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Audio: Wimbledon champion Andy Murray says he’s ‘a British winner’

7 July 2013

7 July 2013

A Scot has ended Britain’s 77 years of hurt: it’s a glorious day, and Andy Murray’s was a glorious victory. Anticipating this, there were three party leaders watching. From the moment Alex Salmond settled down in Centre Court, you knew what he was up to: he’d have packed a Saltire in his lunchbox and would wave it when the cameras were on him. He was planning to photobomb.

Why? Because, to the SNP, sport is more political than politics: their world is all about what flags you wave, which sportsmen you cheer – and which you don’t. The First Minister even tried to hawk the idea of ‘Scolympians’ last year, trying to divide the British Olympic team between Scots and non-Scots. It was a ludicrous notion, as Sir Chris Hoy said later.

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Political leaders often watch grand finals, but they seldom pack massive flags to wave in hope of making a point. Salmond loves to say how he is Scottish and European, but not British — but, as he was to learn, it’s not a sentiment shared by Andy Murray.

Here’s an extract from Murray’s post-match interview. He was asked about Henman Hill, outside Centre Court, where hundreds had gathered to roar their support. It was a sea of Saltires and Union flags, a wonderful spectacle Scottish and English fans joined to cheer on a fellow countryman. Murray was asked about that support:-

‘I understand how much everyone else wanted to see a British winner at Wimbledon, so I hope you guys enjoyed that. I tried my best.’

Satires and Union flags on Henman Hill

Satires and Union flags on Henman Hill

This isn’t a day for politics. But it is a day for national pride – and for those of us who are lucky enough to be Scottish and British, a reminder about the immense value of that shared identity.

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  • Maidmarrion

    “This isn’t a day for politics. But it is a day for national pride – and for those of us who are lucky enough to be Scottish and British, a reminder about the immense value of that shared identity”
    Utter ordure – this is a sporting event which a young man won for himself anything else is incidental and has sweet nothing to do with our ” shared identity”
    You Mr Nelson can share your identity – I intend to hang on to mine.

  • Amicus Alba

    Face it. Salmond is a lard infested Charlatan that has no place in any sport. Andy, like his family and Chris Hoy do not fall for inbred Nationalism and it really irks him.

    As for the CyberNats below – like Salmond – they do nothing but embarrass Scotland and the sooner the Referendum comes the sooner we can bury inbred puerile Nationalism that defines itself by, not only the hatred of all things English, but the hatred of all Scots that don’t think like them (70% of the country).

  • ellubo

    Last Scots winner was Harold Mahoney in 1896. Andy won it for Britain to put all the english aka Brits out of their angst at not having won their national championship for yonks. The UK-ites are so craving for some sort of compensation for loss of empire, it’s hugely cringeable, and deeply embarrassing. The whole world laughs at Britain for this. Grow up. And as for Miss Barker – I don’t know if it’s worse that a lady of her fine vintage wears false eyelashes or keeps ranting about Henman Hill. Let’s forget Henman please. Or John Lloyd, deeply pedestrian commentator. Just the LTA off their butts and make tennis the national game rather than that thuggish soccer.Royal box well what can you say? I expect they clammy hand of patronage will be scheming to morph andy into a Chris Hoy Brit clone.

    • Wessex Man

      oh dear, this is so sad, a true Olympian like Sir Chris Hoy is now being attacked because he has said he is proud to be a Bristish Olympian and he is in theno camp in the forthcoming referendum.

      • ellubo

        A true Olympian throws javelins and runs marathons in my mind and I really don’t think they should have given two knighthoods to cyclists even a Belgian one. I am sorry that the unwitting Chris Hoy has been hoovered up and I trust that Andy has more sense.

    • Nick

      Oh do stop pretending to be some sort of Mel Gibson/Scottish revolutionary.

      • ellubo

        An admirable camp to be in wouldn’t you say? 😉

        • Nick

          No,because there’s nothing for the Scottish to have a revolution about.

          • ellubo

            Would you like to be ruled by an Government based in Edinburgh?

