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Video: Ed Miliband’s plans to freeze energy prices

24 September 2013

2:44 PM

24 September 2013

2:44 PM

Labour have released an audio trailer which reveals the big announcement of Ed Miliband’s conference speech — energy prices will be frozen to 2017 under Labour plans:

‘How do you feel when you see your energy bill sitting at the front door? And you know its going to be even higher than the last one? And how do you feel when you read in the newspaper that your energy providers profits are up? Yet again.

‘Millions of ordinary families are struggling to keep up with bills. Bills that are rising faster than wages. Since David Cameron became Prime Minister, he’s allowed gas and electricity bills to rise by an average of £300 a year. And sat by as energy companies make record profits. Under this government a privileged few come before hard working families. Ed Miliband and Labour are going to change that.

‘Ed Miliband’s energy plan will mean a tough new regulator with the power to challenge the companies and keep prices plan. Under Ed’s energy plan, Gas and Electricity bills will be frozen. That’s right, frozen. Under the Tories, you’ve over paid. Labour will fight the cost of living crisis and build an economy that works for working people’

This isn’t an entirely new announcement. David Wooding revealed in the Sun on Sunday (£) that Miliband would be announcing action to tackle energy bills:

‘The Labour leader will go to war with gas and electric firms to stop rip-off price hikes. The crackdown will be overseen by a new watchdog if he gets to No10.

‘Mr Miliband is putting the cost of living at the heart of his big conference speech in Brighton. It comes as 12 million homes face a £100 rise in energy bills — just as the nation turns on the heating.

‘Labour is keeping details of the One Nation plan under wraps until Tuesday. But we can reveal it will ban suppliers from big price hikes while they’re making massive profits.’

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  • Power Switch


    Statoil, the Norwegian state energy company, announced that it breaks oil-linked gas pricing. Instead, the price will be tied to the value of gas at key trade hubs in Europe.

    Power Switch Website

  • dfjgtrjthryyt

    All the companies will do is put the prices up before and after the freeze

    Sign petition for UKIP to participate in the 2015 TV General
    Election Debates, over 23,000 have already signed. Please blog, tweet, facebook

  • Fraziel

    Considering my fuel bills increased by over 100% under the last labour government it is a tad hypocritical to attack the tories on this issue. If he really means it then it might be a good idea although if he doesnt plan to continue the council tax freeze, which has been of such benefit in these austere times, then we will save with one hand and pay out more with the other.

  • Chris Hobson

    This man closes coal power, and new labour destroyed the pound and then he wants price controls. Populist fool.

  • Tom Tom

    Why doesn’t he simply repeal the Energy Act 2010 ? You know: “An Act to make provision relating to the demonstration, assessment and
    use of carbon capture and storage technology; to make provision about
    reports on decarbonisation of electricity generation and development and
    use of carbon capture and storage technology; to make provision for
    requiring benefits to be provided by holders of gas or electricity
    supply licences; to make provision about functions of the Gas and
    Electricity Markets Authority; to make provision about general duties of
    the Secretary of State in relation to gas and electricity markets; to
    make provision about electricity generation licences; to make provision
    about persons authorised to supply gas or electricity; and for connected

  • MCiD

    Isn’t price fixing illegal under EU law?

  • wycombewanderer

    I understand little end has taken legal advice as to whether it breaks EU law.
    I understand labour took legal advice over Iraq!

  • allymax bruce

    Labour are dark-arts masters at hiding their real ‘objectives’; what this new energy Labour policy means, is that they are finding new ways of selling-off the silver again. Instead of selling it off as a complete cutlery set, like Thatcher did, Labour are now going to sell the fork, knives, spoons etc, separately.
    Mark my words; if Labour are put back into government, we are absolutely guaranteed power-outs, blackouts, and a fossil fuel price of energy we can only regard as a luxury. Labour will destroy ‘Britain’, as we know it.
    Scotland, vote, ‘Independence Now’.

  • Chris lancashire

    Is that it? The sum total of the Labour conference and policy for 2015? We will freeze energy prices (you won’t), an extra 10 hours childcare for the middle classes, no HS2 if the middle class won’t wear it (but carry on if we can get away with it) and CT up and business rates down. Wow! That should do it Ed. That’s a real tub thumping package.

  • McRobbie

    Naive and amateur from a poor leader of opposition. Freeze energy prices? When will socialists learn not return to their nanny state base, it just doesn’t work. If energy companies cannot increase prices to reflect current costs then they will not provide energy…and the government will not be able to do anything as they are foreign companies importing gas and coal with no money to buy the imports. However, before that the energy companies will just increase prices to cover their potential losses the moment labour get in power. But of course then we’ll nationalise them will be the luddite left call, no chance!
    Then votes for 16 year olds.. has he ever met a 16 year old? Far too interested in living to get involved in boring politics so they’ll vote the opposite of their parents. Wisdom among 16 year olds is not something their peers encourage.
    Then child care..who is paying for this..oh of course the banks again..using the money WE give to the banks hoping for safety and growth, now to be spent (sorry invested in left whinge speak) on more benefits.
    Sorry I’m not impressed…the competition from the conservative may not be super duper but with this menu of whims from labour I’ll stick with the best of bad deal.

