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Coffee Shots: The sponging minister

27 June 2013

12:00 PM

27 June 2013

12:00 PM

One of the pleasures of Mr Steerpike’s job is stumbling across little photographic gems like this shot of Michael Gove, above. It would be selfish not to share them with Coffee House readers and ask for their thoughts and suggested captions in these Coffee Shots posts. So do post your comments below, and if you find any entertaining pictures (or gossip), contact

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  • thanksdellingpole

    What’s Gove up to, hanging out with more immigrant children?

  • telemachus

    “and this is a squashed Stephen Twigg”

  • Rockin Ron

    “Great for wiping my fingerprints off those lamps I pinched”.

  • Sgt Paine

    “So – If this is how much cocaine one sponge will pick up, how many….”

  • Paul Owen

    It’s a metaphor for how children soak up knowledge – if taught properly.

  • simonhb

    “Listen, kid, you want the sponge, you’ve got to tell me who deposed Edward II first…”

  • Lewis James Brown

    Every school I go to, I come across at least one wet red sponge standing in my way.


    Why is the chap to my left wearing a clock on his head?

  • Darnell Jackson

    Gove erases 13 years of failed labour education policy.

  • Lee Moore

    It’s a bloke holding a red board rubber. This is a photographic gem ? You need to get out more.