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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones goes mad on BBC Sunday Politics

9 June 2013

2:28 PM

9 June 2013

2:28 PM

Everyone enjoys a good conspiracy theory, particularly Alex Jones. His site can explain every single problem in the world through his theories on the rise of the ‘New World Order’. I only discovered Jones a few weeks ago and wrote him off as a wacko on the fringe American media.

Today, he’s arrived on a mainstream BBC programme. In the above video clip, David Aaronovitch of The Times and Andrew Neil try to figure out Jones’ big theory on the Bilderberg conference. Instead of explaining, he ranted on topics including ‘the SS office Prince Bernard’, ‘the Nazi German plan’ behind the EU to ‘hydroflourons in the water’. It makes for some astonishing viewing — but as Neil pointed during the show, it’s all just for show:

Jones’ appearance is a reminder that we’re comparatively free of such loony voices in our mainstream political coverage. Even the most extreme of guests wouldn’t rant and scream when asked (kindly and more forcefully) to keep their trap shut. Skip to 4:40 above to see where Jones really kicks off.


In America, such debates are less unusual – and even, in places, encouraged. As Mark Halperin describes in his 2008 book The Way to Win there is a genre of American debate called a ‘freak show’ – where political debate is reduced to comic extremes. It is to politics what WWF is to wrestling. The political world is given its semicomic Hulk Hogans and they’re asked to get in the ring: ‘Michael Moore, meet Ann Coulter ‘ — that kind of thing. Those who succeed in this world are those who decide to navigate, rather than ignore, this bizarre world we caught a glimpse of today.

Jones’ claimed three million radio listeners and 50 million YouTube followers have much to answer for.

‘ICONIC’ UPDATE: Alex Jones emerged from the BBC studio saying ‘I just went on one of the biggest news shows in the United Kingdom’ and believes his ‘performance…will be perceived negatively at first, but over then time it will become iconic’. Yes, seriously. It’s 4:08 in the below:

He didn’t give up there either – at 1:21 below, you can find our friend Jones fronting up ‘Bilderberger’ Ed Balls just after his interview:

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  • Adrian Wainer

    ” Jones’ appearance is a reminder that we’re comparatively free of such loony voices in our mainstream political coverage. “,.
    Sebastian Payne

    You have never heard of the BBC then Mr Sebastian Payne and their endless projectile vomit lying that Islam is the religion of peace ?

  • William Reid Boyd

    He has a little over 500,000 followers on YouTube and his biggest hit (taking on Piers Morgan over gun laws) had a little over 6,6000,000 views. Something like his views on David Icke and the Reptilians gets about 300,000 views.

    Like all demagogues (Nigel Farage is another) he exaggerates his following and in particular his YouTube counts.

    • Adrian Wainer

      ” He has a little over 500,000 followers on YouTube and his biggest hit (taking on Piers Morgan over gun laws) had a little over 6,6000,000 views. Something like his views on David Icke and the Reptilians… gets about 300,000 views.

      Like all demagogues (Nigel Farage is another) he exaggerates his following and in particular his YouTube counts. “,.
      William Reid Boyd

      Nigel Farage is one of the few serious politicians in the UK. As for David Icke’s theories about reptilians I had dismissed Icke as a loon but that was before Cameron and Clegg took office.

      • William Reid Boyd

        🙂 excellent photograph – it really does suggest ‘reptilian’ …

  • Ian Walker

    The problem with conspiracy theories is that they require large numbers of politicians and business leaders to be incredibly intelligent and competent.

    There’s pretty ample evidence that this isn’t the case.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Why would politicians and business leaders have to be incredibly intelligent and competent?

      I’d think a good conspiracy would more rather welcome idiots and the easily swayed/bought, wouldn’t it? And we’re all flush with those types.

    • Abhay

      There are several things wrong with what you say but let us just focus on one for the time being.

      Several of the business leaders and politicians are cunning-intelligent and competent. But more than that, they are relying upon the secrecy that their institutional position affords them and their grasp of mass media. You and I don’t stand much chance.