            • Nick

              It wouldn’t bother me at all.
              Having been based in Scotland and having worked alongside Scottish men and women I have found them to be just like the English,Irish and Welsh.
              We’re all the same on these islands,except we have different regional accents,customs and ideas.But we are all basically the same.
              Not once while I worked in Scotland did I receive any serious anti English abuse.Sure they took the Mickey out of me but I gave it back and there was never a problem.
              When I was driving back from St.Mawes in Cornwall today I passed a house that was flying the Scottish flag and I didn’t feel insulted or have the urge to rip the flag down…….As it doesn’t bother me and I say good luck to the people who hoisted the flag.
              What are we going to do if Scotland gains independence? Kick all of the jocks out of Cornwall who live there and have lived and worked there for years.
              This Scottish independence thing is a load of guff.You know it.I know it.We all know it.

              • ellubo

                Times change. Scotland has a democratically elected SNP government.

                • Nick

                  Yes I agree,times change.And so has England got a democratically government but that doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with their policies and governing style.
                  And the same can be said for the Scotts.
                  The likes of Salmond want to be independent of the English and presumably the Welsh as well……..How does that happen when we are all so inextricably linked by blood,marriage,places of work,economy,socially etc?
                  If Scotland gains independence,it will be in paper only as the inhabitants of England,Wales & Scotland will carry on living as normal.

    • Robert Taggart

      But, HSM was IRISH by descent !

  • Jay T

    Vive Le Scotland Libre!

    • Robert Taggart

      Och Aye to that – NOW GO !

  • Glen Whitton

    So it seems we have a British winner from Scotland, just how can he be British playing at the ALL ENGLAND CLUB should it not be renamed the all British club as it is plain what country you were born in has no relevance when it come to Wimbledon.

  • JohnnyNorfolk

    I am sure Andy Murray is a Scottish and British, his sponsers would not have it any other way.

  • Christian Wright

    I cannot for the life of me understand how Fraser, the living embodiment of the pet jock, could be made editor of this august journal.

    In this barely literate diatribe he exhibits the cognitive awareness of a lobotomized fruit fly and the political acumen of a cold mince pie.

    How could it be that the unfurling of the flag of one’s own country to celebrate an historic victory could be reasonably characterized as offensive? Fraser, who has turned himself inside out to become something he is not (to ingratiate himself with London’s political elite), is the epitome of Scottish cringe.

    He has so mangled his accent to such a degree that it is now the subject of much jocularity both north and south of the border.

    Consider this man’s lack of even a modicum of ethical behaviour. Look how he abuses Murray, his readers, and the truth. Fraser trumpets . . .

    Murray after Wimbeldon victory: I’m “a British Winner”.

    Now Murray did indeed use the phrase “a British winner”, but he did so in a wholly different context. What Murray, referring to English and Scottish fans, actually said was:

    “I understand how much everyone else wanted to see a British winner at Wimbledon”

    Murray never said “I’m a British winner”, which is what Fraser want readers to believe he did say. You notice this excuse for a journalist does not use the form, “I’m . . . a British winner”. Of course not. rather he tries to weasel-word the fraud with the illiteracy (Murray says): I’m ” a British winner”.

    The only literate interpretation of the foregoing is that Fraser is asserting that Andy Murray said he, Fraser Nelson, is “a British winner”.

    This incompetent hack cannot even obfuscate well.

    • Nick

      With regards to your comments about what Andy Murray said,keep on repeating them and you’ll eventually believe what you said.

  • richard hunter

    Not quite sure why it’s ok to celebrate (as David Cameron did) Murray’s win as a British success, but not to do so as a Scottish success. I sense a double standard.

    Incidentally, it sounded to me like Andy said that he ‘won it for himself’, so not sure about the spin you’re putting on his comments!

    • nickwilde

      It’s because Salmond put a large Saltire in his wife’s handbag and then waved it wildly while hopping about like an over excited schoolboy. Cameron clapped Murray like a grownup. I sense a difference and am very glad that Salmond will not be leading my country 18 months from now.

  • John Guest

    Ah, so Mr Salmond is a Scotsman is he – that explains so much!

