Damian McBride’s book Power Trip trips up its first victim

25 September 2013

12:02 PM

25 September 2013

12:02 PM

Damian McBride’s book has bruised many Labour conference delegates, and reopened old wounds. Now I can report that it’s claimed its first physical casualty. Telegraph journalist Matthew Holehouse had been tipped off that copies of the book were selling out fast at the Waterstones stall inside the conference zone. He ran across a road to get a copy, but was hit by a car and broke his leg. Sadly, Holehouse will be out of action for weeks, though at least he will have some good reading material.


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  • Daniel Maris

    Iain Dale now has a criminal record doesn’t he, for assault? Seems like wherever McBride goes, mayhem ensues…

  • Adaadat

    I blame the motorist – evil scum shouldn’t have kept his/her eyes on the road.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Who was driving the car? Gordon perhaps.

  • Sir Trev Skint MP

    Surely the first casualty was Stuart Holmes suffering a bite from his own attack-dog!

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