      • Ian Walker

        Try the following experiment. Come up with a tiny, harmless conspiracy, such as to hide the teabags in the office kitchen. The only rule is that you have to let exactly one other person in on it. Then see what happens.

        A conspiracy works to give a group of people an advantage (we’ll ignore notions of fairness for now). However, there will ALWAYS be a member of the conspiracy for whom breaking it will confer a greater advantage than it does itself.

  • Fencesitter

    “Jones’ appearance is a reminder that we’re comparatively free of such loony voices in our mainstream political coverage.”

    That’s as maybe, but I think the viewing public would like the chance to decide for themselves who is, and isn’t, loony. They’re perfectly capable of doing so – witness Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, which to my mind destroyed the lefties’ favourite “No platform” argument for shutting down the debate.

    A mature democracy such as ours should be a marketplace of ideas. To a certain extent, it is. But just as many people feel the three “mainstream” parties are ideologically too close to each other, so they would welcome a greater diversity of views on the airwaves.

    At present there’s a feeling that the market is rigged towards the mainstream. The rise of UKIP is surely a welcome corrective, whether you’d choose to vote for them or not.

  • Differently Diverse

    I grew up in a home with a subscription to The Spectator but drifted away as the magazine changed. I have to say I think Auberon Waugh would have got a huge kick out of Alex Jones’ performance and would have been delighted to see the stagnant pond of mainstream politics get stirred up like this.

  • Robert Taggart

    All ‘political class’ people are far removed from the ‘norm’…
    and then there be us bloggers !

  • DavidL

    You don’t have to agree with Alex Jones (and I don’t) to find unpleasant the spectacle of Andrew Neill abusing him and making “loony” gestures (the finger to the side of the head) on what is supposed to be a news programme.

  • shiner3lima

    Alex Jones has his finger on the pulse. Those that ridicule him have their own agenda. Andrew Neil is a pumped up stuffed shirt that needed deflating. Good on Alex Jones for achieving that. You can see what Alex and his team are doing by visiting

  • pearlsandoysters

    Conspiracy theories have always existed – just have a look at the massive volume of literature produced on the subject of Jesuit conspiracy. Basically, conspiracy theory is an attempt to reduce a very complex things to “the efficient causes”, on a more simplistic level a narrative that diverges from the dominant one. Once in a while, we all feel as if the events simply do not dovetail with the explanations provided, so there starts the search for an alternative view/explanation/narrative.

  • evad666

    How can there be a conspiracy when the pro EU likes of Ken Clarke are on the committee organizing the bash?

  • thanksdellingpole

    Fuck the BBC!

    The number of times I’ve seen people in coffee shops and they tell you about the owl in the corner of a bank note or the Bilderberg group, yea, AJ gets to more people than Neil does.

  • Dan Keown

    I’ll tell you what is crazy.

    The most powerful people in the world meet in Bohemian Grove, dress up as satanists, and then make a sacrifice in a ‘cremation of care’ cermony to a giant owl.

    That’s crazy isn’t it?

    Alex Jones crept in, videoed that and then published it.

    So next time you want to call him ‘crazy’, or ‘loony’, or a ‘nutjob’ do a little research on google first. Watch the video, then decide who is crazy.

  • paulus

    Well I just watched the latest video, I think he is right its pretty obvious up close Ed Balls is a lizard. I used to keep a gekko years ago and he is the spitting image of him. I want to see that American pull Balls mask off and reveal him to the world.

    • allymax bruce

      Hey, I don’t care if it’s true; but that’s funny!

  • Dan Keown

    Once again the (mainstream) media show that they are a class apart from the rest of the world, and I don’t mean that in a nice or good way

  • Tom Tom

    I loathe Aaronovitch. Marxism Today turned apologist for Blair in Iraq. It is so clear what Aaronovitch stands for and it is repugnant: Marxist son of a Communist friends of charles Clarke and Mandelson using Britain as a doormat

    • Abhay

      Spot on.

    • Differently Diverse

      The way that oily spiv Andrew Neil gets along with Aaronovich just shows us how right the “conspiracy theorists” are. You don’t have to believe Alex Jones to see how high finance globalists and ex-Marxist globalists have learned to find a “common purpose”, pardon the phrase.

