Dear Harriet, what about Labour’s employment practices?

25 July 2013

9:27 AM

25 July 2013

9:27 AM

Harriet Harperson has written to the editors of seventeen national newspapers with a vast list of questions intended to discover how many women they employ, and how many are women over the age of 50. You can’t get a balanced picture of the world if women are not equally represented, she asserts in this letter. No, indeed. What the editors should do is write back to Harriet and ask how many women MPs Labour has (86, as opposed to 169 men) and also what form of chicanery – union or head office – ensured they got their jobs. Frankly, the sight of the Labour Party lecturing people on employment practices is a bit much to take right now. Harriet has also demanded that the Tour De France have a wimmin’s race. Why the apartheid? Surely the Tour De France proper should be open to women too? They’d just about be finishing now.

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  • Gareth

    I wrote to Hattie a long time ago when she was in government asking her why she did nothing about genital mutilation, forced marriage to relatives, the violence against women encouraged by the religion of peace in this country.
    Guess What?
    No reply……………..

  • VWharton

    Wow, how sad looking at the sexist bile masquerading as humour here. 1 in 3 girls is subject to sexist violence in school and 1 in 3 women in their relationships and yet the guys below think this is a laughing matter. Seems gender equality, like racial equality is a laughing matter when its you that’s doing the hitting and the hating. I’ve just had to move my 6 yr old daughter from her primary school where she was bullied and attacked by a group of six boys who all had the beginnings of your attitude, learnt from those men round them and on the media. Give them another ten years and they’ll be breaking bones and other forms of ‘banter’. Jesus, we’ll be laughing all the way to A&E, where, guess what, 1 in 3 female patients has been put their by a male partner – what a jape!

  • kingkevin3

    Funny how it never occurs to Harperson to send similar letters to all the IT companies up and down the country. Maybe we should be employing more 50 year old women to knock up our next enterprise solution.I’m sure they could learn what it’s all about in a week. They are ever so capable….

  • The_greyhound

    Did Mrs Harman write to CQC to ask how many women it employed, particularly in management and director level (answer : almost entirely female)?

    And did she derive any conclusion from the utter inefficiency, waste, corruption, incompetence, malfeasance and scandal that the ‘Lehman Sisters’ produced, at vast public expense?

    Just asking, like.

    • Eddie

      Indeed, and maybe the privileged silver-spoon-sucking Herr Harman can write to many others to ensure they have 50% male employees – for example, the health service (are half of nurses male), local councils, schools, TV production companies, HR departments, florists, publishing companies et al.
      So-called ‘positive action’ is nothing more than prejudice masquerading as the promotion of equality.
      People should be hired for their ability – and as men and women have different brains and evolutionary roles, so tend to have different attributes, then some careers are quite rightly dominated by men (airline pilots, miners, inventors, technicians, speech and ad writers, comedy, technie IT etc).

      • The_greyhound

        Suggesting that people should be hired for their ability will itself become an offence under legislation shortly to be introduced by the lovely Maria Miller.

  • Kristi Winters

    When are men going to admit to their all invisible positive discrimination, hiring other men through chicanery such as the old boys network and benefiting from sexism of men who are doing the hiring?

    • rodliddle

      It’s not just men who do that, Kristi, although they are in the majority of those who do it.

  • sunnydayrider

    Can you imagine one of the gals failing a drugs test with excess of PMT pills on board? Even Lance was never caught for that. I bet Hattie would still have to shave her legs!

  • Lungfish

    she’s feckin mad

  • The_greyhound

    I’ve always thought it sad that witch burnings came to an end. A great day out for all the family, something to really bring the community together.

  • DougS

    What? She’s only written to national newspapers!

    What about refuse collection departments, deep sea diving, coal mining, sewage cleaning and bomb disposal?

    Don’t they also deserve a 50% female input?

  • fubar_saunders

    cant she just be taken outside and double tapped?

    • Lungfish

      No- we live in a free democracy where everybody has the right to be batcrazy mad and still reach high office and spout utter nonsense to a drooling uneducated mass of gormless TV viewers.-its the way it has to be. Its why somebody should insist that our national broadcaster is politically independent. Maybe Rod Liddle could be that person?- Nah, I doubt it, I’m off up the wooden mountain.

  • FrankS

    Rod – I’m disappointed you persist with the name Harperson, ending as it does with the sexist word son. I think you’ll find the alternative Harbody is more acceptable in progressive circles.

  • David Lindsay

    A Deputy Leadership Election is long overdue.

    • jjjj

      I thought you had higher ambitions than that, David.

      • David Lindsay

        Not necessarily saying very much. It is a legendarily thankless job.

