The Honourable Members for the Maldives

29 July 2013

5:49 PM

29 July 2013

5:49 PM

Any MP will tell you that the summer recess is not a holiday. Colleagues on all sides of the House spend the long break working very hard in their constituencies, they say. So here’s a way to take a break from those pesky voters. All MPs were recently emailed the following:

‘URGENT | HMG Election Observation Mission | Maldives | 5-9 September 2013 (exact dates to be confirmed)

‘We are urgently looking for four Members (party/gender balance) to take part in a proposed HMG election observation mission to Maldives for the forthcoming Presidential elections due in September. As part of the mission Members will join FCO staff from the British High Commission in Colombo and will be deployed in small groups to monitor polling stations either in and around Malé or to islands in the Northern and Southern atolls. Members will be asked to submit a short report on their findings to the FCO.’

Steerpike hears that there was a lot of interest in this doubtless strenuous mission.

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  • Colin Forbes

    Could someone – FCO, anyone connected with this – please explain why it is necessary for the British Government – and thus the poor benighted taxpayer – to take responsibility and assume the cost of ensuring the elections in a foreign country of which we know nothing and care less are ‘free and fair’? Should we expect a party of Maldives MPs to be ‘deployed’ in constituencies around the country in May 2015? I think not. There must be an end to this nonsense and any MP who dares take part in September should be hounded until they have repaid every last penny of their ‘expenses’ for this ridiculous jolly.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    I thought they were all under water thanks to that global warming thingy.

  • Trofim

    The Maldives is where Islamists destroyed all pre-Islamic artifacts in the national museum. Hardly anyone noticed, because said artifacts were smaller than the Bamiyan Buddhas.

  • Aaron D Highside

    Four Members? Gender balance? One of each?

  • realfish

    If there’s no one available I’ll do it!

    In the meantime Dianne Abbott (with Owen Jones) can pop over and ‘do’ the Zimbabwe elections, which, like those they observed in Venezuela, they will no doubt declare ‘free and fair’.

  • Ikigai

    Ms K Lumley is probably a front runner….she has asked several questions in the house in the last 6 months regarding the Maldives

  • chudsmania

    Expect huge interest from the limp dems , who see huge visions of vast windmill farms being built here……….