  • Gerry Chambers

    Are you naturally hypocritical or were you genuinely not aware that your argument is blown out of the water by the actions of previous partisan Wimbledon supporters utilising their national flag to support their’ ahem, “British” favourite: your opinion on this would be welcome if you can get over your cringe to respond!

  • JonBW

    The Beeb uses a sporting event to push pro-Unionist propaganda at us? Surely not?

    The Union is an anachronism; it should have gone when devolution came in.

    I’m English and I like the Scots, but I hope they vote for independence.

    • Wessex Man

      I’m English as well JonBW I also want the Scots to win their “independence” there’s a lot of Scots to admire but you won’t find many of them here, what you will find on these threads is, in the malority, a spiteful unfounded hatred of all things English. They see no irony in attacking Fraser Nelson, a fellow Scot for writing an article they don’t agree with and then attcking we English.

      HenBroon sums it up perfectly, not noticing that all the English winners at the Olympics in London 2012 were also wearing British colours and the UK National Anthem was played after every win.

      There will no En-ger-land En-ger-land from me Daniel Maris, nor from anyone I Know. I look forward to the Commonwealth Games with great anticipation of our Scottish friends making the English competitiors as welcome as the English have made Mr Murray and roaring them on as the English do with Mr Murray.

  • Mazzini

    Sad Salmond.

  • Dave Jack

    Let me get this straight…a scot wins wimbledon, and alex salmond hijacks the occasion by waving a scottish flag. That’s like saying you can hijack a piece of toast by spreading butter on it. get a grip.

    • Makroon

      Salmond “hijacked the occasion”, only in your tiny mind.

    • funkinwolf

      It was against the rules and a political stunt. Plus the guy looked stupid.

  • Radford_NG

    Re. above photo;reminds me of the expression that’s going around : Buy One Get One Free (B.O.G.O.F.).

    • Neil Fincham

      Oh, for God’s sake grow up, the lot of you! Yes, he’s Scottish, yes, he’s British, take from that what you will! He won, rather than someone from the Balkans. Be pleased for the guy.

  • Howard Price

    Everyone who hasn’t actually seen Fraser Nelson should put him into You Tube. He’s gotta be taking the piss, surely he’s a parody?

    Anyway lets be brutally honest – If there was an English guy as good as Murray, d’you really think Murray would get the same exposure? Be honest now.

    • rubyduck

      “If there was an English guy as good as Murray, d’you really think Murray would get the same exposure?”

      Given the arrogant belligerence and self-promotion of most of the Scots I’ve had the misfortune to work with, and the preponderance of Scots in the media, of course he would.

  • Flitmus

    Salmond is a brilliant communicator, and on this occasion he brilliantly communicated what a mean-spirited fool he is. Who’d have thought there was someone who could make Cameron look good.

  • HenBroon

    So what about the BBC giving Murray the Union Flag to wear at the Olympics and the Olympic organisers ordering athletes to sing the racist UK national anthem, bloody hypocrites.

    • Jimmy R

      And Flower of Scotland, so often abused by Scots fans who don’t even know the words, is not “Racist”? Oh, and if you’re fretting about General Wade, he hasn’t been in the National Anthem for a couple of centuries, so get over it.

      • HenBroon

        OH DO FUCK OF

    • funkinwolf

      Oh give me a break…

      Olympic athletes are not passive idiots, they are grown adults who like you and I know they will be representing their state and singing it’s anthem. Do you think they invest half their life and forget they’re funded by UK sport and tax payers money? do you think they just turn up to the Olympics and are horrified when they win Gold and the UK anthem is played? No one forces them to become an Olympian, they know what it involves. So stop with your hyperbolic political rants and leave the sport stars to do what they CHOOSE to do. Compete and win medals for themselves, their fans and their country.

  • Austin Barry

    This is a fairly absurd, historical discussion.

    The BBC won’t be pleased until a brillo bearded tennis player called Mo from one of our seething cities wins Wimbledon, drops to his knees and praises his God. It will epitomise the new England of the BBC’s wet dreams.