        But there is no shortage of people who could do it: Jon Cruddas, Tom Watson (especially after the Coulson and Brooks convictions later this year or early next), Chuka Ummuna.

        Harman is a throwback to 1970s feminism, to 1980s Hard Leftism, to the Blair year.

        • Noa

          Damage done, the iniquitous Equalities Act now law, and fully enacted by May, she can pat herself on the back, accept her peerage and join Prescott, Mandelson and the other evil Blair cronies who have wrought irreperable harm to the country..

          • David Lindsay

            Oh, she’s not one to go … well, at all, really.

  • Colonel Mustard

    When it comes to this truly ghastly woman I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll live long enough…

    • jjjj

      …to do her.

  • Noa

    Perhaps, in the interest of balance in equality, she’ll write next to local and county councils demanding to know how many males toilet cleaners there are with specific responsibilitiy for operational cleaning the Ladies.
    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve misdirected myself when some cheerful brush-weilding Brunhilda has cheerfully approached the urinals, crying:
    “Don’t you worry about me, Ducks. Just carry on doing what your doing!”

    Time I think, that Harperson, thinking herself safely esconced in a unisex cubicle, was treated to similar cheery open door treatment by her own ‘Fagash Bill’.

    • jjjj


  • sarahsmith232

    watched slack jawed a Question Time where the words ‘well, these are all just silly girls. .. ‘ etc came out of her mouth. can’t remember which group of young girls in society were supposed to be the nothing more than ‘silly girls’ girls but just unbelievable! can you imagine if a Tory male of the QT panel had come out with that? the Tories would never have heard the last of it to this day. as ever with Labour, absolutely full of it hypocrites.

  • Angry Harry

    Why does anyone still believe that Harman is concerned about gender equality?

    She is not concerned about it at all.

    Her aim has always been to garner the support of women by falsely proclaiming that men are abusing them all over the place (sexually, financially, in the work place etc etc) and that she will protect them from these wicked men.

    Demonisation and the spreading of hatred towards, and fear of, men is how she and her feminist cronies keep attracting the support of women – who, one might add, rather like all the special privileges and entitlements that she offers them.

    Men are being ripped off in just about every area of their liives.

  • Keith D

    All hail Harriet,the best vote catcher the Tories ever had.Bet she didn’t write to a Muslim journals editor.
    On second thoughts,maybe that troughing heifer Jackboots just shades it.

  • Robert Taggart

    Harriet Harperson-Dromey – never ceases to amaze Moi – ever since one became aware of her in the Eighties. She has always had the gift for putting her ‘silver feet’ in her mouth – and Liebore are too dim to realise what an embarrassment she can be.
    Still, politics would be much more boring without this boorish feminist and her cuckold – Jack !

    • Lungfish

      Love you always Cooky

  • HJ777

    Actually, I think that a women’s Tour de France would be a good idea. Sure, they wouldn’t be as fast, but what matters is the quality/level of competition. The fact that they’re moving slightly slower really doesn’t matter.

    After all, there is a women’s singles title at Wimbledon and there the quality and level of competition is noticeably inferior to the men’s.

    • jjjj

      I only watch women’s Wimbledon for the grunts.

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        I had to read that twice! are you sure you spell-checked that properly?

    • Curnonsky

      They already tried it; nobody watched.

  • FrenchNewsonlin

    Would that be the same Hattie Harperson about whom the Telegraph’s Martin Beckford noted (9 Mar 2009): “It’s a shame that Miss Harman’s zeal for positive discrimination and all things politically correct among adults does not extend to the exploitation of children. Any child who is used for the sexual gratification of adults counts as an abused child and needs protecting.”?

  • Daniel Maris

    I’ll believe Harriet Harman is concerned about gender equality in the workplace when she starts writing to sewage companies and trucking firms demanding to know why they don’t employ 50% women. Why does she consider that only some areas of employment need this approach? Or is she rather saying that she wants women to dominate all the important and influential jobs while leaving men to do the dirty and dangerous work?

    • fantasy_island

      Excellent comment Daniel.

      In the interest of equality I wonder why she doesn’t write to primary schools demanding to know why they don’t employ 50% men.

    • alba pecorina

      As a woman I loathe women’s football. It is betrayal of the sisterhood. Woman who play football are want to be men and misoginist.

      • fantasy_island

        A proper feminist wouldn’t describe themselves “as a woman”.

        • Lungfish


          • fantasy_island

            It’s true, the term “woman” is considered to be an unacceptable generalisation by all proper feminists.

            Well argued by the way.

