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David Cameron: I will scold Barroso for lecturing my party

12 September 2013

6:04 PM

12 September 2013

6:04 PM

José Manuel Barroso’s comments about euroscepticism might have revealed something rather warped about the Eurocrat mindset, but it has also provided quite an opportunity for David Cameron to show his party where his own loyalties lie. This afternoon the Prime Minister told Iain Dale’s LBC show that he planned to have a ‘pretty robust’ exchange with with the President of the European Commission. He said:

‘You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth in this job, and I sometimes tell other people what to do and sometimes people give you a bit of advice as well. I mean, the Barroso thing did annoy me, because frankly, you know, his job is to serve the members of the European Union, and, you know, the British Conservatives in the European Parliament are an important party, they are the governing party of the United Kingdom, and he should be respecting their views rather than trying to lecture them.

‘They have got an important contribution to make and I think he got it wrong, and I’ll tell him that when I – we have a good relationship, I get on with him, we sometimes have some pretty robust exchanges, and I suspect this will probably be one of them.’

Nothing like going to Brussels and standing up to a Eurocrat who symbolises much of what Tory MPs despise about the EU to cheer the party. Presumably he’ll set this ‘robust exchange’ to music too

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  • evad666

    A Eurocrat mind warped Ya think?

  • Mynydd

    “An opportunity for David Cameron” will not result in action. Lost opportunities and inaction are his middle names. Mr Cameron is PR Man not Action Man

    “he planned to have a ‘pretty robust’ exchange” (only after 2015). Planning and kicking the ball into the long grass is what he does. On the other hand if he had a robust exchange, with his back benchers and ministers, he would have won the rush to war vote

  • allymax bruce

    I want to know why this magazine, The Spectator, has officially proclaimed it ‘supports Is’ra-el’, (on its website), but never mentions, has articles on, nor ever includes the word Is’ra-el ? And that goes for all the journos!
    I mean, seriously, the middle-east is in chaos, with Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and even Saudi Arabia getting mentions, articles, and scrutiny; but never Is’ra-el. Why? It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe the spectator, and ALL its journos think Is’ra-el doesn’t exist, or are BEING TOLD NOT TO WRITE ABOUT, OR EVER MENTION, the word Is’ra-el !!
    I know!

  • Smithersjones2013

    Now what word has fallen foul of Disqus’s crass filter. Disqus is quickly becoming not only a crime against the English language but a crime against society!

  • deepblue9


  • Curnonsky

    Cameron will tell Barroso that only he is allowed to denigrate Conservatives and paint them as primitive nationalists – then he will lighten the moment by reminding Jose that neither one of them was elected to his current office.

  • MirthaTidville

    As for scolding Barosso, thats best left to Farage…….isnt it Dave??

  • Hello

    “but it has also provided quite an opportunity for David Cameron to show his party where his own loyalties lie”

    You’re an intelligent girl, Isabel, I’m sure you’re aware that this was the entire point of Barroso’s comments — to give Cameron an opportunity to rebuke him, and to give the Conservatives a chance to seem as eurosceptic as UKIP.

    It does beg the question as to whether or not the President of the European Commission should really be playing these sorts of political games — it doesn’t really feel quite right, when he’s unelected, to be using his position of power to undermine the only democratic process that the EU is subject to. It has the feel of a monopoly, and I think it ought to be subjected to EU competition law.

    • HookesLaw

      there was me thinking Isabel’s comments were there merely to provide you with an opportunity for an anti Cameron vomit.

      There is no question to beg since the loony toon conspiracy exists solely in your fevered mind.

      • Hello

        I’m not anti-Cameron at all, and you are too sensitive.

        There are two possibilities, either Barroso is exceptionally stupid with a political antennae that would make most five year olds look experienced, or he was well aware that his comments would be taken badly in the UK.

        The first seems exceptionally unlikely. Regardless of how undeveloped the EU parliament is, it still requires a level of sophistication in politics to reach the position that Barroso has.

        The second gives us two more possibilities. Either he actually quite wants the UK to leave the EU, or alternatively he doesn’t. The former doesn’t isn’t really testified to by previous behaviour, as for the latter it again opens up a myriad of possibilities, the one I stated being the one that seemed to me to most fit the circumstances.

  • Daniel Maris

    We are entering on an era where some serious decisions will be required. Clearly the mass immigration policy is leading us to a political and social meltdown, exacerbated by technology trends that are wiping out whole swathes of employment.

    It is essential we depart the EU so that we can reclaim control over our borders (we will also have to resile from the veryu damaging refugee treaties).

    We need to give up our addiction to the financial sector and begin providing useful employment for our citizens.

    • HookesLaw

      Like Norway? Who are part of the single market and free movement of Labour and are even in Schengen?
      ‘Independent’ Scotland please note all new entrants to the EU have to be in Schengen – it was absorbed into the EU via the Amsterdam treaty in 1999.

      Ironically if we left the EU we would be more likely to be forced into the Schengen area than if we stayed in.

      • Hello

        Do elaborate on your last point, good sir.

        • Flintshire Ian

          There may be a shortage of Big Issue sellers in Germany.

      • dalai guevara

        You raise an interesting point, the Germans are blocking Romania from joining Schengen. Surely that will reduce the number of business women entering from Ukraine and support local job creation?

      • Tony Quintus

        An EU law cannot be used to force the UK into Shengen if we aren’t a member of the EU, just as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and liechtenstein can all leave whenever they want.
        It’s called sovreignty.

