The words ‘terrorist attack’ only dignify the barbarism

23 May 2013

10:57 AM

23 May 2013

10:57 AM

I was slightly puzzled by the early media reports of the appalling murder in Woolwich and particularly the wrangling over whether or not this could be called ‘a terrorist attack’. Does it make much difference? Two savages hacked a man to death while shouting Allahu Akbar; that’s really all you need to know, isn’t it? In a sense calling it an act of terrorism somehow dignifies the barbarism. The media will now go into crowd-control mode and tell us how all Muslims are as shocked by this attack as are the rest of us and how Islam is a peaceable religion. No, it isn’t.

All credit to the woman police officer who shot the scumbags, although I suspect we will soon have an inquest into why it took the ‘boyden’ (that’s ghetto slang for police, apparently, dear readers) took 20 minutes to arrive.

UPDATE: To avoid the ludicrous phrase ‘men of Muslim appearance’ I originally used the word ‘black’ to describe the appearance of the knifemen. If anyone took that wrong way, I’m very sorry.

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  • Grumpy Bitch

    Ron Liddle I take offence at you on so many levels – your use of “black savages” just plunges you further into the mire pool you enjoy wallowing in

  • Pete Needham

    Would little Roddy Liddle clue in if the victim had a more significant attachment to the whole thing? Say, if former Prime Minister Tony (Poodle) Blair had been the victim?

  • malkovichmalkovich

    Hope this is the last time I ever let such bigotry make me visit these vile pages. Anything for attention and traffic. Daily Mail style. BOYCOTT.

  • malkovichmalkovich

    Rod Liddle is an extremist – one of those paunching self-entitled baby boomer extremists that England is blighted with. He has a lot more in common with EDL than he would like to admit.

  • Pint Diaries

    “Black savages”? You must be re-upping for another tour of duty with Combat 18. Come back when you can actually write intelligent text.

  • johnqpublic3

    Dear Rod,
    You are a fool. Please go away

  • LegoHawk

    Wow. One, Owen Jones, retweet and look at what you get come in the front door …

  • RanierWest

    Using the word racist or Islamophobia to SILENCE critics of EVIL is just as EVIL a Jihad as using the knife and cleaver on Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Unafraid to call it as it is – Islamic Terrorism

  • RanierWest

    Would every PC robot here be more accommodating of this Liddle writing if this savage muslim jihad action had instead been called ‘a terrible traffic accident’ by struggling immigrants? Honesty is owed to the public. Unafraid reporting is what the public is owed no matter how it falls.

  • Keir

    Can someone please explain the racism in this piece? I really don’t see it.

    • hawkerhurricane

      “Two black savages” He didn’t need to mention the colour of their skin did he? He’s not stupid, he knows that ‘black savages’ is a well used racist trope.

      Does he also call the knuckle dragging drunken football hooligan ‘unable to tell the difference between Brighton Pavilion and a Mosque’ EDL ‘white savages’?

      • RanierWest

        You’ve just called every white person and for that matter any other person in the world not familiar with a landmark in England knuckle dragging beer drinking [insidiously implying a color]. Who’s racist? Look in the mirror when you spout propaganda.

        • hawkerhurricane

          Really. If you think that perhaps some basic English comprehension skills are needed. Have you thought about evening classes?

          • RanierWest

            I called you on your cowardly rhetorical question. Unafraid.

            • hawkerhurricane

              No, no you didn’t. You falsely attributed something to me which anyone possessed of even a GCSE in English would see that I didn’t say. Is that really the best bit of deflection you can do? It’s rather pathetic.

  • lucylooo

    Wow. Why is the Spectator printing a racist tirade?

  • RanierWest

    Rod -too many PC robots who assert “the cause” is not known yet. Absolute Fuckwits!

    • Niki May Young

      you have too much anger in you to see clearly. There are extremists working to divide society, they will only succeed if we let them. Some vulnerable, and yes, some nasty, people are dragged in to it. But the problem exists in every element of society. None is greater or better than the other. We choose our actions as individuals, whatever we choose as a justification should be seen as a reflection of the individual and not the justification itself.

      • RanierWest

        I’ll be gentle at first with you though you’ve stated a typical leftist debate tactic assigning me with hate. You’re on the wrong path Niki. Islam means submission. I hate anyone who aims to take away my freedom… Do British values today not hold this as valuable any longer? The people who milled about the body of Lee Rigby filming their Jihad have already divided society into those who will submit and the WPC had guns- they would not submit. This is a lesson for self defense Britain. Don’t lose your wits in PC.

        • Niki May Young

          Thanks for being gentle, RanierWest. But I fear the extremists have won in your case – “don’t lose your wits”? It’s a shame you feel you have to be on alert.

          As for my lefty-leanings, so-to-speak, I wouldn’t say I’m particularly left nor right, I just believe in the individual and with a diverse circle around me I know that people are just people, whatever their race, religion, gender, etc etc. We’re all capable of great hurt and of great compassion, we’re all complex, we all experience turmoil and joy and we’re all capable of doing bad and good in equal measure. Of course I don’t believe that people’s ‘freedom’ should be restricted, but freedom in itself is a subjective matter. Is Christianity any less about submission? Marriage? Society? Work? Childhood? Parenthood?

  • Niki May Young

    Two people hacked a man to death, I’d say. And haven’t we moved on from ‘an eye for an eye’? I doubt you have any greater insight into the background of these men or this attack than any other. Their act was horrific, the cause and details are yet to be understood.

  • emmu

    “Black savages” ?!? Is this a return to heart of darkness good old colonial racism?

  • Jo

    Editorial fail.

  • ally

    what kind of article does the spectator put out, one that dignifies prejuidice, just speechless

  • pathman25

    “Black savages” Um, your racism is showing. Might want to cover that up a little better.

  • Ed Corke

    “Black savages”??!! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here, how is this an acceptable thing to say, let alone informed commentary? Shame on you Liddle and you Spectator for publishing this sad rant

  • Darcus

    So it’s ok to call people ‘black savages’ now is it? What difference does their colour make? Has the author made reference to ‘white savages’ previously? I doubt it. And if they were of Asian descent, would he be calling them ‘brown savages’? It sounds very racist to me, regardless of the context.

  • arty_morty

    Black Savages? Wanker.

  • ChrisD

    Why the need to point out they were black? Surely just ‘savages’ is enough to describe them in the context of the crime they committed? Rod Liddle is an overt racist and shouldn’t be allowed a voice in a respected magazine. Shame on the Spectator!

  • ohforheavensake

    ‘Two Black savages’… OK. Overt racism in the Spectator. Do the moderators operate above the line?

    • RanierWest

      were these two not black? did they not act savagely? I love these omission apologists who want to beat people about the head for the obvious. If this were Timothy McVeigh I’d gladly say call him a white devil but that would make the subject not the subject. We are talking about #Woolwich grow-up and drop PC BS.

      • recklessmonkey

        No, it’s just racism. What has the colour of their skin got to do with how they acted? So why use it in the description of their evil deeds unless you’re trying to make a connection between the two.

        • RanierWest

          What’s the color of skin of someone under a white hood? What is the color of the guy who just robbed a bank? PC robots making the subject Rod Liddle is a racist and NOT Lee Rigby savagely beheaded is beyond absurd.

  • Daniel Maris

    Fraser wouldn’t let anyone comment on the threads composed of texts dissociating Islam from terror.

    I would recommend the following for anyone (maybe Fraser but I doubt it) who are unfamiliar with what is found in the holy texts of Islam: