Hats off to Sarah Montague

11 June 2013

11 June 2013

Well done to the BBC Today programme’s Sarah Montague for not screaming abuse at Tommy Robinson, the English Defence League leader, when she interviewed him this morning. It seems that many wanted her simply to shriek abuse at the man – and now she is being criticised for having been too lax.

Being aggressive with interviewees simply because you don’t like their opinions never really works; getting a bit arsey with them when they obfuscate or hide the truth, however, does work. But it makes no sense, having taken a decision to interview the clown, to then subject him to an intemperate tirade of bien pensant outrage. This is the thing about the London Left: there are some opinions they simply cannot bear to hear, and they mustn’t be contested so much as obliterated.

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  • The Elderking

    They have to obliterate the arguments and facts simply BECAUSE they cannot contest them.

    Robinson’s biggest crime is to be a working class bloke with an opinion. The Left simply do not like uppity working class people expressing their opinions and, I’m sure, would like them to lose the vote as well if they dare to stop blindly voting Labour.

    Just contrast the respectful way in which they interview extremist muslims or racist rubbish like Darcus Howe.

  • Radford_NG

    Can not say the same for BBC3 TV [Wed 12 June] programme called `Free Speach:Are We Getting More Racist?(Guess the answer).A debate (debate!!) from Sunderland about racism and Islamophobia.It was actually packed with Infidelophobes and turned into a hate session against `Snowball/Goldstein`[if I remember Orwell aright].That is to say against Tommy Robinson, who was there…….Or reportedly so,from many comments attacking the show.I have not viewed it;but it is available till next Wednesday on

    • Daniel Maris

      Well I would agree he was pretty much outnumbered but he was able to put his point of view over and over again and – it was so much more rational than what was being said against him that I felt it was fairly balanced over all.

      I commend this programme – not something you will see on Sky by the way – as actually encouraging respect for free speech. It’s good. Tommy Robinson got a chance to put his view across and I felt he did so very well.

      • Wilhelm

        Hmm, Maris an EDL fan, what ever next.

  • Daniel Maris

    I’ve just found the Islam/Islamism article under columnists…

  • Daniel Maris

    Rod – could you reproduce your excellent article on Islam (this week’s edition) here since it doesn’t appear in the features section.

    I thought it really summed up where we are very nicely.

  • John Roberts

    Yes we should stop all immigrants coming into this country and give all their jobs to British people. The same British people who sit on their backsides watching Jeremy Kyle and claiming benefits, gee what a great idea that is. I’ve worked and socialised with a wide-range of foreigners working in this country and have found them to be hard-working and honest in the workplace and good fun and culturally interesting out of it. I’m fed up of this “Give us back our country” twaddle. It’s not our country, we do not own it. We need to contribute to it. A lot of the time we don’t even have to train immigrants.

  • Radford_NG

    These comments are typical responses.When-ever an hostile article appears in the national or local press around the country,comment columns are full of support for T.R. and expressions of disgust at the violence and disrespect from the UAF/SWP that people observe in their towns.[Note:Cameron is a patron of the UAF.]

  • Fergus Pickering

    I didn’t think he was a clown. I thought what he said was cogent in the extreme. Later in the programme they had a couple of clowns telling us how abused muslims were.

  • Jez

    The BBC3 Freespeech program obliterated any semblance of fairplay when it was screened a couple of days ago.

    I especially liked the female Khan’s face grotesquely scrunch up hoping Tommy Robinson would succumb to myriad of death threats he and his family had been receiving. That’s the answer from the media darling Left; a good chance of death if you dare to disagree. I say this because that is what she seemed to say as she screamed ‘racist’ at her debating opponent. Beautiful people, love to have them round for tea.

    The BBC Asian channel then balances this out once more today. One of the best debates i have heard. The Asian contributors were eloquent, intelligent and to the point. Tommy was excellent (my opinion) in his replies and he told the truth as he sees it- and how quite a few out here do too.

    Which sums it up really. The main extremists that need to be tackled through debate whilst being rapidly brought down to size are your media buddies Rod and the liberal Left that have caused / perpetually causing this utter nightmare.

