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DCMS permanent secretary Jonathan Stephens to leave post

14 May 2013

3:07 PM

14 May 2013

3:07 PM

Jonathan Stephens, permanent secretary at the Culture, Media and Sport department, has today announced he is moving on, after a cross-Whitehall effort to shift him, I have learned.

Stephens, who James reported at the weekend was looking ripe for a move, announced his departure in an internal email to staff this afternoon. I understand he is moving to a behind-the-scenes role in another part of Whitehall. He was one of the last hangers-on from the Blair government, along with Sir Nicholas Macpherson at the Treasury, having worked at DCMS since 2006.

His departure means DCMS can appoint a permanent secretary who those involved in Whitehall reform hope will help shoulder the department’s heavy burden more effectively.

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  • Hexhamgeezer

    Oh that Mr Korski wasn’t around to give us the true import of this.

  • Russell

    Dopey looking individual looks totally unsuitable for a high salary/pension job in government whereas could be usefully employed on permanent night shift as a bed tester for Slumberland mattresses.
    Councils, Quangos and Civil Service are bursting at the seams with overpaid idiots like this taking up air space at huge cost to the taxpayers.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Wasn’t there a spot at the BBC?

  • GUBU

    Are you absolutely sure he doesn’t work in the Department for Social Affairs & Citizenship?

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