Do MPs deserve a pay rise?

1 July 2013

11:09 AM

1 July 2013

11:09 AM

A small group of MPs have put their heads above the parapet in a brave and commendable fashion by demanding that they and their colleagues should not receive large pay rises. My own view is that MPs should be paid substantially more than what they currently receive, not least because it might improve the intake a little. The Guardian quotes Lib Dem Jo Swinson, Conservative Tim Loughton and Labour’s Keith Vaz as being opposed to a large pay increase. Mr Vaz supplements his income by writing for newspapers, fairly frequently. Ms Swinson is married to another Lib Dem, Duncan Hames, and so has the benefit of being a young double income and childless (although I believe she’s up the duff) couple. And Tim Loughton was, until 2000, a company director in the City of London and has apparently substantial shares in J P Morgan. What about the older MPs with families, those who have not made a killing in the city or supplement their incomes with journalism? How many real high flyers past the age of forty would settle for £60k a year?

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  • Sanctimony

    300 years ago, we would have been hanging many members of today’s House of Commons at Tyburn…. if only !

    The collective assembly of reptiles, with their fraudulent expenses claims, their lack of respect for their electorate and their self-serving ambition should be dragged on the streets, on hurdles, from Westminster to Marble Arch and then be duly hanged, drawn and quartered.

    That would truly be a day for national celebration and a purge of the most poisonous and bilious institution in our country.

  • mieko74

    They certainly shouldn’t be getting a wage rise!
    There are petitions online to try and halt this;

    No MP Salary Increase –

    Reduce MPs Wages to £19,000 and Cut Expenses Allowances –

  • gerontius

    Do MPs deserve a pay rise?

    That was easy.
    Think of some harder questions for us young Rod.

  • sunnydayrider

    Apparently Dennis Skinner says a pay rise is justified in order to buy The Speccy to read Pippas column.

  • Rockin Ron

    What about the older MPs with families, those who have not made a
    killing in the city or supplement their incomes with journalism?

    Rod, I challenge you to name three MPs that meet your criteria and have not supplemented their income from other sources. You can’t – it would probably involve too much effort for you.

  • terregles2

    They have always advocated performance related pay for everyone else and always been eager to get rid of teachers etc who were not getting good results.

    Let’s introduce payment by results for MP’s and have heavy fines for those not attending every day.

    We could also save quite a bit by closing down the Wesrminster bar. Who on earth has access to cheap alcohol in their workplace?. Surely at best a recipe for under performance and at worst a recipe for disastor.

    • Sanctimony

      What a typically Scotch Presbyterian response !

      The sooner we are rid of these killjoys and sanctimonious pontificators, the sooner we can raise a glass of Krug at being rid of the Scotch !

  • Dogsnob

    The post of MP deserves very much more than the present rate. If we put more money in place then perhaps we might attract people who will do the job properly, rather than this shower of spineless, clueless idiots who play the part.

    • terregles2

      Does a high salary always attract the best people? Can’t see much evidence so far. Bankers, Footballers etc.

      • Dogsnob

        Well, no not always. How else though?

  • zanzamander

    No salary, benefits or perks. Zero.

    Lets make it official, they can get to keep as many bribes, bung paid by lobbyists and salaries from second, third and fourth jobs as they can get. And they don’t have to declare a penny of it. How’s that?

    The only requirement that we insist upon is that our elected members of parliament shave their heads, put plenty of tar and feathers on their naked bodies and arrive at the parliament sitting backwards on a mangy donkey. Oh, and we can chuck rotten eggs at them whenever we see them in public.

    • Bluesman_1

      Careful citizen, some people round here won’t tolerate such cruelty, what has the donkey done that you would treat it so? Oh and get the donkey’s mange treated.

  • Baron

    So you reckon, young Liddle, we ought to be governed by people who want to ‘fly high’ by enriching themselves whilst running the country, do you?

