Do you agree with the Tories’ Alternative Queen’s Speech?

27 June 2013

11:59 AM

27 June 2013

11:59 AM

A bunch of back bench Conservative MPs have won the right to present to parliament, via the almost pointless conduit of private members bills, a sort of alternative manifesto. A fairly uncameroonie alternative Queen’s Speech. The MPs in question include Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone, both of whom sound a little as though they had stepped out of a Mervyn Peake novel and both of whom represent constituencies comprised largely of orcs and goblins in Northamptonshire. That being said, they are both rather good fun and have been principled thorns in the side of the current party leadership. If you can have a principled thorn. I suppose you can’t.

Anyway, to pluck three issues out of their list of 40, they will be introducing bills to:


Ban the burqa.

Privatise the BBC

Bring back the death penalty.

How many of you agree with these propositions?

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  • Ben Kelly

    Absolutely bring back the death penalty. Murderers and terrorist should be led up the steps of the gallows. Privatise the BBC too for the love of God do it!

  • Baron

    Banning a piece of clothing? Hmmm

    If by privatising you or the bunch of MPs mean scrapping the fee, the 3 billion quid plus the BBC tossers get to buy influence over the unwashed and loyalty to the monstrosity, go ahead at once, Baron cannot wait.

    Capital punishment on the statute books saves lives, even if it just sits there like a warning ‘you take someone’s life we may take yours’ it would ensure fewer lives cut short.

  • JoeDM

    It is what the Tory Manifesto should be !!!

  • Ron Todd

    Withdraw from the EU until the level of democratic control is appropriate to the amount of power it has. Given the trajectory of the EU that would be until the whole thing breaks irretrievably and they have to start again.

    Control immigration.

    Have one set of laws applied equally to everybody.

    Have a serious revue of how the NHS works and stop pretending it is the envy of the world and start working towards making it the envy of the world. Followed by similar revues of the military (punching above our weight) and the BBC (best broadcaster in the world)

    All candidates for political office above parish council level to be required to work for two years in the private sector before being eligible to stand. Jobs that are contracted out services to the public sector would not count.

    Have taking on the best qualified person for any job as a lawyer proof defense against accusations of discrimination.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Bring back the death penalty for Beeb employees sounds rational enough.

    • It

      ha ha ha that’s very norty

  • Delon

    Ban the burqa – no, just ban Islam, and the other two Middle Eastern death-cults that have poisoned this land.

    Privatise the BBC – no, scrap it completely.

    Bring back the death penalty – no, but keep all criminals in solitary confinement for the duration of their sentence.

  • The_greyhound

    Ban the burqa.
    – I should impose it on some. Our town centre is awash with hippopotamuses with the faces of warthogs, acres of exposed flesh, all piercings, beer-bellies and tattoos. And that’s just the young girls.

    Privatise the BBC
    – Scrap the license fee. After that the BBC can say as it pleases. And I don’t have to pay for it.

    Bring back the death penalty.
    – Quite comfortable with that in principle; but I wouldn’t send our judiciary down the road for a packet of chips with any confidence in the outcome, so it’s probably not a practical proposition.

    • Baron

      The_greyhound, you on the right track, sir, scrapping the fee is the way forward.

      What people don’t get is that the key bastion of the multy-culty, PC, moral relativism ain’t so much the politicians, sooner or later they would respond, but the BBC monstrosity. They can and will plug the pseudo-liberal trash because they fear not losing their fat salaries, gold plated pension pots even if the country around them implodes.

      And it’s alot of money, too, they have each year to buy compliance, over 5bn, if one includes revenues from commercial activities, that’s the equivalent of 20,000 Bentley cars each selling at average price of £250,000, it’s what the car maker sells in 30 months. Baron would rather we put the money into another Bentley, it would benefit the country more, and not only financially.

  • drydamol1


    Etonians have one thing in common BSC Degrees but an Eton
    BSC is nothing to do with being a Batchelor of Science,its being a BS with cunning
    .Osbornes statement on the Spending Plans to take us beyond the Election are as empty as
    Osbornes Head .What an accolade for his parents “our little smugly piggy is one
    of the Biggest Liars in the Country and gets paid for it”

    No mention of higher Taxes NO mention of Foreign Owned
    Energy Companies threatening blackouts if they can’t keep ripping us off.’The
    biggest spend on Roads for decades,because they want repairing .Infrasturcture ,
    the Conman Schapps told us they’d sold
    off G4 and that was already under way a year ago .The inequalities that reign
    in this Country are becoming worse ,the Lawrence issue is and has cost the
    Taxpayer millions,why when anyone else that has suffered from crime just gets a
    Police Crime number and that’s the end of it.