      • Noa

        I applaud your view. And I shall watch the Ladies Quarter final tonight between Norway and Sweden to determine which of them are anti feminist reactionaries betraying the Cause of Wimminhood.

      • StephanieJCW

        You are completely crazy.

        Football is a very enjoyable way of doing sport and keeping in shape.

    • Angry Harry

      “Or is she rather saying that she wants women to dominate all the important and influential jobs”

      Of course she is saying this.

      Feminism is a supremacist ideology like Nazism. It’s got nothing to do with ‘equality’.

      And it allows governments to interfere with ALL aspects of people’s lives.

      Feminism invades just about everywhere.

      It is also part and parcel of a power grab by Government – which is why governments, the world over, are taking on board feminist ideology.

      Feminism is worth billions of dollars every year to Government – jobs, pensions, empires, money, power etc etc.

      In the end, all cultures and peoples that adopt the feminist agenda are doomed to extinction – being taken over by those groups wherein women prefer to stay at home and have children.

    • Lungfish

      correct Daniel

    • rodliddle

      Beacuse so far as I can see she has not the slightest interest in working class women.

    • Nicholas chuzzlewit

      You are stepping on dangerously sensible ground here Dan. you will be calling her a worthless hypocrite next.

  • zakisbak

    The bbc is giving over whole chunks of one channel to a women’s football tournament,complete with all female pundits.Harriet is no doubt watching,(or getting one of the servants to),but it’s hard to imagine many others are.

    • HJ777

      Actually, the women’s football is surprisingly enjoyable (much better than I had suspected) and the broadcasting rights are almost certainly pretty cheap (very cheap compared to the men’s equivalent).

      • Robert Taggart

        Indeed – all those ‘bumps’ bouncing up and down !

        • HJ777

          Actually, I was referring to the quality of the play.

    • Wessex Man

      Don’t pick on Women’s Football with your ignorant whine at a women to question a woman who probably doesn’t know what real grass smells like. Quite a few people I know are watching the Women’s European Championship and we’ll be watching Denmark tonight hopfully progessing to the final with Germany on Sunday!

  • laurence

    Before hectoring others about the fulfilment of quotas, Hattie might like to check for intelligent life within the Labour party. There is, I’m certain, intelligent life within the country but it seems wholly lacking from Labour’s front bench. Oh and please do continue with this quest for a balanced picture of the world through more ‘realistic’ representation. I cannot think of anyone better equipped to lecture the populace on their reality than a public schoolboy/girl who after university went straight into parliament as, say, a researcher, became an MP and then set about enriching themselves from the public purse before retiring on a healthy pension, doubtless topped up by doing a spot of lucrative consultancy ‘work’. Jog on, love.

  • Pootles

    Actually, I’d be more interested to hear what Harriet thinks about female genital mutilation, especially that carried out in Britain (not one prosecution for this vile abuse under Labour, or, for that matter, under the current set of jokers). It would also be nice to hear her thoughts on the legal status of women in Sharia courts in the UK. Or on ‘arranged’ marriage – especially that involving young British women being taken to Pakistan. And while she’s at it, could she say a little about polygamy and the blind eye that is turned to that in the UK too? And we musn’t forget the attitude to non-Muslim girls (including Sikh, and black and white Christian background girls) displayed by certain ethinc gangs. Harriet ? Harriet ?

    • Tintagel

      All that is far too culturally sensitive for Labour to touch. To do so would be to admit that multiculturalism has a dark side, and that would be heresy.

    • blindsticks

      Be honest if these women were really British wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag them off anywhere they didn’t want to go, and the fact they allow themselves to be dragged off , let alone marry someone they’ve never met or don t wish to marry, says enough. Perhaps it’s about time some of these Pakistani Muslim girls made up their minds just how British they really want to be. After all It’s still a free country(supposedly)and no one has any right to drag anyone off anywhere. Not even at the point of a gun.
      Other than that I agree with everything you’re saying..

      • Pootles

        You’re probably right, old fruit, but it would take an exceptional girl (just into puberty) to stand up to the pressure they can be put under. At the least, saying ‘no’ would lead to one being ostracised from family and ‘community’ (horrible word), at the worst – an ‘honour’ killing. That’s another blessing that’s been bestowed on Blighty, I suppose.

        • John Court

          Consider girls who are British Citizens but are from a family and community that keeps itself segregated, who are instructed to wear a burqa/niqab and will be used to the concept that the secular locals are inferior. These girls may not even be aware of the freedoms to which they are entitled, and those that are would find it very difficult to do anything about it. I wonder if it is compulsory for children to be educated about the options available to them in life and encouraged to make their own life decisions. They certainly should be.