    Baron begs to differ. We ought to pay nothing, not a penny. Governing the country was and ought to be again a calling, and it should be an honour for any one of us to seek an election to the House, as it was in not that distant past. And only those with sufficiently comfortable bank accounts amassed doing a real job in industry, commerce, trade unions …. should apply, their accumulated wealth furnishing the validation of their high flying abilities. Those we are attracting today won’t be happy with trebling the £60,000 for their only aim is to enrich themselves massively whilst in office or soon after.

    • laurence

      Hah, Baron. Whilst I was rummaging for a quotation for my own comment you posted this. Forgive the repetition and overlap. Couldn’t agree more.

      • Alexsandr

        Yes. They should have low pay, the fact they are serving their country should be enough.

        High pay will just attract gold diggers.

        • terregles2

          They always put that argument forward for not paying nurses high wages. They argued that it would attract people just wanting a high wage rather than those who were more caring.

          • Alexsandr

            not seen many nurses on £75k….

            but Stafford showed us not all medics are caring. some were clearly just turning up for the money with no pretence at caring.

    • Forest Fan

      So by that argument you would have Richard
      Branson, Wayne Rooney and that bird off the Dragons Den with the massive ‘fuck-off’ collars running the country?

      • Baron

        Baron cannot imagine Rooney to hear a calling to run anything, he often looks he cannot run his own legs, and he has only a pair, and as for the other two, yes, they would qualify to go to the first round. It would be the barbarian’s hope the select committee would strike them off for reasons similar to those you must have for disliking them.

  • Flintshire Ian

    Do you really think that UNITE would choose a better quality MP for Falkirk if the pay was better?

  • Motukp

    We are asking around 600 people to decide the fate of a country of almost 70 million with specific responsibility for almost half of the £1 trillion economy.

    We want the best, most experienced, capable members we can find. Instead with £60,000 we have many either inexperienced, insulated or incompetent:

    Inexperienced – potentially good spirited and capable but long on ideas, short on execution,

    Insulated – whether because of inheritance, previous work or outside interests,

    Incompetent – those who couldn’t get a job anywhere else but with a winning combination of low cunning and tenacity.

    There are and will always be notable exceptions but since they are both notable and exceptional that doesn’t really help. Who knows, for £40,000 extra each we might get progress on the £1,200,000,000 deficit.

    • terregles2

      Think imprisonment for fiddling might also be a bit of a deterrent. Seems to work for most of the population

  • HarryTheHornyHippo

    Pay them nothing and let their own parties take care of their incomes. Ditto local government.

  • edithgrove

    “How many real high flyers past the age of forty would settle for £60k a year?”

    Ambitious and well past forty here and would be happy to live on as much as £60000 a year. Course If I were greedy and cared only about money I’d want several times that.

  • DougS

    I would suggest:

    £100K – no outside earnings

    £60K – part time journalist, Co. director, barrister, TV work etc.

    HOWEVER – Joe Public isn’t going to be happy with any increase while his earnings are being held back, so my guess is that they’ll all refuse the £10K, or more lkely rich CallMeDave will stop them taking it!

  • Robert Taggart

    Yes, but, only if they cut their numbers by… one hundred and fifty !

    • Wessex Man

      Cut their numbers by 150, surely you mean 350? there’s no work for half of them as every is duplicated in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      Lets get rid of the lot of them and have an English Patliament instead!

      • Robert Taggart

        Agreed, but, when did you last witness Turkeys voting for Christmas ?!

      • HFC

        Also consider pay deductions for ‘no-show’ MPs; how many times has G Brown attended parliament since he was ousted?

        • terregles2

          About as often as he has visited Dalgety Bay and wanted to discuss the radio active danger to the public in Dalgety Bay. Didn’t bother him when he was PM but he now seems to think it is a big issue..
          He should be thrown out of parliament for non attendance.

          • Robert Taggart

            Could that not constitute cruelty to animals ? – at least to Macavity ??!