    • Simon Fay

      Aaronovitch is quite the most loathsome journo-activist I can think of, and a benchmark for the death of shame even in nominally polite society.

    • allymax bruce

      Absolutely correct. EU=Marxism r us. If you have a Jewish connection, then you rise up the Zionist MSM ladder. Mandelson Hitler?

  • swatnan

    Rather like Farage, put a camera in front of him and you get the rant. Take the camera off and he’s just a normal person, well nearly normal. Do they confiscate mobiles from Bilderberg particpants so they can’t record any indiscretions?
    Jones has a persecution complex, but he may well be proved right in the end.
    In E Germany every other citizen was a spy; in the USA the ratio is probably1:300.

  • Wilhelm

    David Aaronovitch, ”While at Manchester, he was a member of the 1975 University Challenge team that lost in the first round after answering most questions with the name of a marxist (“Trotsky”, “Lenin”, “Karl Marx” or “Che Guevara”)He was initially a Eurocommunist. He was also active in the National Union of Students.”

    Conspiracy, what conspiracy ?

    • Rupert Behrmann

      Yeh he just tried to mock Alex Jones who is far more successful and well known than David Aaronovich.

      • Abhay

        I may have 5 minutes in a week to listen to Alex Jones. David Aaranovitch will have to pay me for listening to his claptrap.

      • OldSlaughter

        Simon Cowell is super well known. What does this mean?

  • Wilhelm

    HG Wells, a socialist, wanted a one world government, that’s their dream. As you can see in the EUSSR and NAFTA, over riding the ‘irritating’ sovereign nation state.

    ”HG Wells rejects patriotism and nationalism in this intentionally 1934
    provocative talk, speaking of his great desire for a future ‘world
    unity’ where barriers between countries are dissolved. While
    acknowledging his own great pride in being an Englishman.”

    He may be intelligent , but he’s not very wise, universalism is utopia and you only get that in Heaven.

    • Daniel Maris

      Didn’t AH want a one world government? Was he a utopian?

      If an Empire can cover 25% or 16% of the globe (British Empire and Soviet Empire) why in principle can’t it cover the whole of the globe.

      If China can operate as a state of 1.2billion people why can’t you have a state of 9 billion people.

      • Lumik 74

        “Didn’t AH want a one world government?”
        No he didn’t , he just wanted a greater Germany.
        (to unify all germans in one state) and “Lebensraum”
        in parts of Russia and Ukraine.

        The claims that he wanted to “conquer the world”
        is nothing but allied propaganda. Considering
        the weak german maritime forces compared
        to the allies a World conquest would not even
        been possible even if AH had wished it.

  • Jim Franko

    Alex is a liability to anyone who holds any of his beliefs, it’s a real shame because a lot of what he says has been proven true such as the NSA data mining scandal.

  • Wilhelm

    Of course there’s no conspiracy, rich bankers, Billionaire industrialists, politicians, the ruling elite, discussing important matters, like the EUSSR and mass immigration, behind closed doors. I think that’s great !! after all, democracy is for the little people, the Eloi, and we’re not interested in them, are we ?

  • paulus

    Well i have just watched the video and I can assure Alex Jones there is no conspiracy, they are all clowns. they couldn’t organise anything its not that there is too much control its that no one is in control. Its a complete mess. You can only lay down a general principe: then hit and hope. Look at our PM he has now gone mad de didnt deliberately go mad, to trick us , he just gone mad with information overload. Or you can sit in the Whitehouse as cool as a cucumber and kill everyone like your in a video game.

    The world is changing there is no money anymore, its digital, its all credit, there is no money anymore it leads to price inflation but with credit we can control inflation, grow the economy and make everyone richer. if non of these things were around they would have to be invented. Its just different. It means people will not be put out of their homes, businesses do not fail , nothing is ever lost it is just computed differently.

    Human society has now evolved and after 200,0000 yrs we have now left a brute state, to go onto the next chapter.

  • Wessex Man

    My word, all in all I think I prefer Nicky Campbell and radio %.

