Was it The Spectator wot won it? Nigel Farage seems to think so

3 May 2013

11:34 AM

3 May 2013

11:34 AM

Ukip is the big story of the day, clearing out councils across the country in yesterday’s local elections. Mr Steerpike was interested to see the above picture on the wires as Nigel Farage took his victory lap around Westminster this morning.

Behind every election victory is a copy of the Spectator. To find out more about why Ukip are winning subscribe from just £1 a week here.

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  • Md.Sultan Mahmud

    The apectstor


  • Albin

    We in Toronto, Ontario have learned what it means to have an ideological “protest vote” install an incompetent municipal government that embarrasses and paralyses the city for four years. While your election may have made a “statement” of some sort, the successful candidates will actually service in office for some years and that might be the best civic medicine. Open up and swallow.

    • Andy M

      UKIP is not a protest vote – they are being voted for because they have a manifesto that actually meets the needs of many UK voters. I just hope they can continue to build momentum so that they have an even bigger percentage of votes at the national elections.

  • terregles2

    Isn’t politics a funny old game. Just while everyone thought it would be Salmond who brought about Scottish Independence along comes Farage and now guarantees it will happen.
    Farage must be the only UK politician of all time who will be celebrated in both Scotland and England for evermore.
    Well done Nigel you are truly awesome.

  • global city

    Lots of commentators have asked what has the local council elections got to do with UKIP’s core concern, that of ‘Europe’. Have they all forgotten that much of what councils have to pass comes from the EU. Not only that, they have no right to check these directives, so there are lots of opportunities for UKIP to cause mischief in questioning or rejecting these direct instructions from the EU that bypass our government.

  • Emma Flavell

    I feel that Nigel Farage has something to do with The Spectators new found surge of readers!! So, altogether now Editors ”Thanks Nigel”

  • Feride

    Hilarious! As if the Spectator had something useful to contribute to modern society.

  • wcm_eu

    The Spectator seems to have thin claim on Farage’s success, but it has the op now to shape what Nigel rightly says is a very different political landscape.

    Nigel understand the dilemma quite well, and he alludes to it, but can only say so much given the iconic role he is now in. The dilemma was not served so well yesterday by images of a happy City-boy punter making staged pub rounds.

    The one-issue party ended this week. More than a quarter of Britons today are looking for sound policy and leadership.

    Canadian Broadcasting ran a brilliant docu-commentary earlier this week, in chich Mark Carney, the incoming BoE chairman is interviewed and comes across as menacingly duplicitous. Nigel Farage needs to find an intellectual heavyweight to challenge the Labour and Tory sellout of long-cherished economic principles and pensions to these Monarchs of Money.

    It can well be argued that Europe was not the real problem; it is the US Globalists and Corporates who’ve succeeded in remaking Europe to suit their own interests and are now subverting its institutions and submitting us all to what they have long called a “New Paradigm”.

    Remember: bad French loans to fund the American Revolution were root cause of the French Revolution that transformed Europe. Today’s Americans live so grandly again on French and European money. Quantitative Easing is Marxist, not Capitalist, and the greenspan-Fischer-Bernanke School thinks they’ve well sorted out the New Paradigm on US soil. this New Paradigm doesn’t have a middle class anywhere. As the UK pension analyst in the clip notes, equity from the developed world is now mortgaged to cover the massive US subprime debt governments have bought and then to fund the undeveloped world, as part of a vision and as political cover.

    Intellectually, the gravest problems are in the American mindset, which has allowed Globalist to usurp what national dignity they once had. “Monarchs of Money” is superfical, as it had to be in order to go viral in the MSM. Nonetheless, many of the right questions are well placed here.

  • Jez

    The Spectator has maybe become the epitamy of what’s gone wrong with the Conservative Party.


    Nice cover, attention grabbing visuals……… utterly diluted, politically correct speed scan content. When your heart is racing and excitement levels are rising then almost every time it’s because of the wrong reasons.


    Then again, it was an excellent ‘Bring the whole house crashing down’ cover graphic this week.


    Possibly it wasn’t the Spactator that won it, but the Spectator that summed it up in one- as the event was unfolding.


    Half a decade too late? It’s probable that career pursuit, pretentious arrogance and cognitive dissonance could have something to do with the sudden realisations of the world out here.