Alan Yentob laments as austerity reaches Aunty

15 July 2013

2:48 PM

15 July 2013

2:48 PM

Troubled times at the BBC. There has been shock at the spectacular amounts of money that have been poured down the drain, and the row over executive pay-offs grows more vicious. And now new boss Sir Tony Hall is said to be limiting Aunty’s credit card. Some of the Beeb’s biggest spenders are up in arms as the age of austerity finally hits home.

Fresh from having his £1,000 taxi bill exposed, Alan Yentob has been humiliated by his bosses. I hear that upon arriving at Glastonbury recently, the Beeb’s Creative Director had an almighty tantrum on discovering that he was staying in a Travelodge.

Fellow travellers tell me that he spent the whole festival in a sulk and grumbled to anyone who would listen about this great indignity. ‘The on-site entertainment of a 24 hour petrol station clearly wasn’t good enough for him,’ quips my welly-wearing festival mole.

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  • John Clegg

    I’ve really had enough of all this constant carping about the BBC. They do their very best to remain unbiased and I would gladly pay at least twice as much for my TV License.

    “Alright nurse, can I just finish this comment before my medication!”

  • monty61

    Certainly those of us who believe in the BBC as a national treasure, and who want to avoid the horror of adverts at all costs are in utter dismay watching the BBC perpetually shoot itself in the foot. (I NEVER watch stations with adverts preferring to catch up online or buy/pay per view the box set).

  • wrinkledweasel

    Great, I pay a once in a blue moon visit to the Speccie, leave a comment that has taken me some thought and guess what? It does not appear. Nothing has changed, then.

  • Money Pump

    Two sporting events reveal the wanton profligacy of the BBC.
    Listening to the Ashes coverages on BBC5 Live Sports Extra on Sunday afternoon, I switched to ‘regular’ 5 Live to catch up on other sport, only to find that the Ashes was on that channel as well. Fine you may day, but this is the key point – it was a DIFFERENT COMMENTARY TEAM!!!
    Simliarly, the women’s Euro football was on BBC2 last night, England v Russia – I pressed the Red Button for other sport and got England v Russia – again fine, but it was a DIFFERENT COMMENTARY TEAM.
    Quite bizarre. Who signs this off at a financial level at the BBC?

  • Fergus Pickering

    Ho ho ho!

  • fitz fitzgerald

    … let the Cristal flow to lubricate the devious path of those leftists inside the corporation who will run and become rich from the privatisation of the BBC … they chip away at the BBC’s popularity, erode its support base through bias and invite a break up … a cynical marxist capitalist strategy … another super sized trough is thus lined up for post 2015 .

  • george

    any similarity between the bbc’s upper echelons and the court of Louis XVI of France is purely unintentional … even if both come to a sticky end when the people (tired of unfair tax and the excesses of an out of touch, arrogant and profligate elite) revolt.

  • Penfold

    Botney’s an overpaid layabout.

  • Remittance Man

    Erm. Why was the BBC’s Creative Director spending a week at Glastonbury anyway? I’m pretty sure someone that high up the corporate food chain doesn’t sully his hands with such menial tasks as directing actual production which means the bugger was on a jolly, in which case the silly sod should keep his head down and his gob shut.

    • Tim Reed

      Absolutely! He no doubt still had all his ‘expenses’ paid for by the licence payer. Everyone else there had to pay their own way and sleep in a tent.

      A bit of austerity wouldn’t go amiss at the BBC – teach them to do more with less. Their quality of output might actually improve.

    • McRobbie

      You could ask why the teams of fat cats went to brazil for the football coverage which did not include th UK..the answer is they have the money and they can…and they will have these jollies at every opportunity. I dont believe the dancer hall has really got the guts to do the cuts that are definitely needed in the BBC. 2/3 of the management team could go and not be missed at all…and the rest should have a 50% pay cut to bring them into the real world.

      • Tim Reed

        “2/3 of the management team could go and not be missed at all”

        Ditto across all areas of the public sector.

  • Swiss Bob

    You might have mentioned that the BBC spunked two million sending 300 overage children to ‘report’ on this five day snoozefest, which nobody watched – more people preferred a twenty year old movie. . . . .

    • *Innocent Face*

      Dont forget the “Public service remit”. Due to the lack of viewers it is definitely something that the commercial stations would not show in prime time.

      Quite why they have to spend so much and send so many staff is puzzling…