    • MikeF

      I didn’t watch this programme but I noticed it on the television schedule beforehand and remarked to myself on the dichotomy between what its title ‘Freespeech’ ought to mean and the reality of what a discussion, as was promised, of ‘racism and Islamophobia’ would actually deliver. I obviously wasn’t wrong, but the really dismal thing is that that is just no suprise.

  • The Elderking

    When the only people who are challenging the spread of Islam, with its violence, bigotry and hatred, are people like Robinson then it seems that the clowns are our politicians, police, media and legal establishment.

    How much more evidence do we have to see here and abroad for the penny to drop?

    When decades of grooming little white girls is deliberately overlooked – and they attempted to jail Nick Griffin for exposing it – I wonder what is going on.

    When we see documentary after documentary about hate speech in Mosques, terror groups, “British” muslims fighting British troops, FGM, Honor crimes etc – and NOTHING is done.

    When Lee Rigby is BEHEADED on our streets and the government seems more concerned about people calling names.

    Look at the farce, and £m’s of OUR money wasted, over deportation of extremists – whilst France and Italy just DO IT.

    Look at our politicians queuing up to spout “religion of peace” every time there is yet another act of violence in the name of that religion.

    I am neither a supporter of EDL or BNP but increasingly I feel that the only way to end this farce is for the British people to wake up and say ENOUGH – both via the ballot box and by taking to the streets.

    For sure our politicians and “Establishment” will not resolve this until they all see their salaries and gold plated pensions at risk.

  • MikeF

    A sort of near-miss here by the BBC, on another subject but sort sums up the organisation – a report on the treatement of homosexual people, men more specifically, in Mussolini’s Italy. It isn’t quite a ‘Fascist’ horror of horror story. In fact it makes it plain that they didn’t have such a bad time – exiled to an island where they could dress up in women’s clothing. Indeed it almost contradicts what you might expect to be the ‘bien pensant’, as Rod would put it, line but then almost as if it realises it a mission to fulfil it lurches into agitprop sloganising in the final sentence:

  • edithgrove

    He didn’t seem like a clown, on the contrary, he seemed fairly commonsensical. He just wasn’t posh, maybe that’s what Rod meant by calling him a clown, I hope not. Sarah did well, just imagine how Naughtie would have done.

  • Dogsnob

    Clown? Having heard Mr Robinson speak – at length and in response to some quite hostile questioning – I regard him as quite a smart thinker who articulates so much that the LibLabCon cabal work so hard to expunge.

  • andy_gill

    Tommy R. is a bit of star actually. He is articulate and persuasive, and comes across as genuine.

    And the EDL do have a point. Islam is changing the country and most people are despairing of the media silence and political cowardice that are allowing it to do so unchallenged.

  • In2minds

    “Being aggressive with interviewees simply because you don’t like their
    opinions ….”

    But that’s what the Today prog does, right?

  • William Reid Boyd

    You can listen to it here at 1:36:00 to 1:42:00.

    I would have quite liked to learn what his real name is. If it really is the one provided by Aunt Wiki, then I suggest young Tommy (Stephen, Andrew, Paul … whatever) might care to opt out of having his details on the Electoral Register made public. Don’t have to be an Edward Snowden to get at those :).

    Clown? Yes. Thug? Not really.

  • Hiro

    “London left” – oh give over Rod. You mean people who tend to be anti-racist, a bit PC – so f’ing what; there’s bigger fish to whinge about than a few bearded twits in Islington talking about how they don’t like the Daily Mail. Seriously, do you know anything about power structures – about who the real bad guys are in this world? Hint – they’re not some yogart eaters at the BBC.

    • jjjj

      Who are the ‘real bad guys in this world’? I really want to hear your view.

  • MikeF

    Pure fantasy – but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do this with the BBC:

  • Robert Mitchum

    Dan Hodges was also comparing the EDL to the beheading, gay-lynching, women stoning, genitalia mutilating retards – but that’s Labour for you. After all, they let most of them into Britain.

    • Shazza

      Yup and he also did not allow comments. Coward.

      • Robert Mitchum

        Exactly, forcing people to use other Telegraph blogs to voice their outrage.

