GQ Man of the Year: Charles Moore vs Russell Brand

3 September 2013

11:21 PM

3 September 2013

11:21 PM

The Foreign Secretary was left not knowing where to look at tonight’s GQ Man of the Year awards, when this parish’s very own Charles Moore declared war on the media luvvies. Invited to present the award for Writer of the Year, Hague looked noticeably relieved to hand over the gong for Moore’s epic biography of Baroness Thatcher. But the fireworks were yet to come.

Taking to the stage to Elvis Costello’s She, it was a poignant moment, only to be shattered by Moore himself who decided to take a chunk out of Russell Brand for his jokes earlier about the sponsor, Hugo Boss, who infamously designed uniforms for the Nazis.


While Brand quipped that ‘let’s face it they looked fantastic’, Moore disagreed somewhat. Over the pantomime booing, he reminded the audience of Andrew Sachs — national institution and the man who got Brand sacked from the BBC — had escaped persecution from the Nazis. Of course, Moore has form here. In 2009, he refused to pay his TV license over the Sachsgate affair and ended up receiving a fine in court.

Yet the zinger of the night was still to come. ‘It used to be Gentleman’s Quarterly’ decried Moore. ‘While it’s no longer quarterly, it is gentlemanly to pay homage to such a woman’.

Mr Steerpike believes that is called being ‘owned’. Poor Russell was at least able to take comfort from a big hug from Stephen Fry as the blow sunk in. A full account on the evening’s affairs will be here tomorrow.

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  • Jamie Kitson

    Could someone explain the quip of the night for me?

  • cyllan

    why is this low life in a supposedly respectable publication like this?

  • Marissa

    At least Mr Moore hasn’t had an assignation with Lauren Harries, which the messianic bounder denies.

    (Fry being the stupid person’s idea of an intelligent comes from William Donaldson, later borrowed by Julie Burchill)

  • Radford_NG

    It’s what the Americans call `irony`.

  • jp99

    Comedian? Grotesque man who should have been banished from the media world after his abuse of Andrew Sachs. A nasty narcissist

    • Jes79a

      It was hardly Bernard Manning. If he deserved to be bannised from the airwaves for getting carried away then the Daily Mail should have been banned for printing Bernard Manning’s self penned obitury complete with a Holocaust joke.

  • Aaron D Highside

    If there wasn’t the BBC, there wouldn’t be so many Russel Brands – or Jimmy Saviles, or lots of hyped-up left wing and/or sexual oddballs. Rich diversity bonus, like the immigration bonus, I suppose.

  • therealguyfaux

    It’s that Jesus Christ resemblance of Brand’s that gets up people’s nose, if we’re being honest there. That– and the fact that he thinks he IS some kind of messiah.

    • Icebow

      If he weren’t so good-looking, I doubt we’d ever have heard of him.

    • crosscop

      Jesus Christ? He reminds me of Charles Manson.

  • timinsingapore

    Brand is much less funny than he thinks he is. Stephen Fry is much more self-important than he thinks he is.

    • ChrisM

      Quite. Apparently Mr Fry’s ‘Who’s Who’ entry is “A stupid person’s idea of what an intelligent person is like”. Or something like that.

    • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

      Always at least three days late but what you meant to say is Fry is not as important as he thinks due to his self imporance.

      Something like that

      There have been one or two cases on TV when he got the brush off.
      Trying to chat to a descendant of Wagner was one.

      It’s the luvvies that luv ‘im..
      Mental self abuse is their currency.
      aka a bunch of wankas.

  • Shoe On Head

    measure of a man? my grandfather would’ve used the following rule (he was very antiquated, old-fashioned from a bygone age. anti-modern victorian values).

    how many women has moore slept with?
    how many women has brand slept with?

    go figure.

    • La Fold

      judging by certain tabloids i saw this morning when buying my tabs it looks like Brand has been taking the “measure of men” himself.. Apparently hes smashed the granny out of the former child antiques expert and bowtie fan turned reality TV transsexual Lauren Harris.

      • The Laughing Cavalier

        Would you put that in English please?

        • brutale1

          Brand buggered a transsexual.

          • brutale1


          • Icebow

            As to whether or not this would have been homosexual, I suppose the question might be somewhat akin to that of Schrödinger’s cat. Potentially allegedly.

        • emale

          Do you regret asking the question as much as I regret reading brutale1’s answer.

          • The Laughing Cavalier


  • mikewaller

    What I shall always remember Charles Moore for was his expressing a wishing in a “Diary” to have a young civil servant sacked for that childish, but very funny, list of places the then visiting Pope might (or rather, definitely wouldn’t) like to visit on the grounds that this revealed a deep antipathy towards RCs. Then, in the same “Diary”, he showed the amazing one-eyedness to tell us that he had played a very “funny” trick in Greece on a friend by telling a local shopkeeper that the friend was a member of the IMF delegation of which the Greeks were then terrified. Whether that revealed a deep antipathy to Greeks, the friend, both or none I cannot tell.

  • Icebow

    I recall Brand’s treating Pamela Geller appallingly (and of course the Sachs business), but he seemed surprisingly unloathsome on Desert Island Discs.

  • La Fold

    Russel Brand funny and intelligent? Youve obviously never seen Get him to the Greek then.

    Brand has never been funny, even when he was a baghead on MTV talking gibberish to Clubbers who’d taken too many jack and jills.

  • Eddie

    Russell Brand is funny and intelligent – and he loves cats (always a plus).
    Who is Charles Moore again?

    • Bert3000

      A camp poser, who’d be a has-been if he weren’t a never-was, with a thing about Mrs Thatcher.

      • Doctor Mick

        It worked for Ben Elton.

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