by a smaller party or other campaigning organisation, with the number of votes by ballot line recorded and published separately.

    Newspapers registered as such with the Post Office might also be given
    that right. Yes, we do have a State licensing system for newspapers. We have never not had one. Here is a potential use for it.

    • Russell

      We need to scrap postal votes, apart from people confined to hospital/home through certified illness or service personnel serving overseas.

      • David Lindsay

        Perhaps we do, but not for the reason that you probably have in mind. No, there would not be a UKIP Government, nor even a Tory majority one, if it were not for the votes cast on behalf of dead people in Pakistan. There will never be the first, and there will never again be the second. But neither of those facts has anything to do with postal voting.

  • Denis_Cooper

    PS Isn’t it typical that Sebastian Payne should think to add that PS?

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, the kid is quite predictable.

    • Hello

      The Tories get held to account over their relationship with the rich because of their image. Labour get held to account over their relationship with the unions because of their image. Why shouldn’t Ukip be held to account over racism because of their image?

      • HookesLaw

        ‘Why shouldn’t Ukip be held to account over racism because of their image?’
        You are too polite or just a little overcautious.
        What you should say is the UKIP image should be held to account because if their racism.
        what is salutary is that the kippers on here cannot see the the snide remark was both casually racist and misogynist.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …well, perhaps to you barking moonbats, but not to anybody sensible.

  • Denis_Cooper

    “The difference of opinion seems to be over who is the true Eurosceptic. Farage believes he has taken the mantel from the Maastricht rebels, arguing Cash indirectly voted for the Maastricht treaty by supporting John Major in the 1993 vote of confidence.”

    Well, so he did; but this is a fundamental issue which goes back much further than the Maastricht Treaty right to our accession to the 1957 Treaty of Rome, via Thatcher’s federalising Single European Act.

    When Cameron and Hague pretend that they want no more of “ever closer union”, they are referring to the commitment expressed in the very first line of the Treaty of Rome, not to the mere reiteration of that commitment in the Maastricht Treaty.

    UKIP is there to get repeal of the European Communities Act 1972, the original Act to approve our accession to the EEC, not just the European Communities Act 1993 through which the Maastricht Treaty was approved and added to the list of treaties in Section 1(2) of the 1972 Act.

    Farage has always been crystal clear that the 1972 Act must be repealed and we must leave the EU, while for all his valid and valuable analysis and criticism Cash has not yet bitten on the bullet and accepted that we must leave.

  • Two Bob

    some form of ethnic extraction? Anyone who makes a big deal about that ‘statement’ is suffering from PC bigotry.

  • Hello

    So, is Farage trying to breed disloyalty tempting MPs to be outspoken in Parliament in order to get taken off his hit list? Can’t the whips get Bone, Dorries and Rees-Mogg out to rubbish his endorsement?

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Why would they? He’s obviously promoting an informal pact with those MP’s, and as a result they’ll likely skate back to their seats come the election. There many be others who want to join that club, who will act accordingly. The Cameroons are in their death throes, and all these MP’s value a soft landing more than anything.

      • Hello

        Right, and what happens when Farage starts demanding that they share his views on other policies as well? Should they agree then? Should we let some little twit run the UK from his office in the European Parliament?

        • Colonel Mustard

          Well we currently allow a collection of foreign bureaucratic twits to run the UK from offices in Brussels, many of them not even within the European Parliament.

          • Hello

            Yes, many of which of members of Ukip — that reportedly quite like their high salaries and benefits.

            • fathomwest

              Hello, Would you care to rephrase this one. Rather poor English.

            • Colonel Mustard

              Many? I don’t think so. There are 766 MEPs of which 72 are from the UK and 11 are UKIP. That is 1.43% of total MEPs and 15.27% of UK MEPS. The EU employs at least 47,500 people and I reckon the high salaries and benefits of that lot far outweigh those of UKIP.

