Can you solve the Legomen puzzle?

17 June 2013

9:27 AM

17 June 2013

9:27 AM

A scientific study has revealed that the faces of Lego characters are no longer so mindlessly happy as they once were. This is an important thing to know. ‘Put the cancer cure stuff on hold for a while, will you – I’m deeply interested in the facial expressions of plastic toys.’

Anyway, once upon a time Lego men and women had the sort of smug, deluded, grins that one immediately associates with the gullible Danes who manufacture them. Denmark regularly tops the table of the countries with the most stupidly self-satisfied citizenry, a consequence of them stuffing themselves with pastries and bien pensant opinions day in and out. Now, though, the faces of these toys are said to show increasing amounts of ‘anger, puzzlement and confusion’, which suggests to me that their manufacture has been outsourced to somewhere like Moldova or Belarus or Manchester. Either that or the Danes have suddenly awoken from their narcoleptic stupor and have begun to see the world the way it really is.

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  • Austin Barry

    To be fair, Rod, the Danes did publish the Mo’ cartoons – images our cowardly, Islamo-terrified media preferred not to reproduce even though germane to its freedom of expression.

    • John Steadman

      A wholly irrelevant but enormously appreciated observation.

  • Forest Fan

    One of my mates drunkenly built a gash out
    of my nephews Lego when we were teenagers in the 1980’s. The guy had talent.

    • rodliddle

      wasn’t it a bit jagged?

      • Daniel Maris

        That’s one way to get your Legover.

      • Forest Fan

        Yeh…why? We didn’t bother using it ha!

    • Austin Barry

      Surely an absence of available ‘talent’.

  • TonyB58

    Much prefer Danish social democracy to the miserable Politically Correct, “market society” we have in the UK. And yes I do know what its like over there having a brother who had the good sense to abandon our Sceptred Isle in the mid-eighties. If I’d known just how bad it was going to be I would have done the same.

    • Geoff

      Bye then

  • DougS

    Another useless, so called ‘scientific’ study – we seem to get something like this just about every day of the week.

    My ‘favourite from some years back was when, in the interests of road safety, ‘scientists’ at somewhere or other discovered that if two vehicles are traveling down a road one behind the other and the front one slows down by just 10% and the one behind doesn’t – then they’ll eventually collide!!

    I remember thinking; I hope and pray that my tax money didn’t pay for that piece of crap!

  • Robert Taggart

    These characters were only just coming on the scene when oneself was ‘moving on’ from Lego – all the smiles were on our face – Lego = a ‘leg-up’ for boy builders !

  • Alexsandr

    The Danes still have not apologised to the UK for the atrocities inflicted on us by the Vikings. We should boycott Lego till they do


    • Robert Taggart

      Alas, oneself was far too young to understand such matters – when happily playing with these plastic bricks – until the age of twelve !

    • DougS

      Quite so Alexandr; the Danes should take a leaf out of Gordon Brown’s book.

      I think that dear old Gordon’s apologised for everything from slavery to the potato famine.

      Pity he didn’t go a step further and say sorry for selling off our gold at the bottom of the market!

      • jjjj


  • Hexhamgeezer

    Sandy Toksvig

    • jjjj

      Please! I’m eating now.