Charm-y Carney shows his bookish side

2 September 2013

3:46 PM

2 September 2013

3:46 PM

Mark Carney’s charm offensive continues. I hear that the new governor of the Bank of England was laying it on thick last week when he bumped into Faisal Islam, Channel Four’s Economics Editor, after he gave his first public speech.

‘Don’t you have a book out?’ The Canadian smoothy asked Faisal, who offered to send him a copy.


‘Well I’ve got an idea, how about I buy one?’ The charmer cooed.

‘I’d be honoured, governor.’ Faisal beamed.

‘Hey,’ replied the governor, ‘I said I’d buy it; I didn’t say I’d read it!’

Faisal tells me that Carney ‘might have turned down Osborne’s advances if he’d read the full gory detail of Northern Rock’s securitisation team fuelling 125 per cent mortgages with funding from Africa helped by Lehman Brothers.’ Will Governor Carney be able to put it down?

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  • Gold Bug

    Ex Goldman Sachs = great at BS, brilliant at con tricks.

    • Tuco Uglay

      If you understood where this guy was born and raised… you would trust him in a heartbeat. Hate the game… not the player.

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