              Many? Maybe have a re-think, can the hyperbole and BS and don’t presume that everyone who detests the EU is a member of UKIP.

              • Hello

                Sorry, do you think it’s now a sign of strength to show how few elected politicians UKIP have? That’s cute…

          • Airey Belvoir


          • HookesLaw

            No we don’t

            • Colonel Mustard

              Yes we do. Check the thread on home buying and VAT for just one example.

        • fathomwest

          Well,Hello, we have to put up with that little twit Clegg running the UK!!

          • Hello

            Clegg was elected to parliament, and he was elected leader of the LibDems. If Farage gets to parliament as leader of Ukip, then he will command those seats that he wins in the commons. What we are talking about here is whether he has any right to try to use his little faction to control seats that he did not win.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              Well, he has the “right” to do whatever he can legally get away with. The Camerloons are weak and feckless, and you may depend that the various predators will be circling off and on these next 19.25 months, staking out their territory. Farage, the blowhard albino toff of Londonistan, and any others will be ubiquitous around the dying Cameroons.

              • Hello

                As I’ve already told you, 19.25 months ago, you barely had a vote. I’m sure that you and the other lackeys can be returned to obscurity in the same amount of time.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  Perhaps, but first, Call Me Dave’s lackey head will be mounted on that spike.

                • Hello

                  You remind me of Rumpelstiltskin — I’m thinking of the 1857 edition, though there was nothing about bad breath…and let’s call you a “gimp” instead of an “imp”

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  I can’t really think of what you remind me of, other than a barking moonbat completely clueless about conservative thought, but ever ready to blather incoherently about it.

                • fathomwest

                  Gosh you are so hilarious. Have you ever thought of the stage?

                • Colonel Mustard

                  You are about as vacuous as the magazine you have named yourself after. In your case inane but without the pictures.

                • Hello

                  You guys are beatable. You can’t keep your cool, and you just need to be subjected to an unremitting attack. You’re children.

            • PaderB

              Clegg was NOT elected to Parliament. He is simply an ambitious opportunist who took advantage of Cameron’s cowardly and selfish desire for power too. If Cameron had had an ounce of decency, he should have worked in a minority Government then returned to ask the People to vote for him again. Instead, both colluded to maintain their positions by enacting legislation that guaranteed them a minimum of 5 years in Government.

              The price to the Electorate was that they should be governed by two totally incompetent idealists who pursue their own personal, self aggrandising policies to the expense of democratic principles that are leading this Country into a Federal State that is not wanted, nor condoned by the People. And all so that their ‘careers’ can be assured.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Why would Farage make any “demands” of sitting MP’s? His role here would be one of endless positivity, to attract support, not repel it. He’s playing the long game.

          Everybody already knows who the certain and potential defectors are. Farage doesn’t really “lead” them, but he seems clever enough to leverage that shadow caucus, and influence affairs. But “demand”? No, that would be an overreach, and brother Nige seems more clever than all that.

        • fathomwest

          Such as what policy, Hello?

  • Bert3000

    ‘of some form of ethnic extraction’

    UKIP supporters will think that sounds clever.

  • fathomwest

    I wish people at the Spectator and within the Westminster bubble would wise up. Trying to make a row over a comment, which would probably be welcomed and understood by most ”ordinary hard working people” and others. Grow up and act like adults and consider why immigration is such a sore subject amongst the population. And one in which Ukip has great support.
    Has anyone watched the BBC or listened to BBC radio? Anyone arriving from Mars would consider this country to be an Asian country.
    I genuinely believe that the recruitment policy of the BBC should be investigated by the Parliamentary Media Committee. The indigenous population, the vast majority, are certainly under represented.
    It is just one example where Britain is being changed to the detriment of the British.

  • Austin Barry

    “The Tories will be delighted by ‘of some form of ethnic extraction’. Just the kind of remark to remind conference Ukip are still a party on the fringes.”

    No, just another straw being clutched at by terrified Tories.

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