    • Daniel Maris

      For half a second I did wonder whether Al Murray had converted to Islam…the way he dropped to his knees and then prostrated himself. But the remembrance of the un-Burka’d Kim Sears’ orgasmic celebrations, in full public view, reassured me on that point.

      • Airey Belvoir

        And he was at least 45 degrees off Mecca when he adopted the bum-in-air posture so that’s all right.

  • allymax bruce

    A Scotsman wins Wimbledon; ‘the All England Club’.
    Pure dead brilliant.

    Independence for Scotland.

    • Spammo Twatbury

      And the women’s champion is French 😀

      • Wessex Man

        which of you two is going to be organising the tour buses on the 9th of September?

  • bmc875

    Oh do get a life!

  • Spammo Twatbury

    1. Andy Murray is British, and will be British even if Scotland votes for independence. He was born in the British Isles. Britain is a geographical entity, not a political one.

    2. He didn’t, of course, actually say “I’m a British winner”. He said “I understand how much everyone else wanted to see a British winner”. What else would he say? They didn’t want to specifically see a SCOTTISH winner, and he isn’t English, Welsh or Irish.

    3. Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, waved a Scottish flag when a Scot won a sporting event. Is that not allowed now? Are you aware there’s currently a Saltire flying above 10 Downing Street?

    4. “It was a sea of Saltires and Union flags, a wonderful spectacle Scottish
    and English fans joined to cheer on a fellow countryman.” So the Union Jack is the flag of ENGLAND now?

    This pitiable, desperate drivel is the most dismal, petty and tacky attempt at hijacking Murray’s tremendous victory for political ends we’ll probably ever see. If Salmond was trying to score a point, this embarrassment to the Spectator’s once-proud name eclipses it in straight sets.

    • Daniel Maris

      “He was born in the British Isles. Britain is a geographical entity, not a political one.”

      So are Dubliners British? They also live in what you call “the British Isles”.

      You can’t distinguish politics from geography. “Britain” never was a neutral geographical term. It was always a highly politicised label.

      The question I ask: will Murray be the last Briton to win Wimbledon?

      • David

        So when the World Cup comes around Scotland is by itself again?

        the Scottish Soccer Team loses in the qualification unfairly the
        English will support them by adopting some players into the Brit Team at

        C’mon we know Andy and family have been bought out by
        English Tennis Association and the Big Wigs that keep the English image
        clean & popular

        Scotland should be angry Murray gets paid to
        don “brit” under his name all over the world the Poms Scheming minds
        never cease in trying to make England the center of attention in any

        The Scottish flag should have flown high above those blue,
        white & red flag waving daft Zombies that have no idea what Scotland
        has gone through and endured from the Parasitic “Me Me Me” Poms.

        The Scottish flag should have been the only flag in the stadium

        Even Djokovic doesnt wave the Balkan flag or don Balkan under his name

        should also thank Del Potro for turning Novak into shade of himself
        like he did to Federer in the Olympic Semis before Murray Triumphed
        easily to an error prone tired Federer who like Djokovic if fresh would
        trump Murray into his usual retarded state that makes him a Scot when he
        fails at anything.

        • Macky Dee

          And after your rant – Andy Murray is British!

          • David

            like i said the English use the Brit term to jump on every bandwagon especially since no Poms can win Wimby,
            Id rather be an idiot Yank than a Pathetic Pom

            • Wessex Man

              Listen you objectionable piece of work, we English haven’t jumped on any badwagon, rather Andy Murray jumped on the Bristish bandwagon to get the followers in England of a minority sport to support him, I wish him well as a Scotsman in his particular venture but would never support him and nor do millions of English people.

              • David

                That is not the argument here, He was payed to label himself a “Brit” by the English not the Scots and maybe “you” and most dont support him as you can see straight through the kind of clown who sells himself out. Maybe not millions but thousands of English do/did support him thanks to the English propaganda machine that tries to dismiss the Scottish Flag and put its own flag wherever it can. Instead of facing the reality that still no Pom has won its own Tennis Grand Slam in the modern Era. Like Macky Dee below Flag of England – Most the point TOTALLY!!!!