  • Shazza

    Rod, it is unworthy of you, as one of the few journalists who is prepared to put his head above the parapet walls, to refer to TR as a ‘clown’. The EDL certainly has it’s shortcomings but who else, in this under siege country, is prepared to put his life on the line to attempt to draw attention to the fast-tracked islamification of these once great, British Isles but TR? Why not dig a little deeper and start exposing the muslim (coyly described as ‘Asian’) violence against non-muslim people of all colour and creeds in this country? Why not expose, for example the violence that occurred last night in Ashton under Lyne that seems to be censored?

    • Icebow

      ‘A video has surfaced allegedly showing a group of muslims attacking some girls in Ashton under Lyme last night. As a consequence there are rumours of potential street violence and people are being advised to avoid the area. […]’.
      Censored by YouTube.

    • Fencesitter

      Well said. TR’s crime, and that of the EDL, seems to be that – shock, horror – he’d actually like the powers that be to do something about the issues raised by a serving member of our armed forces being slaughtered in the street by fanatics.

      And no, I’m not talking about burning down mosques.

      Or using such atrocities as a pretext to spy on the entire population’s internet activity.

      Extricating ourselves from Europe (and its courts) would be a good start.

  • zakisbak

    He’s articulate,cogent and thoughtful.
    Those are self evident facts.
    I am sure his ideas would stand up better to close analysis than those of the Islamoloons or UAF thugs.

  • Jambo25

    Now all Rod’s got to do is persuade Paxman and Wark to show basic manners when interviewing Salmond or other SNP people on ‘Newsnight’. Wark is now, effectively, banned from commenting on Scottish politics after an utterly disastrous interview with Salmond when she completely lost it and turned in one of the least objective journalistic performances in living memory. The fact that she was known to be close friends with various Labour prominente didn’t help. Paxman simply cannot land any punches on Salmond as he seems to lose concentration due to his manifest personal dislike of the SNP leader. He simply comes across as a bumbling bully.

    A lot of us, in Scotland, have simply given up on the expectation of much objectivity on the part of the BBC as far as Scottish politics is concerned. It isn’t just Scottish politics, however, as most people on this posting can probably think of areas of reportage where the BBC is less than impartial.

    More worryingly is the way in which the BBC increasingly appears to be a specifically metropolitan based organisation which transmits coverage of the interests, obsessions and attitudes of inside the M25 to the rest of us. Simply shifting some of the nuts and bolts up to Salford isn’t doing much to change that.

    • Wessex Man

      What’s that got to do with this thread, you are obbsessed man, obsessed!

      • Jambo25

        No. Once again it is a comment on the generally untrustworthy and metropolitanly biased nature of the BBC. Look at the last 2 paragraphs. I think you are the one who is obsessed

        • Wessex Man

          Nonsense, you are seeking to pick a quarrel with a very badly run organisation for your own political ends, you need to get out more!

          • Jambo25

            No, once again, I’m giving an example of bias in a state broadcaster. It’s one that I happen to know well which is why I quoted it. Others can probably find different examples of BBC bias by looking up the various web sites which deal with it.

  • Fencesitter

    Full marks to the BBC for interviewing him. I didn’t catch it myself but will see if I can find a transcript anywhere.

  • undergroundman14

    The EDL want all aspects of Sharia Law outlawed? Does that imply that Sharia law is legal in the UK? If so it only goes to show just how nuts the British people have become concerning “multi-culturalism” and “diversity”, etc.

    Sharia law?! Isn’t there a thing called BRITISH LAW?!

    • chan chan

      Sharia law doesn’t have to be on the statute books, just happening in practice, which it is in some respects. The number one sharia law is that Islam cannot be criticised. Everything else flows from that.

      And what did Cameron, Clegg, and Johnson say after the attack by Muslim savages in Woolwich? Remind us all…

      • Shazza

        Frightened out of their wits, they are. With a bit of luck, the worm is turning.

      • Icebow

        I recall hearing that all NZ lamb is now halal. Morrisons are apparently doing some zakat thing for Ramadan, so I suppose they should be boycotted from 9 July to 8 August, if not forever.

        Campbell’s, Cadbury….

