Pippa Middleton: Boris, are you scared of me?

26 June 2013

4:17 PM

26 June 2013

4:17 PM

Pippa Middleton is back in the Spectator tomorrow. Here’s a little peek at what she says:

‘The last time I wrote in these pages, I issued a challenge to Boris Johnson to take me on at ping pong. The Mayor said he’d be up for it, and his office duly contacted The Spectator to arrange the details. Team Johnson insisted that the match should be held at a venue of their choosing. I said by all means. And then — nothing. The Spectator has tried to follow up, but now it’s radio silence from the Mayor’s office. Is Boris scared or what? He should be.’

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    In case you hadn’t realized Pippa, Boris actually works in a job that he has gained through merit. Unlike yourself, who has landed a job at the spectator through social and familial connections. Quickly now, Wimbledon beckons. Can’t be late for that.

  • JonBW

    Hmmm… Boris in photo opportunity with attractive young lady: what could possibly go wrong with that?

    Can’t imagine it would be of the slightest interest to Mr Hislop and his mates….

  • Teacher

    Boris is a bit busy running London…

  • judyk113

    It’s really a very great pity that a magazine with as great a tradition as the Spectator is paying a person whose sole reason for being published is that she happens by an accident of birth to be the sister of the woman who married the heir to the throne. I note that she seems to be a shameless self-publicist and something of an attention seeker with this Boris stunt. Shouldn’t the Spec’s columnists have proven writing and/or political and/or satirical skills beyond those of the average graduate of a reasonably good school and university? This person has none of these. Or is it that you think the way to expand your circulation is to appeal to society airheads? Or to deter from subscribing anyone who thinks it’s wrong to dish out free publicity to self-publicists linked to royalty?

  • Simon Fay

    The only part of the manufacturing base that has expanded greatly these past few years is the latterday-Marie-Antoinette factory, the latest welly-wearing batch having just been deposited at Glastonbury for the glaze to dry off.

  • The Red Bladder

    It always set my teeth on edge – the bottom of a barrel being scraped.

  • sunnydayrider

    That’s it then, the Bimbo’s back. No more Speccy for me. It’s The Beano on-Line from now on.

  • John Lea

    What is she – 658th in line to the throne? Feel sorry for hard-working young journalists who would give their right arm to work for The Spectator – only to find the position has been filled by this pointless wannabe.

  • LegoHawk

    Doesn’t endear herself when you realise she takes over from the Hitch’s shoes.

  • kidmugsy

    But it is a most lovely backside. And so is Pippa’s of course.

  • fitz fitzgerald

    Oh, no : not ‘ping pong’ again … she must want a mop topped tot …

  • edithgrove

    Pippa, a pre-peek and Steerpike. What a load of drivel the Spectator shovels at us these days. That’s even forgetting Charles Moore.

    • sunnydayrider

      That’s what you get having a plastic Jock wannabee as editor.

  • chris_xxxx

    It must be nice having a non-job and rich parents to pay for it. Shall I go to Wimbledon today followed by the gym, or the gym followed by lunch and then some shopping in the West End?

    • fitz fitzgerald

      and … take in No 5 at day’s end, if they let me in …

  • obbo12

    I would be more worried that Brois would try to taken on her behind

  • Whyshouldihavetoregister

    ‘A little peak’ is the molehill you and the divine Pippa are making a mountain of. ‘A little peek’ is what those of us who are literate like to take at her derrière.

  • Don Logan

    Unlike you Pippa dear, he may actually have some things to do….