      • StephanieJCW

        “Be honest if these women were really British wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag them off anywhere they didn’t want to go, and the fact they allow themselves to be dragged off , let alone marry someone they’ve never met or don t wish to marry, says enough.”

        Yes – quite. No British woman has ever been subjected to abuse at the hands of her loved ones. Nope. Never…

    • David Lindsay

      Uproar in South Africa over the 70 deaths and the numerous serious injuries, a standard annual tally, resulting from traditional, and at present seasonal, acts of male genital mutilation. The taboo against criticising, or even mentioning, these things is mercifully coming to an end.

      Most or all of the participants would identify as Christians, and would indeed be very active as such in many ways. A similar situation exists in the United States, and might also exist (I honestly do not know) among the ancient indigenous Christians of the Middle East. That is no excuse for turning a blind eye to these cultural practices. Quite the reverse, in fact.

      Just as we are fighting for marriage both against those who would permit polygamy and against those who would extend it to same-sex couples, so we are fighting for boys’ bodily integrity both against, again, the forces of Islamisation, and against, again, the leading force for extreme secular liberalism.

      It really is no surprise that both the scientific and the political pressure for abortion on demand even up to the very last moments of pregnancy comes so heavily from a group which, even after it has given up every other indicator of identity, continues to insist on defining itself by a practice which it claims is acceptable on the grounds that infants, or at any rate male infants, feel little or no pain even up to eight days after birth.

    • StephanieJCW

      Polygamy is illegal in the UK.
      It is not recognised legally, however in people wish to live in polygamous households then they are allowed to do so. I don’t think the government should be telling people the kind of households they may live in although it is right they don’t recognise it legally.

      I am not sure how you would make arranged marriages illegal. Forced yes, but arranged includes things as benign as matchmaking.

      ‘Sharia Courts’ do not exist. They are merely people using English laws to have legally binding rulings applied to those who agree to participate and agree to be bound by them.

      • Pootles

        Indeed, polygamy is illegal, but you will notice that I said ‘the blind eye that is turned to it in the UK’. Female genital mutilation is also illegal, but not one single prosecution has been carried out with regard to FGM. Both forms of illegality are effectively accepted because no prosecutions, or convictions, have occurred. Muslim polygamy, sanctioned by Islamic religious law exists in the UK. Not only are there serious questions to be addressed in relation to the rights of women, but it is also the case that if any other religious authority, for example, the Church of England, knowingly sanctioned polygamy, then they would face legal sanction. In consequence, we have yet another erosion of post-Enlightenment values and legal norms that characterise our system.

        I put ‘arranged’ in inverted commas to suggest, as you deduced, that I was talking about forced marriage – as my subsequent point about young Pakistani-British girls being taken to Pakistan (and vice versa) reinforces. I’m glad you agree that forced marriage needs to be stopped.

        Sharia Courts do exist – people are not using ‘English laws’ in Sharia Courts, they are applying a wholly religious legal system, and one that has a built-in bias against women. The idea that people can simply chose to ‘participate and agree to be bound’ by alternative legal systems is appalling – another fundamental weakening of our legal system. Would you accept, for example, the judgement of a kangaroo court of young, white men sitting in judgement on one of their peers who had transgressed some code or other?

        Perhaps you might also like to say something about female genital mutilation (you know, the cutting out of a girl’s clitoris), and the widespread sanction that that has in Muslim communities in particular? Or, you might also like to comment on the predatory rape gangs, entirely from the Muslim community, who prey on young girls solely from other ethnic and religious groups. According to police estimates, there may well be 10,000 girls who have suffered in this way, and the phenomenon appears to go back at least as far as 1989, when Sikhs began to object. You might also give an estimate of the number of Sikh gangs, or Christian community gangs, that prey on Muslim girls – as fas as I am aware there are none.

        Over to you.

      • Pootles

        StephanieJCW, I replied t(see below) to your reply to my original post, and I had thought you might respond. But you haven’t. Oh well. I see the BBC is reporting another Muslim background rape gang at work today: There was another yesterday – involving a Sikh girl as victim. Any thoughts as to the possible ideological origin of all this?

  • HJ777

    I really don;t see how you can criticise Harriet Harman and Labour over this.

    After all, they have addressed the issue via all-women shortlists – that’s how her husband became a Labour MP.

    • fantasy_island

      It is stunning hypocrisy, these people have no shame.

    • Noa

      Being married to Ms Harrman must give a new meaning to the term female genital mutilation.

    • milliboot

      How did she square that at the time ?

      • fantasy_island

        Easy, nepotism.