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The View from 22 — why the Met always gets it wrong, Miliband’s Clause 4 moment and nationalising private schools

11 July 2013

8:17 AM

11 July 2013

8:17 AM

Why has the Met Office become so inaccurate at predicting weather in the UK? On the latest View from 22 podcast, author Rupert Darwall explains why out of the last 13 years of weather predictions by the Met, 12 have been incorrect. How does the Met Office go about predicting weather? Are these inaccuracies down to technological or human error? And in what way does the government’s climate change policies feed into their decisions?

James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman also discuss Labour’s union manoeuvres and Ed Miliband’s Clause 4 moment he didn’t want but is now stuck with. Has the Labour leader made the right decision to take on the unions? Can the Falkirk-Unite scandal be contained by his bold move? And how will the departure of Tom Watson affect their 2015 general campaign chances?


Plus, Fraser Nelson discusses the nationalisation of private schools and why Labour are no longer the party of education reform – as well as revealing why eight years ago, he was a signed up Blairite.

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The View from 22 — 11 July 2013. Length: 26:49

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  • Old Fox

    But my poor stupid chump, the WON’T have access to “the best education the north east can offer” because that “best” is centrally and inescapably founded upon SELECTION and this revolting little Cameron-Blair compromise – the “academcy” (how Plato would have howled) flinches from that necessary measure – as, it seems, do you. You should be weeping and mourning the loss of your old school to the open maw of the socialist dominated state. Instead, with more than Cameronian complacency you prattle of the “discomfiture” of a few Labour hacks.

  • Daniel

    The URL doesn’t work…

  • Colonel Mustard

    ” . . . as well as revealing why eight years ago, he was a signed up Blairite.”

    I thought there was something dodgy about the direction this magazine has taken.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      and now he’s a signed up H2Blairite

    • David Simpson

      As per usual Mustard has nothing to say, what a sad sad person he is

  • OldLb

    It’s because their models are curve fitting.

    So because temperatures rose 1980-2000, their prediction is that you extrapolate the curve, and it predicts rises. However the weather didn’t do that.

    So, their models are wrong. What’s happened is that they have a selection bias in favour of models that happen to curve fit. A well known problem, and they have fallen for it.