Godfrey’s gaffe of the day

9 September 2013

11:41 AM

9 September 2013

11:41 AM

Barely a day goes by without Ukip’s gaffe-prone senior MEP Godfrey Bloom getting into a spot of bother. Fresh from arguing companies should be allowed to sack pregnant women, claiming ‘most women can find the mustard in the pantry quicker than a man and most men can reverse a car better than a woman,’ it was his ‘bongo bongo land’ comments that caused the most damage.

Taking to the web might not be the best idea for Godfrey, as he discovered earlier when having a go at Channel Four News:

Do all journalists look the same for Godfrey?

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  • Dogzzz

    Or does the racist implication in Faisal Islam’s comment not suggest that he thinks that Godfrey thinks that they all look the same?

    Godfrey is a top bloke and this would be a far better run, fairer and more prosperous country if a lot more of his ilk where in government.

  • peech imspediment

    I can’t tell them apart, I have the same problem with the Jeremys, Clarkman and Paxson.

  • Mike Thomas

    As a fully paid up free marketeer and Thatcherite – it’s morons like this at make the right wing look like a total carciature.

    • MrVeryAngry

      Bloom isn’t a moron (I’ve have met him). What he is is outspoken which combined with – shall we say – an ‘unfortunate’ turn of phrase drops him in the clarts on a regular basis.Boring he is not.

  • foxoles

    So is Faisal Islam agreeing that Guru-Murthy is a one-sided ranter?

  • Ngaire Lowndes

    Good old Godders. Always plain-speaking, and to the point – if one is inclined to look at the SENSE of his pronouncements, however they are couched.

    • timinsingapore

      i.e. a typical saloon-bar bore (or boor – up to you).

  • gerontius

    To be fair to the man, it can be very difficult to tell one journo from another and there is no real reason to try.

  • sceptic2017

    all racists look the same to me

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