A gross double standard over hate speech

27 June 2013

6:56 PM

27 June 2013

6:56 PM

According to the Home Office if you are a non-Muslim and you make the following statement your presence will be deemed ‘not conducive to the public good’ and you will be barred from entering the United Kingdom:

‘It [Islam] is a religion and a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose for establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society. Because of media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown.’

If, on the other hand, you are a Muslim and you say the following then the UK government has no problem with you, and you can come in to the UK to do a speaking tour:

‘Devotion to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer.’


In welcoming the decision to ban the first speaker, rather than the second, Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, has said:

‘The UK should never become a stage for inflammatory speakers who promote hate.’

Too late, Keith.  Too late.

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  • Brian

    Seriously?! You can’t make this stuff up!

  • tokoloshiman

    this amazing inversion of values has only taken 70 or so years.
    in another 70 years the west as we know it will vanish and be replaced by
    sharia law – just as the jihadists are promising.
    wonder how the royals will be doing by then?
    king george will be head of the islamic state of uk,
    his counterparts in saudi arabia will be very pleased to welcome the british
    into their caliphate.

  • sasboy

    Let us have no illusions, the UK is much better without these two loony tuners on its soil.


      ISIS will be welcomed by cretins like you…

  • ResilientMichael

    Sad. Shows lack of clarity in their thinking!

  • Deon Van Zyl

    Wake up and start fighting for your people! Europeans have the right to ethnic identity! And they have the right to be dominant in that identity in their home countries! Where do you start? Start by withdrawing any votes from any politician or political party that supports Multi-Culturalism! This could mean founding new political parties. Then, revise welfare: citizens only. And needy citizens only. Demand jobs that are quality. The money is there for such reform, but with what priority is it spent? Learn to understand your national budget. Get informed about the origins of Multi-culturalism as a direct attack on the West. Thirty years ago we lived in a world of disparate events: unlinked. Today, due to the internet we can understand the past much better, and how we came to be where we are now. You sense the threat! If you want an example of what the Multi-Culturalist ideology does to countries when it succeeds, study South Africa. And remember that the ideological core of the ANC is the South African Communist Party (SACP).

  • John

    British people are so lopsided when it comes to bias…

    I know of so many Jihad spreading, Anti-Jewish, and Terrorist supporters having large demonstrations in the UK and somehow saying Jihad is bad, Terrorism is bad, and Honor killings is bad is hate speech? errmmm pardon?

    Is being anti-Christianis also hate speech? I would dare say even anti racism may be considered “hate speech” with these ridiculous definitions.

  • Daniel Maris

    Good news from Cairo tonight. Let’s hope that the crowd and the armed forces between them can stop the march to a Sharia state.

  • Daniel Maris
  • Daniel Maris

    I find it very frightening that we don’t appear to have even one anti-appeasement MP ready to speak the truth on this subject. I couldn’t believe what the Home Office put in their letter to Spencer. Apparently, reporting what Islamic scholars say about Islam and opposing Sharia are enough to warrant a ban.

  • Blorgh

    The really hilarious thing is that Spencer didn’t make that comment. Read his comment here: Essentially, the UK government didn’t even ban him for the right set of words!

  • Dave Catleugh كافر

    After reading his Bio ( ), if I had to review an application for Keith Vaz to visit the country, I’m afraid I’d have to refuse him entry.

    • Kate HA

      Thank you for that link. The litany of corrupt practice by this man is horrendous. It tells us a lot about Tony Blair and cohorts in their agenda to
      turn (specifically) England into a corrupt, 3rd world, Muslim hell-hole.

  • undergroundman14

    The technocrats running this nation will soon cause civil war.

  • Trofim

    Has everyone seen this? Matthew Collins (Hope Not Hate) “People will now quote Voltaire but he never had the benefit of going to the gates of Auschwitz and seeing where unfettered free speech ends up.”

    Compare Jacob Bronowski, at the gates of Auschwitz:
    “This is the concentration camp and crematorium at Auschwitz. This is where people were turned into numbers. Into this pond were flushed the ashes of some four million people. And that was not done by gas. It was done by arrogance, it was done by dogma, it was done by ignorance. When people believe that they have absolute knowledge, with no test in reality, this is how they behave”.

    Here is an excellent post by Brendan O’Neill. When’s he going to be on Question Time again? Surely, it was a BBC error of judgement that they allowed such a straight-speaking person on the programme?

  • charlenehale

    Scary but freedom of speech is seriously in danger, in universities today in UK no critical thinking is allowed about Islamists because you would be accused of Islamophobia and probably be expelled. The default position is socialist, leftist and embraces Islamic intolerance without question. We are dhimmie to be sure. The real fascists are given freedom of speech and anyone who dares to challenge the inversion of reality is seen as an enemy of the state whilst the tigers are free to roam …. Worse than Orwell’s 1984.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Its becoming more apparent that the only difference between today, and the 7th and 14th centuries, is that the battles for islamic supremacy are being fought and won in the hearts and minds of the well indoctrinated multicultural politically correct.

  • Malfleur

    Melanie Phillips is a resolute defender of freedom, liberty and civilised conduct. I happen to think though that she has the EDL bang to wrongs. Besides, the EDL was not mentioned as a factor by the Home Secretary in her letter banning Mr. Spences and Ms. Geller from entering the country. Why would Ms. Phillips think it appropriate even to mention the organisation and, as she does in her latest riposte, characterise the EDL as “thugs and neo-Nazis” when they are clearly nothing of the kind?