  • Austin Barry

    Cameron’s response to Barroso is likely to suggest that these new testicle chomping fish exist in Cornish waters.

  • fathomwest

    Just read Cameron’s weasel words again. He will have a laugh with the unelected former !?? communist, (goes with the territory of that political persuasion methinks). Would it not be a far better move for Cameron to point out in a public speech IN THE UK that Barroso speaks for nobody. In that speech he could underline just what the British people find most unattractive about the EU. Far too many unelected people telling us all how to live. A truly golden opportunity and our ace politician at number 10 cannot see that.
    Sadly, We know that Dave, who gets on really well with Barroso, will keep his comments secret so that he can tell us one thing and do the opposite. A man of straw indeed.

    • John Clegg

      Absolutely, we need to hear exactly what Cameron says to Barroso, not what Cameron pretends he’s going to say. I don’t trust any of these politicians further than I could throw them. Few of them stick up for us here at home, once they get together over a glass of champagne and a 5 course meal and pretend to be negotiating hard into the night on our behalf-they make me sick.

  • London Calling

    Barroso’s fear is a referendum on membership of the EU, and those that may follow…hopefully taming the beast of Europe………:)

    The Bedroom Tax is unfair as there is not enough smaller properties in the housing stock to accommodate those seeking to move, therefore penalising a large majority of those under occupied throughout the UK……………… 🙁

    • HookesLaw

      There are – but its interesting that you care less about the families that need larger housing but cannot get it.

  • asalord

    “…they [the British Conservatives] are the governing party of the United Kingdom…”

    “They” have one Scottish constituency MP.
    “United kingdom” ha ha ha.

    • HookesLaw

      And Labour have few seats in the south of England. So what?
      Scotland is part of the UK we are all one country and better for that. And its likely that we will remain so.

    • Mynydd

      There were 11 Scottish seats until Mrs Thatcher killed off the Scottish Conservative party with the Poll Tax.

    • loftytom

      And yet, up here in Caledonia, Eck;s going to get a very loud Naaaaaw in the referendum.

  • David Lindsay

    The only thing on which Cameron might disagree with Barosso would be the latter’s forays into traditional Catholic morality; Van Rompuy is entirely dyed in the wool there.

    As for Cameron’s party and its allies, they devote their time to seeking the enactment of legislation written by giant American corporations, as if the European Parliament were an American State Legislature, with the United Kingdom having much the status of an American county –

    Given his record as Prime Minister of Portugal, Barosso has no cause for complaint on that score.

    • HookesLaw

      Forgive me if i do not read your blogspot. But the govr are not enacting legislation on behalf of giant American corporations.
      Your raging loopy socialist prejudice knows no bounds. But I suppose doubters of which what to vote have been well warned.

      • David Lindsay

        Forgive me if i do not read your blogspot.

        I won’t, because you couldn’t have written the rest of your comment if you had.

        The Conservative Party is the prime mover in using the European Parliament, or at least in attempting to do so, in order to enact model legislation drafted and circulated by corporate America for adoption in identical form by State Legislatures.

        That is how it sees the European Parliament: an American State Legislature ideally adopting the same corporate-written legislation, word for word, as all of the other 50 (that rarely happens, but it is the intention).

        Leaving the United Kingdom, of which the Leader of that party is the Prime Minister, as the equivalent of an American county.

        The facts are all in the link. One person named in it has had a hissy fit about me on his website. But he cannot deny what I have said.

        • HookesLaw

          What on earth are you rabbiting on about?
          What EU regulations have been so written? The UK the equivalent of an American county? What blithering rubbish.

          • David Lindsay

            You still haven’t read it, then.

      • Chris lancashire

        Give up. He’s not well.

    • MirthaTidville

      Think you`ll find Barosso ceased to be a Catholic a long time ago…hint member of the Communist/Maoist keep up

      • David Lindsay

        That was a long time ago.

        Rabidly pro-Bush and “free”-marketeering Prime Minister of Portugal, not a long time ago at all.

        Of course, a lot of people like that had Marxist backgrounds. Well, they couldn’t very well have had conservative backgrounds, could they?

        He has no political difference whatever with David Cameron.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …well, none of you socialist muppets have any political difference with Call Me Dave. You’re LibLabCon clones.

  • Lady Magdalene

    Cameron will tell Barroso he’s a very naughty boy …… and will do NOTHING else.

    • telemachus

      But he is not a naughty boy
      He has kept the EU together thru the strains triggered by Lehman
      He has pooled resources from the rich North to the poor South
      As such he has been instrumental in not letting financial concerns spill over into dis tress between nations
      Remember it was the reparations and depression induced poverty in Germany that led to the replacement of the Weimar Republic by an altogether more sinister regime

      • telemackus

        Barroso and you are both failed marxist oafs who spout meaningless nonsense regardless of our complete disinterest. You need to get a life mate.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        Bwaha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        You are a naughty boy for making me laugh so hard I fell off my chair, rolled on the floor and my backside fell off. Is Barroso another “charismatic” one?

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      • Smithersjones2013

        But he is not a naughty boy

        So does that make him your Messiah then?

  • allymax bruce

    A new breed of fish was discovered today, and it looks exactly like Barosso. It’s been called the ugliest fish in the world.
    Hmmm; very fitting!

    • Wessex Man

      My dear allymax halfwit bruce, good you have reverted back to type, I was getting worried you had found a brain to go along with your racist views!

  • Bert3000

    Cameron made his party irrelevant in the European parliament by aligning it with the far right. And it’s not the governing party. It’s a governing party.