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In It Together: the new inside story of the coalition

12 July 2013

12 July 2013

Twelve years ago, Andrew Rawnsley put a bomb under Westminster with his book on the Blair first term Servants of the People: the Inside Story of New Labour. Impeccably-informed and brilliantly-connected, Rawnsley used all his access to lift the curtain on what the New Labour lot were really up to. As Peter Oborne said in The Spectator, ‘it was a devastating piece of contemporary history, as well-informed as it is lethal’.

So Mr Steerpike notices with much interest that former Speccie editor Matt d’Ancona has chosen the same subheading for his book.  In It Together: the Inside Story of the Coalition comes out in September. D’Ancona is to the coalition what Rawnsley was to New Labour: a confidant of several of the leading figures in the government. Could he be planning a similar expose? Mr Steerpike certainly hopes so.

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  • salieri

    Don’t forget the follow-up, The End of the Party, which was even more devastating about G. Brown and his vile henchmen, and thus of particular relevance to recent events. Rawnsley’s diptych is not only well-informed but a combination of independent perception and stylistic panache: gripping, perfectly constructed, witty and throughout its complexities a joy to read. The Spectator’s grand set-pieces used to have a similar reputation – until the tenure of Matthew d’Ancona, to whom style appears to be an abiding mystery.

    Mr. Steerpike’s excitement may be the triumph of hope over experience.

  • Colonel Mustard

    An excellent cartoon on that cover!

    • HookesLaw

      But as a single for instance – has there been anything in this coalition that is as remotely controversial as Blair giving Campbell power over ministers and civil servants by the dubious measure of order in council?

      This is what we are comparing to, a labour govt that was rotten to the core.

      • Colonel Mustard

        I meant the quality of the cartoon itself, although I think the three stooges in the canoe are demonstrating the only usefulness that might be attributed to Clegg and Cable.

        • HookesLaw

          Yes I appreciate you were talking about the cartoon.

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