        • chan chan

          NZ lamb is indeed all halal.

          Ramadan? You mean ‘Bombathon’. Last year, the death toll during the Islamic festival of Bombathon was about 900. Let’s see if they can top it this year. I reckon they will. Anyone fancy opening a book on this?!

        • FrenchNewsonlin

          Search for ‘halal’ on our website and you will find the problem has insidiously infiltrated far and wide.

        • jjjj

          Not only. I was in one of the new Tex-Mex food joints near Liverpool St. Station in London the other day. The girl on the counter said all the meat was Halal. She was apologetic about it. I was furious.

          • Icebow

            Hope you tweeted and/or otherwise drew attention to this disgustingness….

            • jjjj

              I’m not on Twitter. I post on other sites but there has been no article about it.

              • Icebow

                I’m on Twitter, but I don’t get involved; don’t really understand it. That business deserves bad publicity, preferably favouring some non-treasonous alternative. I love curry, but most ‘Indian’ restaurants in this country are really Bangladeshi, and we know what that means. Even though I don’t like meat, I avoid them now.

        • DrCoxon

          Vegetarianism beckons. No more NZ lamb for me.

          • Icebow

            Moral stand giving decreased risk of bowel cancer. Win-win!

            • DrCoxon

              So I may live longer in this strange new world?!
              As a carnivore I have to say that the vegetarians of my acquaintance are gentler folk, a bit like Quakers. Perhaps in my reformed vegetarian existence I shall become less grumpy.

              • Icebow


    • Fencesitter

      There was, old sport. Sadly, I believe it’s been subsumed into something called European law.

  • Margot

    Jeremy Paxman interviewed him a while back and certainly came off worst. He tried to shout him down and TR came across as the calmer one with good arguments to make! Agree that he is not a ‘clown’. His views are held by many who have no other platform and his arguments are far more cogent and well put than those of many with twice his education.

    • Robert Taggart

      Paxo be no hero – his interviewees know what to expect and most of them prepare to obfuscate – in order to wind him up ?!
      Paxo gives us more heat than light – not what he is paid to do – find answers.

    • andy_gill

      I remember that. The lad done good. He was articulate and not intimidated by Paxo at all. Under the spotlight, TR fared better than many professional politicians.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Robinson is not a clown. You may hold that opinion because it is financially advantageous to do so, but it would be difficult to base your opinion on the evidence presented so far. It is equally difficult to justify the standard publicly funded compliant stance that he is ‘extreme.’

    Montague did not give him an easy time but she committed the cardinal dinner party sin of allowing an articulate white working class man to speak truth to power.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes Hexhamgeezer – they will be giving her a hard time at those Islington dinner parties.

      • Wessex Man

        lets do a Greek and take it off the airways.

  • WorthSayingAgain

    The BBC can’t cope with modern Britain. Neither can The Spectator.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      What a lovely prescient comment – bravo.

      • Daniel Maris

        Well this is the way I read the Today programme…the BBC is worried. It feels it doesn’t understand what’s going on…it is trying – desperately – to somehow incorporate these two phenomena (anti-diversity working class movement and anti-modernism ethnic group) into its world view. Anyone with any nous can see it doesn’t fit in with the BBC world view but they are trying.

        • Robert Taggart

          Indeed, but, not just Today – News, Newsnight, Panorama… !

  • John Steadman

    By no means as satisfied as you, Rod, with this interview. Yes, she gave Robinson a fair hearing – wholly commendable, as unexpected – but, unless my memory fails me, she also seemed to draw a comparison between groups like the EDL and Islamist extremist groups. To the best of my knowledge, EDL activists are not encouraged to seek-out and behead innocent people in the name of some god or other.

    • Daniel Maris

      She did – see my comment below.

  • Daniel Maris

    I often feel that we are now living in an Alice in Wonderland parallel universe where the ideology that allows female genital mutilation, oppresses Christians, Jews and Hindus as second class citizens, and has had some 20,000 terrorist attacks committed in its name in 10 years, is on the “moderate” side…while anyone who dares to criticise this ideology and suggests it needs to be stopped from extending its influence is an “extremist”.