  • sunnydayrider

    What does Pippa think Rod?

    • rodliddle


  • It

    I support the death penalty for first-degree murder, for several reasons that I won’t list here.

    The BBC needs some sort of change because it’s taking taxpayer money in a kind of monopoly tax for the sake of a monopoly service that it does not in fact provide — and, even more egregiously, it’s the political mouthpiece of the Left.

    Banning a symbol and instrument of gross and cruel oppression is something on which reasonable people might disagree, but I no more support the burqa than the chastity belt, the slave collar, or the Iron Maiden.


  • Old Fox

    Come on, Liddle, you’re just hoping to ignite an internecine Tory war. Having said that, the more interesting question surfaces: why is it so difficult for the right to unite? Partly it’s because the heart and soul of the right – nationalism and capitalism – have been ruled out of court by the oppressive skein of “PC”. This is where the sinister role of the BBC comes in.

    More profoundly it is because, in the words of that vile, revolutionary butcher, Henry VIII, the right tends to be too “stiff in its mumpsimus”, meaning too caught up with particular loyalties and grudges to form a broad front in defence of its interests. This is, briefly, the explanation of why France is no longer a monarchy.

    Returning to Britain and the present, George Osborne is on the record as saying that in opposition you move to the centre whereas in government you move the centre. This suggests that ultimately he wishes to pursue definitively right wing policies – at least as far as the economy is concerned. On this reading, the difference between him and Hollobone is purely tactical and Hollobone’s frank directness looks naive.

    However, with the recent commitment to homosexual “marriage” – and where there can be no adultery, how can there possibly be “marriage”? – Osborne and his master have betrayed a much more basic divergence from the outlook and philosophy of their own party. This is what makes the move so deeply significant. This is why so many of the right wing pragmatists, such as Charles Moore, have grown disillusioned with Cameron of late. How can you trust people who propose to revolutionise society’s most basic institution to move the centre anywhere near the right? With this manoeuvre Cameron and Osborne have destroyed the last thread of faith that they were conservatives under pressure. They have shown themselves to be at best Classical Liberals in Tory disguise; at worst, cynical, triangulating opportunists, a la Blair.

    Yes, to unite the right you need to bring Classical Liberals together with true blue Tories – in terms of the old French monarchy to unite Orleanists and Legitimists. The trouble is, our Orleanists have been sailing under false colours, pretending to lead the Tory party whilst in fact using it to promote policy objectives at variance with its deepest beliefs. Deviousness of this kind can never promote unity; it can only sow division.

  • Wilhelm

    How about deporting the 7 million Third World immigrants that Tony Blair brought in to subvert, undermine and ultimately destroy the country. Peter Mandelson admits it.

  • allymax bruce

    Ban every Labour instituted Quango/Commission/law from 1997.
    The Labour Party have serially instituted bad laws, for the purpose of forcing our country into the ownership of their ‘superior’ Marxist masters.
    Labour will sell you, your children, your soul, and all our futures, to their Marxist masters; but will continue to smile on your face, while they lie through their teeth.

  • Abhay

    These are the best causes! Go for it! We will join the orcs and the goblins in support of this. High time someone brought these things back on the agenda.

    Can I add one of my own? Spectator readers I need your support – Introduce tough laws against treason and withdraw state welfare payments for traitors including NHS and housing support, at the very least.

  • DougS

    They’re not out to ‘ban the burqa’.

    They want to ban ‘face coverings in public places’ so that rioting, balaclava-covered EDL supporters can be identified.

    Peter Bone confirmed that on ‘The Daily Politics’ – so it’s true!

  • Daniel Maris

    That’s like throwing prime steak at a pack of ravenous dogs with the lot that inhabit these parts… LOL

    Personally I think banning face-hiding in public places or public buildings is reasonable but I am not sure I would waste much time on it myself.

    I don’t believe the BBC should be privatised. I am v. happy with it in terms of value for money. I think we should look at how it appoints people. Also, I believe that maybe we should look at a system of financing where we can allocate part of the licence fee – let’s say £20 – to companies and individuals who put forward their programme ideas on a dedicated website. So, for instance someone who wants to make a programme about philosophy or chess (two things that TV seems to completely ignore now) could seeking people’s endorsment – each endorsement being worth £20.

    The death penalty is a perfectly reasonable penalty in principle, but I don’t support it for practical reasons, not least that in a media age it will be the occasion of a frenzy of nonsense, including a lot of sympathy for the perpetrator – most murderers have had pretty awful childhoods…if they are to die, the media will focus on their lives and that will all come out.