    • allymax bruce

      You’re missing the point; Labour want to sell off our ‘Grid’. A foreign buyer can charge any price they want for the ‘transit’ of electricity / gas.
      Labour will completely ruin this country if people vote for them.

  • albertcooper

    Its not easy to spend money when you have,nt got where will the money come from? it will be either borrowed,or obtained through taxation !,,same ols story ,same old song!

  • Rockin Ron

    ‘How do you feel when you see your energy bill sitting at the front door?’

    I think many people opt for online billing now, so they won’t be able to relate to this.

  • anyfool

    Labours fuel price freeze is the best news since the eighteenth century for candle makers, start buying them now.
    Price freezes almost always end up doubling the price and more.
    This policy will be lucky to see out the day.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Labour invented OFGEM and its remit, with Ed – no less – changing that just before the election so its job was to lie on behalf of greenergy interests, and not to protect consumers (Energy Act 2010). Perhaps it would be a good idea if he admitted he got it wrong the first time. Of course the really big increases will already be in place when his pledge comes in. He is just gambling that shale gas (from the US at first as LNG, and then at home) will help keep a lid on prices.

  • HJ777

    Price controls.

    Do some people (and parties) never learn?

    Whether you think energy companies make excessive profits or not, their profit margin is typically 5% of your bill. The rest is split very roughly equally between the costs of generation/distribution/billing and the prices they pay for fuel.

    So if the price of fuel goes up by (say) 20%, then they would make losses if prices were frozen. Is this a good way to encourage them to invest?

    • Chris lancashire

      Well put, and very shortly after there would be warnings of the lights going out. Has Miliband stopped and asked himself what responsible business is going to invest in the environment he wants to create. Brainless.

    • itdoesntaddup

      Of course you omit to mention that the costs of generation and distribution are vastly greater than they should be, thanks to the policies instituted by Ed Miliband and pursued with zeal by Huhne and Davey. We are providing massive subsidies to uneconomic energy provision, with much of the subsidy being siphoned off abroad to pay for windmills and solar panels.

      • HJ777

        You’re entirely correct, of course.

        Miliband was himself one of the people most responsible for inflating energy bills through taxes designed to encourage otherwise uneconomic ‘green’ energy.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Well, this will play, because the socialist Cameroons have left an open goal here. Their global warmingism and windmill stupidity and QE and tax blunders and all the rest of their socialist foolishness has driven up energy costs unnecessarily. And the Millipedes are merely driving it home, into that open goal the Cameroons have given them.

    Well done, Dave… ya’ muppet.

  • Russell

    Remember Mike & Bernie Winters? We have just seen a screeching adolescent version of Bernie with the flashing teeth spout a load of socialist Statist rubbish.
    Miliband wants to micro manage business, by choosing which small business get a staggering £450 per year cash back (individual low rate taxpayers got nearly double that amount in their pocket with tax allowance change) for a year.
    Compulsion to take on an EU apprentice if they employ a specialist from USA, Australia, China, Japan or India, and the apprentice could be an Eastern European.
    He wants to freeze the prices energy businesses can charge!

    Socialist or Communist? Must be rejected to save UK from this moron and his party.

    • realfish

      That is so true. Miliband is the most dangerous person to emerge on the political stage in the last 50 years.

      But expect the ‘kippers to be along soon with some lib/lab/con mantra…Farage will be the next PM…I don’t care if Miliband gets in, Cameron has it coming.

    • John Anderson


    • willshome

      Mike & Bernie Winters? Is that a dog whistle way of pointing out that Ed Milliband is Jewish – by saying looks like some other Jewish man? On actual policies, help for small businesses, more apprenticeships and a halt to excessive profits on energy bills seems perfectly fine.

      • Russell

        It is pointing out that he looks a bit like Bernie Winters (except Miliband is a dangerous marxist, not at all funny).
        Small businesses getting £450 per year is minute help, making businesses take on EU apprentices does not help business or the out of work British youth. What excessive profits (4%)?

  • Tony_E

    Interesting afternnon listening to history being comprehensively re-written….

  • Gaz3

    Labour removed energy price control in 2001

  • John_Page

    Green surcharges Ed’s fault. Temperatures plateauing. Why should we pay more?

  • Julian Charles Bray

    Energy businesses are controlled by foreign owners, and energy imported

    • David Lindsay

      Not under public ownership, which is what he means. It will be made to look like an emergency measure, the only way to make the price freeze work. And that will that.