    • Daniel Maris

      Just to underline the point:

      A story from today’s newspaper:

      “An Islamic group shot dead a Syrian 14-year-old boy in front of his parents for blasphemy after overhearing him say he ‘wouldn’t even give the Prophet a free coffee.’

      Mohammad Qataa was shot in the face and neck a day after being seized by members of an Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. ” (Daily Mail)

      • Icebow

        Has Anjem Choudary expressed a view?

    • Simon Morgan

      Theres just soo many horror stories to choose from – the girl shot in the face by the Taliban has to be up there as one of the worst crimes against humanity -in the literal sense. These people are bereft of any humanity.

  • Daniel Maris

    I heard the follow up discussion where Sarah Montague made an equivalence of extremism between Jihadists and EDL. That was, to say the least, unhelpful. The equivalent of Jihadists are Nazis who kill or maim people. The equivalent of EDL is leftist street groups who use street demos to influence policy.

  • FrenchNewsonlin

    Bit patronising to write him off as a “clown”! He has an audience precisely because of the spinelessness shown by those who indulge the bush savagery seen in Woolwich. The real clowns are those who still encourage such ideologically-driven “cultural enrichment”.

    • Daniel Maris

      I agree. The real clowns are the likes of George Aligyah, BBC reporter, who argues that we should welcome all asylum claimants with no questions asked.

      The real clowns are people who see nothing wrong with us welcoming 500,000 immigrants annually.

      • David Webb

        Well, that is just Aligiah’s self-interest. it seems the ethnics feel no embarrassment in constantly pumping their own interests against those of the host country.

        • Daniel Maris

          Use of the term “ethnics” is a bit of BNP give away. I don’t want the BNP running the country either thanks very much.

          • Eddie

            Actually, the term ‘BME’ is now used (for Black and Minority Ethnic).

            I can see why people say ‘ethnics’ because it’s shorthand and quicker than saying ‘ethnic minorities’. The pc language police love fingering people as ‘waycist’ for using a word that they decided was racist 3 weeks ago (after using it themselves for a decade!). This is what creates careers in the diversity, equality and race industries.

            Apparently, ‘ethnic minority’ is also racist, because the minority status is not first so not emphasised enough.

            I have no idea why the ‘black’ bit is seen as separate from the ‘minority ethnic’.

            Maybe they just wanted a catching ‘KFC’-style name? (which is not an acronym by the way, but an ‘initialism’). They couldn’t really say ‘ME’ or ‘EM’ could they – so wanted top add the B letter at the front to make it sound like BMX, probably.

        • StephanieJCW

          “Ethnics” and “Host country”? Ye Gods. Plenty of “ethnics” aren’t immigrants so they aren’t being “hosted” in Britain.

          • Eddie

            Yes – but the attitude you identity is one held by the vast majority or the world’s population: one that does consider ethnic identity and origin.
            If you think the Chinese consider immigrants (or their children) to be Chinese if they are white or black, think again; if you think Africans consider whites to be African, then, despite rainbow nation fantasies, it ain’t true.
            In my experience, black and Asian people in the UK are the biggest bigots of all – against other races, other religions and especially gay people. The pc leftie idea that most BMEs vote Labour so are therefore liberal-minded hug-bunnies does not square with the reality, I’m afraid.

          • GentlemanPugilist

            Virtually every BME person living in the United Kingdom will not have ancestry stretching back further than the current Monarch’s reign. So even those who’re born here will usually have strong links with their ancestral homeland.

      • Simon Morgan

        We have our clowns down under – the Lefties here abandoned the sensible border protection policies of the Liberal government (Tory to you) and it’s been a deluge ever since.

        But, the rub is that anyone can claim asylum and has a right to do so. Border controls are supposed to sift out the genuine from the economic. But here they can’t possibly do that because the numbers are too great and they all destroy their papers on purpose. I’m referring to our ‘boat’ people.

        So the circus continues unabated. I can’t tell you how much Labor (and the Greens) are detested here. We are just praying that they will keep Gillard as leader for the election (due Sep 14) so that she can get the kicking she deserves.

        The delicious dilemma for them is that the Labor caucus knows that Kevin Rudd is far more popular than Gillard, but they ousted him in 2010 and it’s been a ferocious dogfight between them ever since.

