Blue blood on blue blood

5 September 2013

5:11 PM

5 September 2013

5:11 PM

The People’s Princess is back in the papers, thanks to the latest film about her life, and one minor royal couldn’t resist re-opening old wounds. According the New York Post, Lady Pamela Hicks, Prince Philip’s cousin, began gently:

‘[Diana] had enormous charisma, she was beautiful, [and] she was very good at empathy with the general crowd.’ 

But, Lady Pamela said, ‘she had no feeling at all for her husband or his family.’ And there was more:

‘She was really spiteful, really unkind to him — and, my God, he’s a man who needs support and encouragement. [The marriage] absolutely destroyed him. He looked grey and ghost-like. Now of course he’s blossomed again. [She] made everybody believe she’d been thrown to the wolves. Such nonsense! She was given the Queen’s favourite lady-in-waiting . . . to help her. But she didn’t want to be told anything. Instead, she wanted to listen to her music and go disco-ing or to some jive concert.’

Nobody let the Express see this!

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  • Jadie Crew

    For Pete’s sake! Stop spreading these controversies. She’s no longer alive to defend herself from these rumors full of slander.

    Beyaz Çay

  • bwims

    No comment on the complete lack of judgement by Charles for picking her when their age difference and lack of anything in common foretold the future nicely. What about the engagement interview regarding love “whatever that means” – he clearly knew very well what it meant as he still had the hots for horse face. That’s what happens when you marry for an heir and a spare – I have no sympathy for him.

    • george

      If they had similar characters or views, their age difference wouldn’t have mattered. And if they had nothing much in common from the start, besides being aristocrats, why is that all Charles’s fault or responsibility? It’s true that Diana was extremely young and inexperienced, but then again, age and experience hardly made her blossom with maturity, so in her case the judgement deficit was ongoing and permanent.

      You could have sympathy for Charles as having to marry ‘for an heir and a spare’ — and you could also consider that ‘horse face’ at the time was apparently insuperably married (I believe). Charles was unwise but not actually callous, I’d say.

  • David Black

    What on earth is a ‘jive concert’?

  • La Fold

    Still remember being somewhat confused as a young chap at the frankly embarrassing outpourings of grief for an over priviliged, over educated and fairly vapid Sloane Ranger who died in a car crash.

    • george

      Over educated?

      • La Fold

        well failing her o levels twice after all that expensive private schooling at Riddlesworth Hall etc

  • Bonkim

    Time to put the lady to rest.

    • The_greyhound

      Mrs Hicks? She’s being resting all her life.