    I would like this whole subject to be given a proper airing. Would it be possible for you to arrange a debate featuring yourself, Melanie Phillips and Mr. Tommy Robinson? Mr. Robinson, who was arrested on Armed Forces Day for walking down the street, will no doubt be available again shortly.

    The best way to resist attacks on free speech by the state is with more free speech.

  • Roberta Hellfort

    It’s only hate speech if you’re white! Duh!

  • Seat of Mars

    “Hate speech”, which is a crime that can never been committed against the white British, needs to be utterly exposed for the tool of oppression and stifling of free speech that it is. It’s existence negates equality before the law. Here is Gerald Kaufman welcoming hate speech onto the statutes back in 1994, it is enough to chill your blood…

    “If you attack someone, that is odious, but if you attack someone because they are black or an Asian or Chinese or a Jew, that is even more odious than your attack on them per se… Our new clause says–this is why it is such a good new clause–that the racial element carries with it an additional punishment, to say to people, “You have committed a crime, and the law of the land as it existed before this Act said that that crime was punishable by such-and-such a sentence, but because you committed that crime, which had a racial concomitant, you shall be punished even more, to teach you and to send a message to the ethnic minority communities that, as they are specially vulnerable, they shall have special protection.”

    Read that last part again – ethnic minority communities “shall have special protection”. It is clear to see that this is now in full force and freedom of speech in defence of British values has been utterly defeated in the UK in 2013.

  • Chaotopia

    I would urge all here to sign the petition:

    Spread the word via blogging and social networking and go viral!

  • Chaotopia

    Everyone everywhere should be asking why Shami Chakrabarti and Liberty are not taking Theresa May and the Home Office to task for the ban and not taking their case for the legal system?

    After all, Shami always says that by defending the human rights and freedom of expression( protected by the that article under the ECHR) for the most unpleasant people who have the most unpleasant views then, by extension, they’re defending everyone’s human rights and everyone’s right to free expression.

    Yet again, we see that it’s not remotely true – Shami is a self-serving hypocrite and Liberty is a highly poiticised organisation who are only interested in defending preachers of hatred and the human rights of those who are engaged in terrorism as long as they’re are Muslims.

    Remember Shami and Liberty’s deafening silence over the (before double-jeopardy was even overturned by Parliament) 2 “hate-speech” trials of Nick Griffin who exercise his right to free speech to express his view that “Islam is a wicked, vicious faith” to invited members of his political party?

    Remember Shami and Liberty’s deafening silence when the elected Dutch politician was banned from vising the UK after being invited by members of the House of Lords?

    Don’t ever let Shami, Liberty and other useful idiots on the Political Left or Right off-the-hook and systematically point out their demonstrable double-standards every single opportunity you get (as I have just done) – Spread the word and say it over and over again so that it becomes a much-repeated mantra across the UK..

    The gross double-standards having been going on for far too long and the splitting migraine for the likes of Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, the majority of the civil service, Liberty, and so on can be neatly summarised in the words of Abraham Lincoln:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.”
    We’ll all make sure of that!

    • Petra Thompson

      History will show what a sham, hypocritical organisation “Liberty” is. Just as it will show the same for Shamnesty International, whose website does not even refer to the Cairo Declaration (when in 1990 the muslim world put sharia law above human rights).

  • Chaotopia

    Here’s an important report that absolutely everyone everywhere needs to be familiar with – Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left:

    Please use blogs and social networking to spread the word as wide and as far you possibly can and make this report go viral.

    • Petra Thompson

      Give me a break. OLFA is run by an Iranian communist. Like all communists, they see any social movement as an opportunity to bring about their revolution. They are parasites.

      Maryam Namazie was at a public meeting a couple of years back, demanding that no-one ever speak to or share a platform with EDL. Douglas Murry was the only sane voice at the meeting. He pointed out that Maryam Namazie’s communist allies had committed massive genocide in the 20th century, yet there he was sharing a platform with the likes of her.

      I was at another public meeting a few months back, where black socialist feminists were crowing about how they had been opposing islamic fascism in Britain for 30 years.

      The Left are collectivists. Muslims are collectivists. They are drawn to eachother and to totalitarianism.

      • Chaotopia

        So if I understand your criticism correctly, you disagree with the report “SIDING WITH OPPRESSOR – THE PRO-ISLAMIST LEFT” because Maryam Namazie is an Iranian and she’s a Lefty who refused to share a platform with the EDL?

        BTW, Have you even bothered to read the report:

        If so then what do you think of it?

        • Petra Thompson

          All I can find on that link is 1 page. Is that “the report”? If that’s what passes for “a report”, I write about 50 reports every day.

          Maryam Namazie is a useless nobody. Give me one example of anything that OLFA has achieved. She’s like the stupid black feminist socialists who have been “opposing islamic fascism for 30 years”.

          They are only interested in opposing islamic fascism provided you agree with all the other politically-correct claptrap in which they believe.

          The unfunded, completely misrepresented EDL have achieved more in 4 years that OLFA has achieved in its entire existence. After DEMANDING 2 years ago that no-one speaks to EDL, Namazie is now stalking Tommy Robinson on Twitter, demanding he face her in a public debate.

          She now wants to ride on the tail of EDL. It was her communists in Iran who helped the Ayatollahs come to power. Namazie’s comrates are not only responsible for the worst genocides of the 20th century, but for the spread of islamic fascism across the world in the last 3 decades.