    • Matthew Blott

      “That’s like throwing prime steak at a pack of ravenous dogs with the lot that inhabit these parts…”

      That was completely the point – have you not been reading Rod Liddle’s pieces on here?

      • Daniel Maris

        Thank you for that Blott on the Blogscape.

  • John Lea

    Blimey, I would endorse all three – especially the move to reinstate the death penalty. If only to see Nick Clegg’s attempt to sell it to the British people.

  • Jack Littlewood

    No I don’t think I want these changes. But I nor do I think that their names are any more exotic than “Liddle”, which is surely an Alice in Wonderland name. Perhaps you need to get out more and see Northamptonshire.

  • Jez

    1. Ban the Burqa = No. What’s the point….. you’re prospectively creating another ‘throwing Ghandi off the train’ moment about 500,000+ times constantly.

    2. Privatise the BBC = No. Shut it down….. then maybe a few trials, prison sentences, floggings etc.

    3. Bring back the death penallty = No. Lot’s of constructive and progressive punishments to choose from now……. something like the Roma Circus Maximus- lion feeding and stuff- it would fill in the newly closed down BBC entertainment void.

  • martinvickers

    1. Ban the burqa – preposterous idea. A mature western democracy outlawing an item of clothing? Have we all gone mad, or worse, french. This is pure Muslim-baiting. How on earth is that going to help?
    2. Bring back the death penalty. No. No. No. I don’t care how vile or disgusting, or depraved, or monstrous the cretin you seek to execute is…their evil does not entitle us to do evil in return, and become a nation of murderers. Full stop.
    Let them rot, fine, much much harsher prisons, no bother. But state murder? Absolutely, positively no.
    3. Privatise the BBC. No thanks. We have hundreds of commercial channels, from the huge to the tiny. Every possible commercial impulse is catered for. What is not catered for is the non-commercial impulse. You want competition? Have two, or three much smaller BBC’s, each with a charter that sets out a separate vision. Actually, you already have that to a point with Channel 4, which when not bathing in ratings slime produces some extraordinary television.
    The only real reason to privatise the BBC is to shut own a forum or voice because you don’t like the sound of it – the “liberal, lefty BBC” crap. And that’s really just a step away from censorship and all that entails.

    • Keith D

      The burqa may be an item of clothing.It’s also a statement of separation and supremacy.It’s extremely difficult to bait a part of the population thats already in a permanent state of outrage.Thats despite our every effort to shut down the debate on its contribution to our society,hence the “liberal,lefty BBC” jibe.As a fairly obvious propaganda tool it should be closed or commercialised.I don’t want to pay for it.You get a more balanced view from RT for goodness sake.

      • It

        It’s not an item of clothing, it’s a jail.

    • Rockin Ron

      “…their evil does not entitle us to do evil in return, and become a nation of murderers…”

      Of course, it could be argued that the evil is to allow cold blooded murderers to live and, in some cases, go on to inflict further evil.

      • Baron

        Rockin Ron, sir, quite. Since we scrapped the piece of legislation that saves lives over 150 murderers who got released serving their laughable tariffs murdered again. Lunacy

    • Ridcully

      “The only reason to privatise the BBC is to shut down a forum or voice because you don’t like the sound of it.”
      No, we just don’t want to be forced, on pain of prosecution, to fund it. Make the BBC rely on advertising and/or subscription fees and it can be as partisan as it wants.

    • zakisbak

      preposterous idea –
      Great idea.It’s offensive,politicized,inequal.
      No. No. No. –
      Yes.Yes.Yes.Child killers,cop killers,terrorists.
      No thanks. –
      Yes please.If you like it,subscribe,like with all other channels.

  • brossen99

    Repeal Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change act and scrap the DECC put energy into business is the only worthwhile idea !

    • DougS

      “Repeal Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change act and scrap the DECC put energy into business….”

      Personally, I’d swallow the rest just to get rid of that piece of egregious nonsense. Surely the worst bill ever enacted in the history of the world………..OK, somebody may be able to find a worse one, but they’re going to have to dig deep!

      As a suicide note for UK industry it certainly has no equal!

    • Keith D

      Completely agree.How many myths get their own Bill through Parliament?

    • Baron

      The country sits on enough coal to keep itself and its businesses going for centuries, and also sell few tons to the Chinese, who anever stopped loving it, and more tons to the Germans, who are falling in love with it again, but all we can expect soon is black-outs in the Winter. Madness, sheer madness.