        I just love it when the loony left implodes. They invariably do.

    • Icebow

      Agreed. I’d like to see Paul Weston on there at some stage, though perhaps they wouldn’t dare. He talks like what they do.

    • ProffessorPlum

      “it seems the ethnics feel no embarrassment in constantly pumping their own interests against those of the host country.”

      Quite right. They’ve been doing it for over a century and are so entrenched in the British way of life that many people don’t even realise they are there.

      If only people had taken heed of D’israeli’s warnings, we may well have avoided two very destructive wars at least and not had to put up with a rubbish media..

    • undergroundman14

      They only call him “a clown” because it’s a play from Saul Alinsky’s far-left bible, “Rules for Radicals,” which advocates demonising one’s political and cultural opponents by way of ridicule.

    • Shazza

      Totally agree FrenchNewsonlin! Please see my post below.

    • GentlemanPugilist

      To be fair, he doesn’t have much choice. Can you imagine the furore if he endorsed him? Plus Rod’s only recently been rebuked and has got to keep his nose clean for a while.

    • DazEng

      Agreed. Shame on you Tommy. Shame on you for not being another product of inherited wealth & opportunity.

      You should know, politics, commentary and morality are the preserve of the university educated and the wealthy.

      Now, can we all get back to knowing our places?

  • Daniel Maris

    Although I do not support the EDL, because their methods appear to have a worrying whiff of extralegality about them and because they do appear to be a front for fascists – either by design or default.

    That said, the actual EDL policies seem reasonable. For instance they appear to favour outlawing Sharia law, the same Sharia law that the ECHR found was incompatible with human rights. They oppose permitting the building of mosques as long as in Muslim countries Christian and other religious minorities are denied the right to build churches and hold services.

    I think it was good that the Today programme at least aired some of the issues. I find it extremely worrying about where we are heading. It is not as though this problem is going to get better quickly.

    • Hexhamgeezer


      I don’t like agreeing with you too much but there is a problem with some EDL supporters.

      This does not avoid the fact that there are many Liberal Democrat and Labour supporters who are violent thugs who davednick are oblivious to or endorse as they do their dirty work for them, confident that the BBC will ignore or whitewash their activities.

      Robinson should continue to condemn his extremist fringe but we are well overdue condemnation of David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg’s fascist UAF foot soldiers and their BBC cheerleaders.

      • Daniel Maris


        I have always felt the anti-Sharia movement is a broad front focussed on a narrow objective: stopping Sharia law ever getting a hold on this country. So it is enough for me if we agree on that.

        There are plenty of leftists who are anti-Sharia…people like Nicholas Hynter (National Theatre) who has put his neck on the line, as did Christopher Hitchens. I am happy to embrace anyone who is anti-Sharia as long as they are not peddling another form of totalitarianism (e.g. Nazism or Communism).

        I think Robinson needs to prove his credentials through his actions.
        But the real extremists here are the mainstream politicians who allow continued mass immigration, completely unsupervised Islamic schools in all urban areas teaching Islamic supremacism and who
        allow a parallel system of Sharia law to function in this country.

    • roger

      When the EDL started as a spontaneous reaction to a muslim attack on returning servicemen (and women) I hoped it could be a calm voice of the undoubted majority of the English who really say ‘NO’ to much of the metro-politics that the so-called ‘elite’ ram down everyones throat. Who stands now against thuggish BNP/NF skinhead violence but simply wants a return to the pre- Roy Jenkins/ Crosland/ Williams ( and Heath) wet leftism ?
      Davis Davis? Nigel Farage? sadly not the EDL.

  • Icebow

    I have to give the Beeb some credit for this, though of course their impartiality balance is still massively in the pink, so to speak. I note that they had some twerp from ‘Hope not Hate’ on earlier, and a couple of wishy-washies near the end of the programme. Montague falsely portrayed the problem as two extremist minorities, i.e. ‘far right v. ‘lslamists’, when the real dividing line is between the Islamo-Lefty axis and normal people. And of course, she made no mention of the truly fascist UAF (I was surprised TR didn’t).