        • John Sankus

          British does not mean English, unless you are an idiot. Or American…

      • Spammo Twatbury

        “You can’t distinguish politics from geography.”

        Maybe YOU can’t. I certainly can.

        • funkinwolf

          Search… geopolitics. 1+ for learning something.

    • Jay T

      So what. Even if Andy Murray was British, he is still a Scotsman and so there still hasn’t been an true Englishman who won the “All England Club” for a long time. Still a shame for England. A triumph for Scotland.

    • Macky Dee

      Flag of England – You miss the point TOTALLY

  • commentor

    As a proud Scot I was truly repelled by the sight of that blue and white so-called flag. Totally inappropriate to wave flags at Wimbledon. I can’t remember ever seeing a flag at Wimbledon in the past.

    How could the Wimbledon authorities have allowed a flag to be taken into the arena in this way??! It’s a new low. Heads must roll.

    Did I mention how burstingly full of pride I am at being Scottish?

    • Johnny

      Bullshit you are proud that you’re Scottish. Good for him that he waved the Scottish flag.

      • commentor


    • Makroon

      To be fair, Djokovic set the precedent by waving his Serbian flag.
      Murray won it. He didn’t try to make cheap points.
      The stuffed suits at Wimbledon should remind everyone that it’s an INDIVIDUAL championship. Salmond should go and wave his flag at the Davis cup.
      The Wimbledon commentariat are embarrassing, never has so much futile drivel been spouted.

    • funkinwolf

      I wish Scotland would wake up to Alex Salmond. His a self-interested politician like the rest of them and is a rebel without a cause. If the UK Prime Minister did what Alex did but in Scotland but no in England, he’d of been on the BBC ranting about Scotland oppression by the UK PM. Why can’t British children in all areas of the UK be inspired by Andy Murray and wave whatever UK flag they have or want. Alex Salmond professes his openness and forwardness. But does everything he can to drive a wedge between Scotland and the UK. It’s disgusting and shameful.

  • George Anderson

    You say its not about politics and then close with politics. Poor show. Scot waves Scottish flag when Scot wins trophy. Heavens!

  • Sandy Milroy

    Well done Alex Salmond on demonstrating the small mindedness of Scottish Nationalism to the world (I’m a Scot), the only cringe making moment in a great day for Andy Murray and a great Britsih event.

    • nationalexistance

      It was certainly sickening to see all those British nationalists waving their union flags.

      • Johnny

        Britain is a stupid political term. The Roman province of Britannia only covered modern day England and Wales. Scotland fought hard to stay away from all that crap. William Wallace would be proud that a Scotsman won a great sporting event lol

        • Jimmy R

          You really ought to take your mind off insignificant Scotland when it comes to the Romans. The reason for Hadrian’s Wall and there being no conquest of what is now Scotland but was then just a series of tribal areas, was that by the time of Hadrian the Romans were having problems controlling and protecting their conquests in mainland Europe and also the Middle East. Hadrian decreed that there would be no further expansion and that the land borders of the Empire should be marked by barriers to show clearly the extent of the Empire. They were, more than anything, customs barriers to levy tax on outsiders. In forested areas in Europe the borders were made of timber and the reason Hadrian’s Wall was of stone is simply that it was more readily available than wood.
          The reason Scotland was never conquered had nothing to do with the fighting prowess of the tribes north of the border but because the Romans had more important problems elsewhere than spending time conquering an area which was not worth either the effort or the wealth it could contribute to the Empire.
          Scotland simply wasn’t worth the effort.

      • Wessex Man

        Grow up allymax bruce/guest/nationalexistance

    • Maidmarrion

      You obviously haven’t noticed other countries waving their national flag at sporting events.

      For the life of me I cannot understand the drivelling denigrators of Scotland who think that a Scottish First Minister waving the Saltire in jubilation at a young Scots extraordinary win is something about which to write ONE column inch ,far less the moronic band wagon jumping , tut tutting in the media.

      Well done young Scotsman and lang may yer lum reek!

