One is getting impatient

17 July 2013

1:36 PM

17 July 2013

1:36 PM

Commenting on the imminent royal baby, Brenda, who is set to become a great-grandmother again, seems overwhelmed with joy:
‘I hope it arrives soon because I’m going on holiday.’
 Classic Windsor coldness.

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  • Studley

    You mean Her Majesty doesn’t actually see this as the Second Coming? Fancy that. The press does.

  • Roy

    The laugh is on the photographers for once congregating on the other side of the street. Too bad the weather has improved to accommodate them. Lets hope it’s another two weeks at least before they see action. With a bit of luck they might all have fell asleep.

  • Marc de Salis

    She was making conversation with an 8 year old child.

  • timinsingapore

    Seems like a balanced, common-sense attitude to me.

  • C. Gee

    No sentimentality.
    No effusion.
    No exhibition of personal feelings.

    These are traditional English characteristics. Why do you disparage them?

    HM will never be the mawkish People’s Queen, I hope, despite being pushed in that direction by media types.

    • Studley

      Yes, she must have been one h ll of a lover!

  • Teacher

    Her madge is awesome!

  • donkeypunch

    one more mouth for the welfare state to feed *shrugs*

    • Whyshouldihavetoregister

      You typed ‘punch’ by mistake after your nym.

      • donkeypunch

        what is this ‘nym’ you speak of