Philip Blond for Mayor of London?

18 July 2013

5:42 PM

18 July 2013

5:42 PM

While David Cameron, assisted by a trio of pyjama-clad children and the Chancellor, was entertaining the ladies and gentleman of Her Majesty’s Loyal Press Corps in No. 10, right-wing elements of the Conservative Party were carousing by the river in Chelsea. IDS, Welsh Secretary David Jones and venerable right-wingers Sir Gerald Howarth and Graham Brady joined former Tory head of press Nick Wood and his cohort from Media Intelligence Partners for a rabble-rouse.

Unlike the Downing Street soiree in the Rose Garden, this was not a champagne free-zone. Ûber-wonk Philip Blond was overheard discussing his plans to run for Mayor of London. And as the evening wore on, Blond began to try to recruit campaign staff. He was not the only Tory at the bash whose eyes are fixed on City Hall, but Mr Steerpike will save that tale for another day.


Meanwhile, down the road, the Guardian was hosting a party to celebrate an ‘exciting time’ for the company. Indeed, the dear old Graun’s losing only £30 million at present. There was a barbecue and everything.

Steerpike’s favourite part of the week was our own Spectator Life party held aboard the Johnnie Walker Voyager, which is moored up by Tower Bridge. Bryan Ferry clearly runs a tight ship. His 26 year old son Isaac, who works for his dad, was DJ-ing on the 1920s yacht. Isaac was belting out Roxy Music hits and barely bothered to remix them. Not that anyone was complaining.

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  • Frank P

    Zero Mostel as the London Mayor? Oy vey!

  • David Lindsay

    Maurice for Labour, then?

    Has to be, if the Tories do this.

    • terence patrick hewett

      If it’s Maurice Glasman then he gets my vote.

      • David Lindsay

        We were joking about it at the Blue Labour conference earlier this month. But if the Tories run Phillip…

  • terence patrick hewett

    London needs a big hitter: after his performance as the head of 2012 Olympics, it must be Sebastian Coe.

  • Colonel Mustard

    How much more would the Guardian lose if they did not have the monopoly on public sector recruitment advertising?

    Why do they have the monopoly on public sector recruitment advertising?

    • David Lindsay

      It has always baffled me that Tory councils advertised jobs in The Guardian. They have never had to. If they wanted to advertise them in the Daily Telegraph or the Daily Mail instead, then they would be perfectly free to do so, and they always have been.

      But no less incomprehensible has been the advertising of positions with Labour councils in The Guardian at any point since the spring of 2001. For that newspaper has supported the Liberal Democrats at the last three General Elections. At the next one, it will have been 18 years, an entire generation of voters, since it last advised its readers to vote Labour.

      It continues aggressively to promote the Lib Dem interest both explicitly and by its extremely anti-Labour and anti-union coverage. That makes it a pro-Coalition paper, and thus effectively a Tory one. Perhaps the willingness of the Tories to advertise in it is not so difficult to understand after all?

      Its Sunday sister-paper, The Observer, even employs Andrew Rawnsley, who assumed that everyone else also found a state-educated and non-Oxbridge Prime Minister to be a personal affront, so that considerations of mere sourcing and what have you went out of the window in seeking to destroy him, and who found that everyone else in this country approved courtier media was indeed of exactly that view.

      Why do Labour councils hand over the money that keeps such an operation in business? Why do other public bodies under Labour influence? Why do voluntary organisations within that orbit?

  • Wessex Man

    Oh no not another “big society” thinker when is this useless party ever going to realise they so out of touch Eton style old boys who will fail to hold onto power with this lot!

    • The Meissen Bison

      Egdon Heath Comp is in “special needs”.