  • Daniel Maris

    En-ger-land! En-ger-land! Murray went n won it for En-ger-land!!! Repeat 10,000 times until you believe it. :)

    • Wessex Man

      it’s only you repeating which is a sad reflection of you.

    • nickwilde

      Have you escaped from the pages of the Beano?

  • Paul Scott

    Murray is both British & Scottish, and everyone’s proud of him for doing so well!
    Well done Mr Murray :-)

    • Johnny

      He’s Scottish first, British Second

      • Jimmy R

        But that doesn’t mean he is a supporter of bloated Wee Eck and his group of posturing, tub-thumping comedians.

        • Spammo Twatbury

          Nor that he’s a cringeing Brit like you. Nobody but Unionists has tried to claim Andy Murray as one of their own. The Saltire is the flag of EVERY Scot, not of the SNP.

  • MichtyMe

    And don’t forget your shared European identity Fraser, its flag, anthem, parliament, government, citizenship. One people forever united.

  • telemachus

    I am forever derided for wanting to proscribe miscreant politicians
    But as I watched Murray’s magnificent triumph I became more and more annoyed as the cameras panned round to this useless tub of lard playing politics at this wonderful national event
    I first wanted to throttle the idiot and then felt he should just be deported
    He is utterly repulsive
    He is not even funny
    At least the equally repulsive Farage is amusing

    • nationalexistance

      Oh,come on.Dave’s not that repulsive.

      • allymax bruce

        I too thought he was referring to Cameron; glad I was wrong. But even more sad, is I then realised he was talking about the father of Scottish independence, Alex’ Salmond.
        Alex’ Salmond is the Scottish equivalent to Ben’ Franklin; both made by God, to serve God’s will, and to lead His people out of oppression; to Freedom. God bless Alex’ Salmond. It is written.

        • telemachus

          When the history of the 21st century the SNP will be but a tiny footnote like the SDP in the 20th

          • Wessex Man

            You haven’t noticed that allymax bruce and nationalexistance are the same pathetic person? head out of clouds please!

    • Makroon

      I agree. The whole BBC spot-the-celebrity thing is repulsive and distracting.

  • MichtyMe

    Scot v Serb or Brit v Balkan.

    • funkinwolf

      Because the Blakan’s is a 300 union and internationally recognised as a sovereign-state by global institutions. The comparisons are amazing…….. yeah…..

  • nationalexistance

    • Daniel Maris

      Surely that should be whingesoverscotland?

      • allymax bruce

        The Wimbledon cup, is on its way to Scotland.
        Ye’r gonna need more than a scatter of Wombles tae get yer trophy back!
        God bless Andy.
        God bless our Queen.
        God bless Scotland.

        • Wessex Man

          What is it now 15/16 months to your ‘freedom’ ah blessed relief for us poms!

  • Magnolia

    The kid noticed the Scottish flag, while I noticed the jackets and ties in this heat!
    My parental words of advice were to look forward with joy to the expression on Mr Salmond’s face on the day after the Scottish referendem, whatever it be like.

    The SNP’s raison d’etre may be foiled on that day or its problems may only just be beginning.

    Mr Murray’s career is an example to us of the valuable lesson of keeping slogging on and of being patient and waiting for success to come in its own time.
    A celebratory day for Dunblane too.
    We wish them well.

  • Tom Hogg

    Trying too hard… unlike John Inverdale on Radio 5 asking a Portguese man if he was “proud for the English”, who really wasn’t trying very hard at all.

  • CraigStrachan

    The rap on Murray has been that he “lacks charisma”. The (very British) dry wit and laconic charm emanating from him in that clip suggests otherwise.

  • Robert Taggart

    Well done Andy – suppose !
    Now comes the hard part – meeting and greeting all those creeps who want to share in YOUR glory, want to be your friends and, worst of all, want to take the credit.
    ENGLAND still awaits a champion though !

    • telemachus

      You have forgotten Ed Balls

      • Magnolia

        I have recommended your post for its dry, ironic, laconic humour.
        Well done!

      • Tim Reed

        New Balls please.

      • Radford_NG

        B.O.G.O.F. !

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