Boris and the gipsies of Belgium

10 July 2013

6:08 PM

10 July 2013

6:08 PM

It’s the peak of the summer party season. Half a dozen events competed for the Westminster crowd last night. The bookies at Ladbrokes made themselves outsiders by holding their booze-up on a boat that cast off a tad too early in the evening. The Adam Smith Institute hosted a bash on the Thames, while a stuffy parliament office saw the Tory Awkward Squad raise a glass to David Davis. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Palace of Westminster, whisky cocktails flowed for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Her Majesty’s Loyal Press Corps, whose summer bash was sponsored by booze kings Diageo.

In the quiet surroundings of Dean Yard, a stone’s throw from Westminster Abbey, the wonks of Policy Exchange were joined by a Pimms-fuelled Boris Johnson. He was introduced by Dean Godson, the new head of the think tank and a former colleague of Johnson’s at the Telegraph. Godson reminisced about waiting for BoJo’s copy, and did an uncanny impression of the blond bombshell:

‘Ummm, err well. Errr. The gipsies of Belgium have stolen the umm er copper wire of the umm wires needed to file umm it’s gone. Systems are down. Umm err, it will be with you in an hour.’

It’s rare that the mayor is upstaged. He was presented with a toy bus for his troubles.

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  • Lungfish

    an ode to all electricians everywhere

  • thanksdellingpole

    Don’t forget to give all of those monkeys an amnesty.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Er, shouldn’t that be ‘gypsies’?

  • Boris Watch

    Given that Godson is one of the people responsible for Boris’s nonsensical bus, this is only appropriate. There’s never a devasting plague of angry wasps around when you need one, is there?

  • slyblade

    toy bus-about sums this guy up