    • Wilhelm

      Well, you would, wouldn’t you.

      • Wessex Man

        better than goose stepping yourself into a froth of racist ranting tosh like yourself.

        • Wilhelm

          And that’s why you live in Wiltshire, far away from the blacks and muslims, isn’t it ?

  • HookesLaw

    The nut jobs on here are fully paid up Members. They believe boy loony word

    • Abhay

      HL, just as I was beginning to see a tiny glimmer of hope for you, the comment above from you ruined it. Have mercy on yourself.

    • Wessex Man

      Listen Hooky on this ocassion and it amazes me I have to agree with every word you are saying, the comments here are truly loonytunes. The only message Alex jones was getting across to me was what madman he was!

  • JabbaTheCat

    For anyone who has any doubts that UKIP is full of swivel eyed loons, check out the same Alex Jones and UKIP’s resident conspiracy nut, MEP Gerard Batten, talking similar nonsense outside the Watford venue…

  • Colonel Mustard

    Behind all the froth there is still something rather unpleasant – and given the circumstances “inappropriate” – about rich Tory grandees, rich Labour grandees and rich corporate barons all getting together behind closed doors at a posh hotel to discuss, presumably, how they will work together to mutual benefit and how they will handle the proles.

    Unfortunately the BBC’s sneering at Jones tends to distract from the issue. A Prime Minister with his finger on the pulse and a little more sensitivity might have been expected to suggest that a country mired in depression and “austerity” with many ordinary people facing real financial hardships is perhaps not the best venue for this shindig of privilege, especially after “chillaxing” in Ibiza. But I fear he is terminally stupid and the issues that seem to alternatively disgust and consume him with such passion up there in his pulpit are not the closest alligators to the sinking boat for the rest of us.

    • Rupert Behrmann

      yep BBC part of Bilderburg!

    • John Jefferson Burns

      It is fairly easy to dismiss as a crackpot someone who dares to question media orthodoxy.
      As you know, in the USA, there is increasing disquiet at the rapid way the FBI fingered and then shot 2 possibly innocent foreign Nationals after the Marathon Bombings. We see this on infowars:

      “A Facebook post attributed to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev although not authenticated reads, “This will be the last message before the police get me. I never done it. They set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it has come to this.”

      – The suspects’ mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva continues to insist that her sons are innocent, telling the Associated Press, “It’s all lies and hypocrisy.”

      – Tsarnaeva also claims that the FBI “were controlling his every step,” referring to Tamerlan Tasrnaev, and that both the FBI and the CIA were following the brothers since 2011.

      – The aunt of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, claims that the footage which emerged of police arresting a naked uninjured man was her nephew, contradicting the official narrative that Tsarnaev was critically injured in a shootout and suggesting he may have been killed while in custody.

      – Eyewitnesses to the shootout contradict claims by authorities that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ran over his own brother in a car, stating instead that he was run over by police.”

      • OldSlaughter

        “It is fairly easy to dismiss as a crackpot someone who dares to question media orthodoxy.”

        Far easier still when that crackpot is Alex Jones. Rude, dishonest, incoherent and epistemologically unsound.

        If you wish to go around quoting Infowars, fine, that’s your choice. But I hope you realise it means you are basically an idiot.

        • beamer

          Infowars does quote other sources though. He researches his sources and proves them as fact. He has been researching all this since he was 20 – he is now 39 and is very frustrated when people question him in a ridiculing manner. The whole interview was a setup. Why did they have the man from the Times there, he wasn’t needed. It was a tag team.

          Alex Jones doesn’t suffer fools gladly. You are calling someone an idiot but you are an idiot for not researching yourself and looking past the BBC and Andrew Neil (who incidentally asked Alex out for lunch after the show).

          • Beauchard

            Conspiracy theories are the new religion of the 21st century. They are much easier to understand than the older religions and you do not have to read any thick books.
            The tenets are very simple: there are bad guys and these bad guys are not individuals who may act individually. No they are always part of a group of bad guys who always act bad collectively and are behind everything bad that happens in the world.
            Then it is just a question of choosing the bad guys.
            I preferred the sandwich boards, but then I am old fashioned.