    • Edward Scarr

      yes but – it is paradoxical that both far-right and islamisist groups both attract alienated impressionable young idiots who subsequently gain the status and self – regard they so desperately crave. The rise of the EDL is inversely proportional to the volume of atrocities carried out in the name of Islam within this nook shotten isle of albion. It’s the government that needs to take radical and extreme action of course, no-one else. if they continue to fiddle, Babylon will burn

      • Icebow

        Thanks. One should perhaps note that the motives of ‘Islamists’ and EDL types are conquest and defence respectively (though attacking the kuffar may be regarded as defence of Mohammedanism even where there has been no corresponding attack). By the way, I think you meant directly proportional.
        Your heart would seem to be in the right place!

        • Edward Scarr

          yes directly proportional – exactly right. and see Daniel Maris below – what he said. The dystopian nightmare race war is not far away. Very worrying indeed.

  • Eyesee

    But the BBC should continue, unfettered with its lack of criticism of anything Left wing? The EDL may not be an asset to this country but I don’t think the anti-democratic rantings of the Left are either. But that is home turf for the BBC. There is no lack of censure of the Right (even the moderate Conservative Party are labelled ‘extreme’ right wing) by those wishing to twist our society to their version of life (small elite running a big government, controlling any and every action- which lane you drive in and for how long anyone?). They have to take this tack because a democracy doesn’t vote itself out of existence.

  • no name

    Sarah Montague was brave to let the EDL guy air his views. Maybe because she’s a woman, and I think women can have a more acute understanding of what Islam really represents out on the street than the typical overpaid male BBC interviewer is ever likely to have (or wants to risk his juicy pension by thinking about).

    • The Elderking

      Funny how some people expected her to scream abuse and shut out Robinsons points of view whereas, forgive me if I am wrong, they have never either shouted down Anjem Choudary or called for him to be silenced.

      Is it because Robinson is English? White? Non-Muslim?

  • Austin Barry

    “This is the thing about the London Left: there are some opinions they simply cannot bear to hear, and they mustn’t be contested so much as obliterated.”

    Yep, and you can tell what outrages them by the sad, dismal and terrified slogan, “Comments are Closed”.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yep we had the outrage of Fraser denying anyone the opportunity to counter the claims of various “professional” Muslims that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that the “Woowich perpetrators were not Muslims” – both claims that are easily countered by factual evidence .But the “comments are closed” device was used to suppress debate.

      • Jambo25

        Comments are permanently closed on Scottish politics on BBC Scotland’s web-site. No challenge to BBC Scotland’s corporate view is allowed on any aspect of Scottish politics.

        • Wessex Man

          Whats that got to do with Sarah Montague?

          • Jambo25

            Nothing. It has to do with the general nature of the BBC and the tendency of some sites to close commenting down because they don’t like what the public has to say. Look at the comments of Messrs Barry and Maris above.

        • eric_Ayrshire

          They have been conducting a media blackout on the SDL.

          • Jambo25

            Possibly. It wouldn’t surprise me.

            • Wessex Man

              That’s still got nothing to do with Scottish Politics the SDL and the EDL have nothing to do with politics!

              • Jambo25

                You don’t like them. I don’t like them but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a news blackout on them from the national broadcaster. They shouldn’t get much attention as I suppose they are a very small minority view but they still shouldn’t be totally ignored.

    • Adaadat

      “Comments are closed” was more readily deployed on the sites of the Right and I say that as someone on the Right. Sky News currently informs us of the ethnic cleansing the Burmese Muslim population is allegedly undergoing. As this has long been an allegation, what was new, that required reporting? The Daily Telegraph Saturday magazine also reported on this, a short while ago. Alex Jones would say there is a conspiracy to spread the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ meme – they’re victims, not threats – joining the Left in its suppression of debate.

      The same theme could be seen during and after the riots: Downing Street ensured those first up before magistrates were, mysteriously, not from the groups responsible for 99% of the crime – black chavs, Muslim chavs and white chavs. More attempted deflection of difficult, but necessary, questions.

  • Barakzai

    Agree. I made the same comment to my better half straight after the interview. Sarah Montague got it absolutely right.

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