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Coffee Shots: George uses his loaf

25 July 2013

9:25 AM

25 July 2013

9:25 AM

George Osborne was a busy boy last night, visiting a number of #hardworking people ahead of today’s GDP figures.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 09.23.55

P.S. Mr Steerpike was thrilled to be reminded that there are other Treasury ministers who like to don baseball caps when visiting #hardworking people. Here’s Danny Alexander, looking more uncomfortable than ever in one.

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  • Noa

    “Wass’at? No. It’s nothing personal. I always wear ear defenders to reduce hearing and brain loss.”

  • Alex

    “It’s called bread, Mr Osborne. It’s what people eat if they can’t afford M&S Organic Focaccia.”

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