Michael Gove’s naked ambition

6 June 2013

6 June 2013

High politics can be a grubby business. To a backstreet Westminster pub last night to watch Michael Gove fill the re-election coffers of Tory MP Tobias Elwood.

The Tory party likes Michael Gove, and Michael Gove evidently likes the Tory party (unlike David Cameron, who can barely conceal his contempt). The education secretary worked the room with ease, wit and joie de vivre. Soon, the Gove stand-up show was in full-flow. One attendee asked how Gove deals with Andrew Neil’s tough Sunday interviews. ‘Oh, I just imagine him naked,’ replied Mr Gove.

Leadership wannabe, Adam Afriyie may want to adopt this technique, assuming he braves the line of fire again.

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  • thanksdellingpole

    Adam Afriyie, dropping that name again, our Obongo perhaps??

  • fitz fitzgerald

    Oh, no : not more guy on guy action ?

  • Weygand

    One wonders whether he uses the same ploy when the interviewer is woman?

    • fitz fitzgerald

      … we need to be more gallant vis-a-vis Mary Beard: she’s filming in N Nigeria now they say – and may never get back to civilisation !

  • Jamie Lees

    If Gove is the future of the Conservative Party, then either they are doomed or we all are.

    • an ex-tory voter

      There speaks “the left”. Jamie is of course correct, for if Gove is the future then “they” really are doomed.

  • Craig King

    Gove really is the future.

  • therealguyfaux

    Andrew Neil, naked?

    • gelert

      There is a wonderful photo of Brillo which appears regularly in the Private Eye letters column. He is wearing a singlet, and his “hair” is covered by a baseball cap, while he is embracing an attractive young lady who is probably 20 to 30 years his junior.

      • therealguyfaux

        Yeah, but he was also a bit younger in those photos too. Not that much that it would make him particularly appealing to those who go for hairy sweaties, but probably not near so appalling as he’d be now. Actually, if you go to YouTube, there’s footage of him thirty-some years ago (with the same comb-over, only a lot more hair doing the job), where I suppose someone somewhere might have found him somehow somewhat attractive, though you might wonder why.

        • terregles2

          I could be wrong but I suspect he might earn more than you. Your good looks will fade but his achievements, career and big fat pension will live on.

          • therealguyfaux

            I’m not knocking his professional accomplishments, and he’s entitled to make all he can, based on his talent. Good on him and more power to his elbow. It’s just that he’s got the perfect face for radio, it must be admitted.
            And as to the matter of my pulchritude and financial standing, I’ll just say this:
            “Why wasn’t I born rich, instead of handsome and clever?”

            • terregles2

              Fair point I was being a bit uppity but it does annoy me when people are denigrated for the way they look. It is so shallow and if someone is beautiful it is not anything that they deserve praise for it is just the way we are born. Equally if another person is less than good looking why mock them, they had no choice in the matter.
              Our society has become so Americanised and we judge everyone by looks even if they are not very nice people.
              As a woman I prefer a man who is intelligent and kind with a good sense of humour rather than just a nice face. Not that I would include Andrew Neil in that bracket.
              Sermon ended,,,lol,,,

      • terregles2

        He is a complete joke but we must wonder does he earn more than you.?

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