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George Mudie’s gloomy tunes suggests that Ed Miliband is under increasing pressure

1 August 2013

4:15 PM

1 August 2013

4:15 PM

George Mudie is the Labour Party’s answer to Marvin the Paranoid Android. He gave an interview to The World At One earlier today which was so morose in tone that I think he must, as a matter of urgency, have a meal at the Restaurant At the End of Universe.

Yet, through the fog of his despair, Mudie (a seasoned agitator of the Blair and Brown era) shot some cruel barbs at Ed Miliband. Words like ‘confused’ and ‘hesitant’ dotted his spiel, together with rambling rhetorical questions like:

‘Do you know, ‘cos I don’t, our position on welfare, do you know our position on education, do you know our genuine position on how we’d run the health service?’ 


The Tories have got very excited about this stramash, and have issued a lengthy communique containing all of the embarrassing quotes from ‘a senior and respected Labour MP’.

Ho, ho. I doubt that we should take old gloomy Mudie quite so seriously; but, plainly, the recent Tory revival has unsettled the once disciplined Labour benches, which is not good news for Ed Miliband at this stage of the parliament.

Readers can make up their own minds by listening to Mudie here:

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  • Magnolia

    Ed has always had the look of doom to me.
    You can’t govern just for victims alone.
    He needed a strong shadow cabinet with policy ideas of their own but they’re either nightmares from the past or too insipid or frightened to branch out.
    It’s Labour’s system of central control and their follow my leader cult like tendency that leads to policy stultification.
    Ed literally looks like a dying duck in a thunderstorm in that photo and although I have never seen such a poor unfortunate beast, i would imagine that the genuine article of bird would glorify in a warm summers downpour when every other creature would be running for cover.
    Such is Labour’s dilemma.
    Ed should be on the front foot with the continuing economic problems but, in political terms, he’s increasingly looking like something the dog’s dragged in.

  • Span Ows

    Gloomy because he’s right and isn’t afraid to say it, clearly not like the average politician these days

  • Noa

    Mudie seems quite sincere to me. Much of what he says could apply as equally to David Cameron as to Ed Miliband.
    Clearly, like the rest of us, he’s outside the Westminster Bubble and has some contact, through his constituents, with the realities of mass immigration, NHS meltdown and remote control government by Brussels.

    • HookesLaw

      Ah the westminster bubble. No argument nothing to say – blame the westminster bubble.

      • Noa

        I see. Will a couple of adjectives help you?

        Instead of:- “… with the realities…”, does:- “with the doctrinally insuperable realities of…” provide you with sufficient intellectual sustenance for a constructive thought?

        • Wessex Man

          in Hookys case no!

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Yes, sadly, this case would have to await technological advances, ’til a full brain transplant becomes feasible.

            Now, we could use artificial intelligence to replace all of the thinking power of the specimen, but scientists haven’t yet been able to isolate and identify anything to replace.


  • Emulous

    This twit’s predecessor was Denis Healey whose main claim to fame was that he failed to save his party from the Welsh Windbag in the election to rid Britain of the Communist Foot.

    • Drabble

      God save us from the FOOT-KINNOCK-BROWN disaster party.

  • Shazza

    Please, please, Labour Party – Don’t unseat the two Eds. They are the best chance of a Conservative win in 2015. Please.