            • Portendorfer

              You mean the devil and his disciples.
              I know who they are.
              Remember Miliband went in for a nose operation.
              And remember thinking afterwards that it did not seem to be successful as he drones on with his nasal voice.
              Well in fact he had plastic surgery to abort the nascent growth of his horns.

              • Beauchard

                Now you mention it, There do seem to be some parallels with witches and witch hunts.

          • OldSlaughter

            Has it occurred to you that I have researched it. Heavily. And found it to be laughable?

            • Abhay

              You are frothing too much here. That may become laughable.

              • OldSlaughter

                Frothing? Not so much. Very calm actually. But I suppose your argument without argument is proof of something.

                • Abhay

                  Yes. Its enough for you.

  • Abhay

    Great, absolutely great TV!!
    I will have more Alex Jones any day than the other two!!!

  • the viceroy’s gin

    How about the conspiracy you dreamed up recently, laddie? The one about some alleged letter sent out by UKIP high command to all the members, about some secret UKIP skulduggery, or something?

    You know, the allegedly sent UKIP letter that a dozen UKIP members on this site said they never received?

    Does your letter fantasy fit into the freak show media model you’re describing, laddie?

    Does this terrifying UKIP letter conspiracy also fly black helicopters around your world, lad?

    • Wilhelm

      This is a great smear tactic, get a serious subject like the Bilderberg group or what ever, invite a loudmouth American nut, Mr Shouty Man to do his schtick.

      The topic descends into farce, the story is completely discredited, job done.

      • dalai guevara

        That is precisely what just happened there.
        No time to discuss the validity of HG Wells or indeed the ‘Star Trek’ world order. What next? After the successes of multi-culti, a unified world without money?

      • Daniel Maris

        I have some sympathy with that. There is certainly no serious discussion of Freemasonry in this country even though it is a very active power network.

        • allymax bruce

          When I lived in America, I found the Freemasons, were in ALL the churches, and ALL the top jobs were held by Zionists. Of, which, are Freemason ‘grandees’ !
          The Third Sector are ALL the same; seems anything that comes out of Manchester is Freemason, Marxist, and funded by The Republican Party.

      • Steve Wilds

        That’s the problem and the danger with the whole conspiracy theory thing. There are questions to be asked about the Bilderberg meetings and government transparency and all of that stuff, but too many outspoken conspiracy theorists go crazy with it and create a narrative that is just plain mad.

        You can’t blame the BBC for Alex Jones carrying on like a lunatic. He is his own problem and a huge problem for any serious discussion on the role of government, big business and power in general.

        • Wilhelm

          The BBC invited him on, so they are to blame, they weren’t going to treat the subject seriously.

          • Steve Wilds

            Who else could they have got?

            As I said before, too many conspiracy theorists go too far and make a mockery of the discussion about power and its abuse.

  • paulus

    I actually read David Icke book, its well researched, convincing and the logic flows from fact to fact. Inductive logic you can see why people believe it. Unfortunately its not rational. Its a bit like Marxism that wasn’t rational either.

    Off topic apparently there is a quite crisis in conservatism, well thats wishful thinking as well, Conservatism has the greatest moral thinkers in history to draw on. A fool is a fool who says foolish things. Conservatism mightn’t have an ideology but we have a wealth of ethical and moral argument.

    • Andy

      No and look what Marxism has done. Million upon millions dead. ANd far too many people still believe that crap.

  • David B

    I think the only conspiracy theory is the one he continues to keep himself on the air!

    I love the bit about all the death threats but he’s still alive!

    • Rupert Behrmann

      There is no point in killing him as it would just make more people look at his message. At the moment the media is all pro one government so easier to manage him that create a potential martyr.

      • David B

        So the lack of proof becomes proof of the conspiracy. It’s the ultimate self fulfilling privacy because if something happens he consuders himself vindicated and if it doesn’t happen he’s also vindicated. There is no self correcting position, therefore everything becomes ever bigger and better.

        That’s were all conspiracy theories fail, they can ignore the flaws in their theory by effectively sticking their fingers in their ears and going “la la la I can’t hear you”

        • Rupert Behrmann

          So just because he isn’t dead you are saying he can’t be right? Don’t you realise that before Piers Morgan had him on his show (to try and humiliate him) no one knew who Alex Jones was so the CIA/Worldgov had no reason to kill him. Ironically he got so much fame from the interview that now couldn’t be killed without a big uproar. So they are trying to discredit him slowly and hope his 30 minutes of fame goes away.

          • David B

            What I am saying is if this organisation is so powerful that it could kill JFK and Princess Diana, fake the moon landing organise the biggest insurance fraud in history by bit sinking the titanic then organising for Alax Jones to have a little accident would not be a problem and nor would the bad publicity cause a second thought.

            This organisation used to have press conferences. No one, not even Alex Jones, turned up. Conspiracy theories are that theories and like most this one is so full of holes it does not stand up to scrutiny, that is why he shouts down his oposition

            • allymax bruce

              Robert Maxwell knew to much! Robin Cook, David Kelly, mi5 officer in travelbag; the biggest conspiracy is stating us right in the face, and we choose to listen to the mindbending distractions of the all-singing, all-dancing MSM goggle-box!

              • David B

                You start from a point where these supra national organisations and the governments that they control are sophisticated/intelligent organisations that can control and organise thousands of people to achieve a single goal with a degree of security that select committee chairman would like when talking to potential clients.

                While I believe governments are incompitent, incapable of running services like the NHS to bin collection with any degree of efficiency that your conspiracy requires.

                People die in strange circumstances, just like Alex Jones being alive disproves nothing the deaths you mention proves nothing.

                • allymax bruce

                  Divert, deceive, & deny; and lie, lie, lie like everybody but you are goi stupid !
                  Do you really think we believe your Zionist lying contestations anymore? No, definately not! The most profound aspect of Zionism, is your professional, and immoral profligacyto lie. It’s in your essence as religious zealots to lie; Jewish Zionists never tell the truth, in-deed, it’s in your Talmud edict to prosecute the Truth.
                  You’re not ‘superior’, you’re just a bunch of immoral liars, that no western nation should trust. And that’s the main deception you manipulate on good, moral, honest trustworthy western nations; you know we have the good true essence of Christian morality, and you maliciously use that against us; that we have default moral positions of thought to trust in humanity. And you outwardly use, and abuse this. Tony Bliar & Labour, are your ‘British’ Trojan horse; Labour are liars, they cannot be trusted, and must be wiped out !

                • David B

                  Ops! You make a lot of assumptions about me based on the grounds that I don’t agree with your little conspiracy theory and on that bases I must be a part of it.

                  I think we end this debate now as it is impossible to reason with such prejudice

                • allymax bruce

                  You’re funny; ‘such prejudice’, is not a particular thing. In-deed, every host nation, that has had the pleasure of being host ,to your ‘friends’, kicked them out; England, under Edward 1st being ‘particular to your Nation!
                  Ironically, the only Nation in the world, not to kick your friends out, was my country, Scotland; and I’m very proud of that. We, here in Scotland, don’t hate anybody, but we don’t like being taken for mugs neither! So, everybody is completely welcome in Scotland; just integrate like before. Scotland is Christian, we are a good, but hard and fair, progressive Nation.

  • Greenslime

    Oh dear!

    Seems you have opened something of a Pandora’s Box, Sebastian.

  • Sean Lamb

    “Jones’ appearance is a reminder that we’re comparatively free of such seemingly loony voices in our television coverage.”

    The word “seemingly” is very apt, I am pretty sure Alex Jones is just an act and in America there is a lucrative market for such acts. Of course it could serve a useful purpose also. For example, I have come to the opinion that HIV was most likely first isolated in the US in the search for cancer causing viruses, trained on some human cell lines and then either accidentally contaminated or more likely deliberately included, in a vaccine trial. Partly because scientists are idiots, but also because they thought it might cause some kind of leukemia and help them understand the processes of cancer.

    If that was true, how useful to have someone like Alex Jones putting on an act about Bilderbergs, NWO, population control, genocide and all the rest?